Guide to Survival Shovels

A survival shovel is one of the pieces of equipment that can make all the difference while you are outdoors or in the woods. Survival shovels are multipurpose, lightweight, portable, and resilient tools that can be folded. Most individuals don’t realize the value of a tool until they need one.

Some have a straw-like serrated edge that can be used to chop bushes on one of the sides. They might include flints for lighting fires and double as pickaxes. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including digging fire pits, digging outdoor restrooms, and removing soil from a car tire that has become buried in mud. Even though they don’t often immediately spring to mind, they are frequently so necessary and beneficial that once you start to realize their value, you cannot live without them.

Finding the greatest survival shovel can be challenging because they all seem the same. However, if you know what to look for, you can pick one that is of high quality.

What is a Survival Shovel?

In addition to being useful for digging holes, a survival shovel is a tactical implement that may be employed in a variety of outdoor scenarios. A shovel was once employed for both entrenchment and evacuation, but as time went on, they evolved into more sophisticated, versatile tools. Modern survival shovels can be utilized for a variety of tasks, including gardening, hiking, camping, self-defense, and survival.

Why Do You Need a Survival Shovel?

It is without a doubt a useful tool if there is one that can assist you to accomplish the tasks carried out by many other objects. A shovel’s attributes will compel you to adore it. It concerns your life while you are in a survival crisis. Therefore, you should get the highest-quality item. Spending some cash on the best tool for you is a good idea.

Purchasing this great product comes with several benefits. With the shovel, you can search the soil for water. It can be used to open bottles as well as for chopping and hammering. Additionally, you can use the shovel as an anchor or a paddle. The nicest thing about this product is that it may meet practically all of your needs. It can be utilized for hygienic purposes. Additionally, you can use it as a hook to climb or to free your car from any sticky situations. The shovel is the best tool ever, not just a wonderful tool. The shovel isn’t just what you need for survival, as there are also other tools and items that you should have as your emergency gear. Take a look at our Guide to Selecting Survival Gear to know more about those tools and items.

What Are the Various Applications for a Survival Shovel?

As a tactical tool, a survival shovel can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are all the various tasks that a survival shovel can assist with.

  1. Start a Fire: A fire starter can be found within by unscrewing the handle of some shovels. The next step is to simply strike a flint stone on the shovel’s pointed edge several times until a spark is produced. Using a knife or any other metal object will be an alternative method.
  2. Self-Defense: A survival shovel can be used as self-defense equipment as well because you never know whom you will run into while traveling, especially against wild creatures and predators.
  3. Outdoor Toilet: That’s accurate. On most occasions, journeys that involve hiking, backpacking, or other activities do not offer many choices for organized bathroom breaks. Because of this, you may quickly and easily dig a latrine hole using the survival shovel and then cover it up.
  4. Detach a Stuck Car: Use a survival shovel to remove the tires and axles from your vehicle if it becomes stuck, whether in snow, mud, or sand so that you can continue traveling.
  5. Cut Branches: Some shovels designed for survival have serrated edges. This could be useful if you need to trim branches while hiking or use them as firewood.
  6. Fishing: Some multi-tool shovels include a fishing spear to aid in fish capture.
  7. For Emergency Rescue: Use the shovel to swiftly dig someone out of a snow avalanche or sticky mud if they are becoming stuck.
  8. Climb: If you are in a climbing situation, you can utilize the shovel if you need support. 
  9. Make Shelter: It is critical to find the best location for your shelter. Typically, digging is required to prepare the site for an effective shelter.
  10. Leveling the Surface: You discovered the ideal location for your tent, gas burner, and camping table, but it is uneven and lumpy. You can either give up or grab your survival shovel.

Tips for Choosing a Survival Shovel

Survival shovels are becoming increasingly popular, resulting in a large range of different shovels to pick from.

1. Purpose 

When selecting a survival shovel, this is perhaps the most basic element to consider. You have the option of using a traditional shovel or a multi-tool shovel. As a result, consider how you intend to utilize the shovel. If you enjoy outdoor activities regularly, you should invest in a survival shovel. Consider which type you require. 

If you prefer going on winter camping vacations, you’ll need a tactical shovel that can dig through the frozen ground. On the other hand, if you like a simpler camping vacation and don’t want to bring a lot of tools and materials, you should choose a multi-tool shovel that can help you with a variety of chores such as making a fire, cutting, digging, opening cans, and more.

2. Versatility

A survival shovel is far more versatile than a traditional survival shovel. Again, consider if you truly need one, given the higher cost. The survival shovel’s stock is foldable and made up of two or three portions that may be screwed out. The inside of the stock is hollow, and this is where numerous tooltips are stored.

3. Material Used

Tactical survival shovels come in a variety of materials. Modern plastic is growing stronger and more durable, and some alloys perform exceptionally well. High-carbon steel is more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel. The greater the carbon concentration, the more powerful it becomes. However, it requires a coating to avoid rust. This is a common material for tough and powerful survival shovels.

4. Portability

These are the key characteristics of survival shovels. Of course, build quality is more vital, but weight and portability allow you to carry it easily and utilize it when needed. Weight has an impact on portability, especially if you need to transport it across long distances. Foldable handles make it simple to pack.

5. Handle

A handle should also be built of sturdy and strong materials. The longer the handle, the more convenient it is to use. However, it adds weight and reduces portability. To facilitate packing and carrying, most new tactical shovels have foldable or collapsible handles. Some variants include handles that also serve as storage areas. They can hold a variety of small equipment, such as fire starters or LED lamps.

Shovels were once simple and efficient tools. They were, however, limited to a few jobs. Survival shovels took the game to a whole new level. 

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