Finding Hang Gliding Simulators for PC

There are so many outdoor activities that we can do while on vacation, although there are some that are considered to be more popular than the others. One of these popular outdoor activities is hang gliding, which is an air sport wherein the pilot flies a light aircraft called the hang glider. The hang glider is non-motorized and is commonly made from a composite frame or aluminum alloy. So, since it doesn’t have a motor, the hang glider primarily relies on air for flight, while the pilot will be able to control the movements of the aircraft by shifting body weight.

While hang gliding is a very fun outdoor activity, it isn’t actually very easy to control a hang glider, so people may need a lot of practice before they can get used to flying the aircraft. However, a lot of us don’t really have the time and the money to get frequent hang-gliding lessons. Luckily, there is a great way for us to practice hang gliding and understand the basics or fundamentals of flying a hang glider, and this method is through playing a hang gliding simulator.

A hang gliding simulator is a type of video game that is similar to an airplane simulator, but instead of a regular airplane, you will be flying a hang glider in the said game, which would have different mechanics and functions. There are already a few hang gliding simulators available today, and some of those are regarded as the best when it comes to gameplay and features. Here is a list of the best hang gliding simulators for PC if you are currently looking for one.

Glider Sim

One of the most popular hang gliding simulators out today is Glider Sim, which was released on January 28, 2021, and was developed by Joey Sipos, who is also the developer of another gliding simulator called Glider Island. The game is published by 5D Realities and features realistic flight mechanics and physics.

Besides learning how to fly a hang glider, the Glider Sim also has scored challenges or missions that will surely test your skills in gliding. If you want to play the simulator with friends, you are free to do so since the Glider Sim has a multiplayer mode. In addition to the regular hang glider, you also have access to other types of gliders like miniwings and speedwings. Take note that this gliding game is still in Early Access, which means that the developer and publisher are still updating the game and improving several features.

Hang Sim

If you are looking for vintage or classic hang gliding simulators, the best one you can get is the Hang Sim, an old hang gliding simulator that was released on December 3, 1999, and was developed and published by Wilco Publishing. Despite its age, the Hang Sim is actually quite an excellent hang gliding simulator, as it still features the same controls and mechanics that you will see in modern simulators. So, you could say that the Hang Sim served as one of the inspirations for many hang gliding and flight simulators today.

In Hang Sim, you will be able to control six flyable gliders, which are two paragliders, two different hand gliders, one microlite glider, and one sailplane. Moreover, you also have the choice of five photo-realistic sceneries that are rendered in 3D. Within those sceneries, there is a unique atmospheric system that simulates the natural flow of air over valleys and mountains. You also have the choice to change the weather or the scenery. If you want an old-school simulator that still holds up well today, you should check out Hang Sim.

Glider Island

A hand gliding simulator that we have mentioned before but haven’t focused on is Glider Island, which was developed by Joey Sipos, the same person that developed the Glider Sim. Glider Island was also published by 5D Realities and was released on April 29, 2017. What’s interesting about Glider Island is that it is compatible with VR goggles, so you will be able to experience the game in VR or Virtual Reality, which is beneficial if you truly want to feel like you are practicing your hang gliding skills.

On Glider Island, there are three maps that offer unique sceneries and events or missions. The maps are called Forest Island, Volcano Island, and Desert Island. Each of these islands has hoops that you will need to go through in order to finish the mission. If you want to be competitive, 5D Realities have created a tournament mode wherein you will be able to compete for the highest score with others each month. When you have a high score, you will be given Amazon Gift Cards. Try out Glider Island and see if it is the most suitable hang gliding simulator for you.

World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator

The World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator game doesn’t offer regular hang gliding, but if you want to know the basics of flying a glider, you should try this game out. World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator was released on May 26, 2021, and was published by Aerosoft GmbH.

In this gliding game, you will have the chance to fly a motorized glider and learn how to fly it properly before you actually receive formal training or lessons in real life. This game aims to teach you the basics of flying a glider, which will eventually become advantageous once you get real-life training since you will have an easier time getting used to the controls of the aircraft. For those that want to play the simulator with friends, there is a multiplayer mode with Aero-tow or an all-electric aircraft tug.

Those are a few of the best gliding simulators that you can download and play on PC. Keep in mind that these games should be purchased first before downloading, so make sure that you have the budget to buy them. Luckily, these simulators don’t really cost much, so you can just easily play them if you have extra money on your Steam account or PayPal wallet.

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