Choosing a Flight Attendant School

A Flight Attendant is a specialized, lucrative position that will always be in demand and many people who love to travel and want to do so while making good money are looking for a flight attendant school. While all flight attendants must become certified by the FAA, and all airlines require flight attendants to attend their own airline’s training, many individuals are taking courses and getting certifications in hopes of standing out from the pack of applicants the airlines receive. In order to get an interview, some background training certainly helps get your foot in the door.

Most airlines require a flight attendant to have at least a high school diploma and be 18 years of age, however, more airlines are preferring college degrees, especially those related to psychology, or tourism industry trades. Flight attendant school courses available over the internet start as low as $49, and on-site courses may run around $3,000 plus expenses. It is important to keep in mind, that you will still need to attend a particular airline’s own flight attendant school that may run 3 to 8 weeks, depending, but all of them place an emphasis on the FAA certification, which involves safety issues of passengers, dealing with hijackers and terrorists, in-flight emergencies, emergency landings and takeoff problems, as well as Federal Aviation Regulations. In addition, excellent health and grooming requirements are enforced.

To be a successful flight attendant, you must also be a “people person”, who doesn’t mind multi-tasking, long periods of time away from home, and following procedures. Successful flight attendants can make around $100,000, so it can be a very rewarding career, if you have the right personality and temperament, grooming and hygiene. When choosing a flight attendant school, it is important to keep in mind that you will be required to have additional training, once you have been accepted past the interview phase, and certified for FAA, through the airline’s own flight attendant school.

Depending on your location, flight attendant school is cheaper in the United States than some of the overseas markets. If you are planning to become a flight attendant on international flights, you may be required to speak two or more languages, as well. Once you have decided what types of flights you want to be trained for, you can better decide on the best course of action for selecting a flight attendant school that will give you the training to get past the interview process.


It is possible to keep your full-time job, while training for a new career as a flight attendant. There are some flight attendant school courses and certifications offered over the internet that can be quite affordable and you can learn at your own pace as time allows. You just have to keep in mind that whatever certifications you earn will show your background knowledge, but you will still be required to become certified by the FAA and go through the training of the airline you are to start working for, prior to being able to be an actual flight attendant. With a little research, you can decide the best way to get considered and hired for a new career as a flight attendant. Now, if you want more extreme experiences aside from flying, you may also want to try deep-sea diving as your new hobby.

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