Tips for Picking a Bed for your Dog

Similar to humans, dogs get older and develop health issues. Senior dogs may have hip and joint issues as well as arthritic conditions. They require extra attention because they aren’t as healthy and active as they once were, and giving them a comfortable bed throughout their golden years can make them feel better.

When purchasing a dog bed, you must choose orthopedic models. These frequently contain memory foam to support the dog’s body, shield their bones and joints from rough surfaces, relieve the agony of sore joints, and most significantly, comfort them. Additionally, since dogs’ bladder and bowel control decline with age, it must be liquid- or stain-resistant. When mishaps occur, having a waterproof inner and a cover that can be removed and washed is really beneficial.

There are several solutions available, whether you have a little dog that doesn’t take up much space or a large dog that takes up a lot of room while it sleeps. These ten tips will assist you pick the ideal bed for your cherished dog.

1. Figure Out Where You’re Going to Put your Dog Bed

Before buying a dog bed, you should think about where you’ll put it once you get it home. Find a spot before bringing it into your home, regardless of where you decide to put it. You may avoid buying clothing that is either too big to fit or too little to look good by doing this. When you use this strategy, you’ll also be able to purchase a bed that coordinates with the rest of your furnishing.

2. Before Purchasing, Measure your Dog

You should measure your dog to make sure it will fit in its bed once you’ve decided where to put it and have an idea of what size it should be. Measure your dog from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail using a measuring tape. Buying a bed that is too small for your pet is the absolute last thing you want to do.

If you are strong enough to lift your dog, do so while standing on a scale. You should do this because, if your dog is larger than average, you’ll need to find a bed with more padding. Make a note of your dog’s measurements so you may use them as a guide while looking for bedding.

3. Consider the Best Size for your Dog

Once you’ve measured your dog, you can start comparing dog beds and examining some of the sizes that they come in. This is an incredibly simple approach to begin to focus your search for dog beds. You may get started in the right path by looking at the recommended height and weight for dogs on the majority of beds.

4. Think of How Durable the Dog Bed

Does your dog ever tear things up badly? If so, you might be hesitant to even start looking for a dog bed. If your dog is going to trash the money anyway, what’s the point of laying it down? Learn how to stop dogs from chewing on your bedding.

You might want to explore around for a dog bed made of a more lasting material rather than abandoning the concept entirely. Your dog won’t be able to harm it, and you’ll be able to rest easier at night knowing they won’t destroy their bed.

5. Choose the Right Color

There are many different colors available for dog beds. You can choose anything you want, whether you want something striking that pops out or something a little more subtle. You might want to keep in mind that some colors will make it easier for your dog’s fur to show when it sheds than others. To conceal all the hair, you might want to pick a color that closely resembles your dog.

6. Choose a Bed with a lot Padding

When your dog lies down in its bed, you want it to be as at ease as possible. Because of this, you want to get a dog bed with lots of padding for your dog. Some dog beds are just one or two inches thick. This kind of bed will probably wear down after a few months of use, giving your dog the impression that it is lying on the floor. Try to choose a bed with at least a couple inches of padding within. When your dog decides to take a nap, it will be all the padding it could possibly need or want.

7. Read the Wash Instructions

If you never washed your linens, just picture how your dog would smell. You wouldn’t want to fall into bed after a long day in a matter of weeks. It is the main reason why most individuals are so rigorous about frequently washing their linens.

After only a few short weeks of use, you’ll need to clean your dog’s new bed to keep it fresh. If you don’t, the entire house will begin to smell. A dog bed that is very simple to clean is what you desire. It would be perfect if it had a cover that could be taken off so you could throw it right into the washing machine.

8. Check if the Dog Bed Can be Used Both Indoors and Outdoors

Do you have any plans to move your dog’s bed outside? You might wish to let your dog to relax in the sun in your backyard or even take your bed with you when you go to the park the next time. You can experience difficulties if you attempt to do this with an indoor dog bed. Indoor dog beds quickly deteriorate when exposed to the outdoors.

9. Canvass for the Bed’s Price

Unbelievably, some dog beds can cost quite a bit of money. A few expensive options cost several hundred dollars. However, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to spend so much money on a dog bed. You might be able to locate something more cost-effective that will also fit into your budget.

10. One Dog – One Dog Bed

You won’t have to worry about purchasing many dog beds for your home if you only have one dog. If you have more than one, though? It’s a given that you’ll need to spend money on a bed for each of your pets.

You don’t want one of your dogs to develop a jealousy problem over another dog’s bed when it doesn’t. Therefore, take cautious to select bedding for each dog you have in your home. This will ensure that all of your dogs are content, and you won’t need to worry about them fighting over the only bed in your house.


From the minute your dog is brought home, you should make a bed purchase for them. Gaining your dog’s acceptance to sleeping on their bed continuously is fantastic. You may still purchase a dog bed for your beloved pet at any moment even if you don’t get around to it right away. Soon enough, your dog will develop a love affair with their bed and rush to it anytime they need some solitude.

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