iRobot Root Coding Robot Review

iRobot is a popular brand that created the Roomba® vacuuming robot. It is a leading global consumer robot company that innovates robots that allow people to do more both inside and outside of their homes. In addition to the very popular vacuum cleaner that it has introduced to many homes, it has other great products, and one of those is the iRobot Root Coding Robot.

The Root® rt0 coding robot is a coding robot that can draw and do lots of other things based on coding commands. It allows users to attach it to a magnetic dry erase board and have it draw and erase on the board. No matter what the interest of your child is or his skill level, this toy can bring to light the codes through art, music, and exploration. Therefore, if you are looking for an educational toy to give to your creative kids, this one is a great choice. Read on to know more about it.

Benefits of iRobot Root Coding Robot

Here are some of the cool and useful features of iRobot’s Root Coding Robot:

  • A Great Family Bonding Activity

The Root coding robot can combine fun and learning for the whole family. You can all use it to enjoy hours of coding activities. This toy is very appealing to families of all interests.

  • Home Learning

This coding robot is filled with lessons, projects, and activities for hands-on problem-solving. If you are looking for a great way for your kids to learn coding at home, this is a great investment for them.

  • Perfect Introduction to Coding

Even if your family or kids do not have any idea yet about coding or robotics, it’s not an issue because the Root robot can make learning to program easy. In addition to that, it can also help you improve your skills along the way.

  • Lots of Things to Do

This robot offers more than 20 sensors and capabilities. You can program it to drive, turn, draw, play music, lightup, and more.

  • Easy-To-Use Coding Platform

You can use your own devices, like tablets and computers, to code. Use your device’s Bluetooth to pair the Root coding robot with the iRobot Coding platform. From there, you can begin coding and watch your code come to life.

  • Add Your Own Accessories

This coding robot also allows users to add different accessories. You can add a marker holder or a charging port to it. In addition to that, you can also add your own 3D printed creations.

  • Root Brick Top

If you want to take your creativity to the next level, you can also purchase the Root Brick Top. It will enable you to turn the rt0 robot into just about anything you can imagine.


The Three Learning Levels

The iRobot Root coding robot will let you master coding in 3 learning levels, which are designed for any skilllevel. These levels are made to advance with you as your skills progress, making it a great companion for beginners. It is also still challenging enough for experienced coders.

  • Level 1: Graphical Blocks

The first learning level of this coding robot uses drag-and-drop graphical blocks to teach the important logic skills of coding. Even if your child is still young, he or she will be able to enjoy this level as no reading skills are required.

  • Level 2: Hybrid Blocks

The second level of this coding robot includes building computational fluency with hybrid blocks that feature a mixture of coding script and graphics.

  • Level 3: Full-Text Blocks

The third level uses full-text code to teach you the structure and syntax of professional coding languages.

Advanced Features

In addition to those, here are some of the advanced features that you can enjoy with the iRobot Root Coding Robot:

  • Drive and Turn: You can use code to command the robot to drive across flat surfaces forward, backward, and in circles.
  • Bump and Adapt: You can also code the Root Coding Robot to respond to its environment with its two front left and right bumpers.
  • Draw and Create: You can program this robot to raise or lower its markers so it can draw as it drives.
  • Glow and Flash: You can code it to glow, spin, and blink colored light from across the RGB color range with its four large multi-color LED lights.
  • Tap and Trigger: It has four tap zones that recognize when each of them is pressed. This prompts the robot to follow commands.
  • Illuminate and Act: You can also instruct it to complete various actions by altering the degree of lighting in the environment from light to dark.
  • Play music: It has a piezoelectric speaker that you can use to code your own compositions and melodies.
  • Direct and Accelerate: This robot can detect what direction it is facing automatically, and as well as how fast it is driving using its important gyroscope and accelerometer.

What We Liked About iRobot Root Coding Robot

One of the best things that we liked about the iRobot Root Coding Robot is it quite easy to use. It offers a unique way for kids and even adults to draw whatever they have in mind. It certainly gave us a fun time exploring its functions and figuring out how to make different commands. Best of all, it is very educational. It is one of the best toys that you can give to your kids if you want them to be introduced to coding in a fun and enjoyable way.

What We Did Not Like About iRobot Root Coding Robot

The Root Coding Robot is quite challenging to figure out at first. But watching videos helped us in figuring out how it works. Another thing we did not like is that it had left a mark on the tablecloth below the hoverboard.


Overall, the iRobot Root Coding Robot is a great toy for children 6 years old and above, and as well as for adults, especially those who are looking into learning about coding in a unique and fun way. You can use it to train your brain with a learning library that can provide hours of fun for individuals and even for the whole family. If you are thinking of what to gift your child, you can include this coding robot in your options.

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