Guide to Car Topside Creepers

What Are Car Topside Creepers?

When working on a car, it often becomes difficult to reach certain places that are awkwardly placed. One of the biggest issues that mechanics have when working on taller vehicles is that they cannot reach the topside of the car. 

In such situations, an overhead creeper is the best tool to help you access hard-to-reach places. This tool is simple yet effective as it combines a stepladder with a creeper. You get a much better look at the vehicle you are working on and are also comfortable and secure. 

To use a car topside creeper, you can climb up the ladder’s rungs, and padding extends over the car. This padding supports your body weight while you work on the vehicle. It also ensures that you are comfortable and secure while working. 

Furthermore, topside creepers also ensure that the finish of the car you are working on is free from scratches. It is common for the paint to get damaged if you lean across the vehicle to reach difficult areas. These creepers ensure that you don’t touch the car and accidentally scratch the paintwork.

Such tools are handy when working on larger cars such as SUVs and Trucks that are larger than you. 

Benefits of a Car Topside Creeper

Car topside creepers are excellent for your overall health. When working on a larger vehicle, you may have to spend extended time trying to fix a hard-to-reach part. Being in an uncomfortable position for extended periods can be detrimental to your health and cause joint and muscle pain. 

A car topside creeper ensures that you are comfortable when you work and that your back, knees, and elbows are protected. This can be a game-changer for you in the long term if you regularly work on larger vehicles. 

A car topside creeper also provides greater control while you work on vehicles. With greater control, you will be able to complete the task at hand much quicker than if you were struggling to reach a tricky area. 

When you use a car topside creeper, you have an improved angle, which allows you a better view. When you can clearly see what you are working on, you can focus better and improve your clarity. Looking at an engine from a direct angle, which is top-down, allows you to easily reach and repair the components that need fixing.

Overall, a car topside is an excellent tool to purchase if you regularly work on larger cars to avoid muscle and joint pain. It also helps in increasing concentration and control.

Different Types of Car Creepers

Car creepers make accessing hard-to-reach places on a car much more accessible. There are two different kinds of car creepers used in the industry.

Topside Creepers

Topside Creepers are also called over-engine creepers. They allow you to access taller vehicles’ engines and car batteries without straining yourself. These creepers are designed to be placed over the hood of a tall car or truck. Furthermore, you will be able to work with stability if you have a creeper. 

Topside creepers are less common than underside creepers because fewer people own and work on taller vehicles. However, if you own a truck or a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, it will be extremely helpful to have a topside creeper. You will be able to access the awkward parts of the engine without having to lean over or make an extra effort.

Such creepers are also better for your health because they relieve pain across your upper body and back. They also ensure that you do not strain your joints or muscles as it may cause a long-term injury or general discomfort.

Underside Creepers

Underside creepers are the traditional kind of creepers. They are designed to slide under your car so you can access your engine from below. As they are popular, they are often equipped with extra features such as LED lights to help you see better. There are many variants of underside creepers available, such as ones with a low profile, contours, etc. 

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Car Topside Creepers

When purchasing a car topside creeper, you must pick the best one available as it places you in a precarious position over the engine. Therefore, you must ensure that it is up to the mark and has all the necessary features to make purchasing it worthwhile. 

Wheel Placement

When purchasing a car topside creeper, you must take note of the wheel placement. The wheel’s location determines what areas of the engine you can access without being limited by it. 

Ideally, you should choose one that allows you to closely access all engine parts and work efficiently. You should also choose one that uses premium urethane or rubber rollercoasters with steel bearings. Such topside creepers last much longer and are easier to move around. 


When extended to their full size, car topside creepers are large structures. You will likely not need to use your creeper multiple times each week. If left open, this tool will occupy a lot of space, so you should choose one that is foldable.

 A foldable car topside creeper allows you to store it in a small space when it is not in use. Therefore, you will be able to save space in your workplace or garage and not have it get in the way when it is not needed. 

 Weight Bearing Capacity

For safety reasons, your car’s topside creeper must be able to withstand heavy weights without bending or breaking. Usually, topside creepers are built to stand 400 pounds. Manufacturers also recommend only placing the top half of your body on the padded part of the creeper. 

Before you commit to a topside creeper, it is wise to check with the manufacturers about the maximum weight the creeper can handle. Do not forget to factor in the weight of the tool because it can also considerably add to the weight placed on the creeper. Tools such as car battery chargers are often heavier than others.

Height Adjustment

The size or height of your creeper matters because it should be taller than the engine so you can have a clear view of it. When purchasing a car topside creeper, ensure that it is neither too short nor too tall for your vehicle. A correctly sized topside creeper will ensure you are steady and safe as you work.

The best creepers allow you to adjust the height and enable you to go higher up and reach the motor bay or lower down to do regular repair services. By ensuring that your creeper has a good height change feature, you will be able to use it on various automobiles. 


Considering your budget before you purchase a topside car creeper is extremely important. Ideally, you should not choose the cheapest option because it may not be the most durable or safest on the market. Pick one that offers the best value for money and uses the best material to get your money’s worth.


Repairing a vehicle is a time-intensive task, which is why you should be comfortable while doing so. Leaning on a solid sleep slab would be highly uncomfortable, especially for extended periods, which is why you should choose one that is cushioned or padded. Thus, you should choose a topside creeper with additional padding for extra comfort. 

Experts recommend that you pick one with a durable covering and additional padding that does not wear down quickly. 


Most car topside creepers are made using steel to ensure durability, making them quite heavy. If you choose such a creeper, you will be locked in a position and unable to move to access difficult areas of the vehicle.

Thus, you should aim to purchase a topside creeper with wheels to maneuver it into a position that allows you more accessibility over the engine you are working on. Some also come with the option to lock the unit into place, allowing you optimum stability. 

Tips To Safely Use a Topside Creeper

Once you have purchased a topside creeper, you should know how to use it to be safe and comfortable as you repair your vehicle. No matter which model of topside creeper you pick, safety should be the most essential feature you should consider. 

Even the smallest of issues can lead to a major mishap. Therefore, you should know some essential safety tips to operate the device correctly. 

When you purchase a creeper before you climb upon it and start using it, ensure that it is not damaged. Closely inspect all parts of the creeper to see if any components are loose or damaged. If they are, take it back to the shop and get it replaced or repaired. 

All the nuts and bolts of the creeper should be firmly screwed into their position. If they are not and there is the smallest friction or movement, the person working on it could be in danger. While in use, the creeper must lock in place and should not move an inch.

Ensure that the angular adjustment bar is in place. Ideally, you should not have any trouble climbing up or down the creeper. The device should also support your weight comfortably and should not sag or bend while you are on it. 

You should also avoid overloading the creeper and only take tools that are essential for the repair to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the device. 

The most important safety rule is never to use a topside creeper when the car engine is running. Always turn off the engine before you position the creeper and climb on top of it. 


When buying a creeper, choosing one from a top brand is always the best choice. Local brand creepers may be cheaper, but they won’t provide you with the same level of durability, stability, and longevity as one from a top brand. 

There are multiple options on the market. Suppose you are looking for the best creepers available. In that case, companies such as Traxion, ATD Tools, Omega, Whiteside, and REL Stapleton are the ones you should go for. These brands use high-grade materials for their creepers and are thus the best on the market. 


Traxion creepers have some of the best creepers available in the industry. Most models come with a fully padded frame that enables you to be comfortable as you go about fixing your vehicle. Their creepers also come with good velcro and use high-quality materials that can hold large amounts of weight. Traxion topside creepers can maintain a maximum weight of 400 pounds. The company also offers a 1-year warranty for its creepers. 

Some popular Traxion creepers include the Traxion 3-700 Foldable Topside Creeper and the Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper.

ATD Tools

ATD Tools is one of the top brands producing topside creepers. Its products use heavy-duty steel gauge, making them durable and highly sturdy. This material also protects the creeper from scratches and rust, increasing its longevity. 

The creepers from ATD tools also include deck padding that allows you to use it for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable. The company also offers a one-year warranty on its creepers. The ATD Tools 8116F Foldable Topside Creeper is one of the most popular topside creepers by the company. 


Whiteside car topside creepers are some of the most reliable creepers available. They are constructed using heavy-duty steel frames, which increases the weight capacity and protects the structure from rusting. 

The top of the creepers from this company are also padded, which makes them highly comfortable when used for extended periods. One of its most popular topside creepers includes the Whiteside Manufacturing Professional Over The Engine Creeper.

REL Stapleton 

REL Stapelton offers its customers some of the best topside creepers at an affordable price. Their creepers are made using high-quality materials that are reliable and durable. They include all the essential features, including locking casters, a powder coat finish, and a heavy-duty frame. These enable you to use your topside creeper regularly without any issues. 

One of the most popular topside creepers by REL Stapelton is the REL Stapleton Foldable Topside Creeper.

Pros and Cons of Car Topside Creepers

Pros Cons
They allow you to work on your vehicle for longer. They can be difficult to store as they take up a lot of space.
You can reach the engines of larger vehicles with ease. They can be dangerous if any screws are loose.
They offer comfort as you repair your vehicle. Lying on a topside creeper can get uncomfortable after some time.
You have a better angle and can reach awkward and hard-to-reach spots in the engine.
They provide greater control when working on larger vehicles.


Car topside creepers are essential when you own a large vehicle or regularly work on large cars and trucks. They offer you comfort and support to work on engines located higher up than in standard vehicles. 

When you set out to purchase a car topside creeper, there are a few key features that you should look out for. These include maneuverability, weight-bearing capacity, wheel placement, and more. Furthermore, you should also ensure that it has a solid build because your safety is of utmost importance.

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