Using a Chainsaw Lopper Safely

Chainsaws can prune branches, cut firewood, and fell trees quickly. In fact, no tool can do it better than them. However, a lot of people are afraid to use a chainsaw for some reason. They are too noisy and heavy to use, and a few feet of razor-sharp teeth zooming around is just too scary. Those who are afraid of using chainsaws are turning into loppers. These are small, usually 6-inch chain bars that are housed in protective jaws. 

Chainsaw loppers aren’t able to take down big trees, but a lot of them can handle limbs up to 4-inches in diameter. They can be used for landscaping and cleanup work in yards. Chainsaws and chainsaw loppers are similar in some ways, but they use different cutting actions. Both of them are powered by electricity, and there is no need to use gas-oil mix, and there are no tedious pull starts. 

If you are looking into learning more about chainsaw loppers and how you can utilize them safely, you’re in the right place. In this post, we are giving you more information about using a chainsaw lopper safely. 

Chainsaw vs. Chainsaw Lopper

A chainsaw lopper is also called an alligator lopper. It is a kind of chainsaw that features a scissor or jaw-like design. It has blades that make it easier to cut logs and tree branches that are challenging to cut using a traditional chainsaw. However, as we’ve mentioned earlier, a chainsaw lopper can’t cut trees or large trunks of trees. 

Chainsaws, on the other hand, are best to be used in pruning tree branches, felling trees, and cutting firewood. The only downside is that it is very heavy and quite dangerous to use. This is why lots of people are into using chainsaw loppers over a traditional chainsaw, as it is smaller and safer to use. There are also various types of chainsaw lopper models, which vary on battery power or power outlet. 

If you are thinking how chainsaw loppers are better than traditional chainsaws, here are some of the reasons:

Chainsaw loppers are more efficient and faster to use.

When it comes to yard work, chainsaw loppers are faster and more efficient compared to traditional chainsaws. It is also smoother and can get finish the job faster than a heavy chainsaw.

Chainsaw loppers are less disturbing when in use.

Even though traditional chainsaws are more suitable for tree pruning, they are very noisy, which can disturb people near your area. Chainsaw loppers, on the other hand, are useful when it comes to cutting tree branches, and they work more quietly. When you use chainsaw loppers, you will not disturb any family member or neighbor. 

Chainsaw loppers are lightweight.

Since chainsaw loppers are smaller than traditional chainsaws, they are also lightweight. In fact, any average person can use them easily without any hassle. But when you choose to use a regular chainsaw, you should be strong and have a firm grip to use it properly. Chainsaw loppers only weigh around 7 to 9 pounds, unlike traditional chainsaws that are more than 20 pounds.

Chainsaw loppers are more portable.

Compared to regular chainsaws, chainsaw loppers are more portable due to their size and weight. Since they are more lightweight, it means that they are also easy to store and carry wherever you need them. 

Chainsaw loppers are safer to use.

Chainsaw loppers are a lot safer to use than regular chainsaws. They are made with safety options, which help in preventing severe injuries. When you use a regular chainsaw, you are at risk of cutting through your gloves and injuring your hand, or the blade cutting through your clothes which can injure your legs. A chainsaw lopper, on the other hand, can provide more stability and firmness while in use. This reduces your risk of ending up with bruises and cuts.

How to Use Chainsaw Loppers Safely

While chainsaw loppers are safer to use than traditional chainsaws, you still need to take precautions when using them. Here are some of the steps that you can follow when using a chainsaw lopper:

Wear safety equipment or gear.

Even if chainsaw loppers come with safety features, it is still better to be careful as an accident could still happen at any time. Therefore, wearing chainsaw safety equipment is still a good idea when using chainsaw loppers. These include face shields, gloves, and boots, which can all help in reducing the risk of injury. 

Always keep your chainsaw lopper sharp and in good condition.

Did you know that the most dangerous knife is a dull knife? The same goes when it comes to chainsaws. When your chainsaw lopper has a dull chain, it increases the risk of a chainsaw mishap, which is called the kickback. When a kickback occurs, it can happen with much greater violence when a dull chain is involved. You can have your chainsaw lopper sharpened professionally. But you can also sharpen the chains yourself using hand files. This way, you can reduce the risk of accidents.

Make sure that the chainsaw lopper is suited for the job you will be working on. 

Keep in mind that a chainsaw lopper is best used for landscaping and cleaning work. It is much smaller compared to a regular chainsaw. You can also use it to cut down saplings and prune twigs. However, you should not use it to take down tree trunks. Make sure that you use the manufacturer’s recommendations when using a chainsaw lopper. For light cleaning and pruning, you can try the Black & Decker Alligator Lopper, which has the safest design of chainsaws on the market. By choosing the right chainsaw, you are reducing the risk of dangers that it comes with.


There is nothing wrong with using traditional chainsaws that are larger and heavier, particularly when your goal is to cut down large tree trunks. They are powerful and handy and the absolute right tool for certain jobs. However, if you are not sure of how to use a chainsaw, or if you only need one for light tasks in your yard, you can consider using a chainsaw lopper instead, which is a safer and more portable option. We hope this post helped you learn more about using a chainsaw lopper safely. 

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