Guide to Boggle


Scrabble is arguably the most popular word-based board game in the world, but there are plenty more similar games to choose for if you or your loved ones would like to have a little bit of variety when it comes to the games you are playing. One of the most well-known alternatives … Read more

Guide to Sorry

As with other competitive board games, Sorry’s twisted mechanics will make your pals detest you anytime you prevent them from winning. The game may appear easy at first appearance, but mastering it requires learning a variety of intricate methods. Here is a guide on Sorry to help you get the hang of … Read more

Guide to Playing Codenames Online and Offline

Do you enjoy playing spy games with your loved ones or friends? If that’s the case, then you’re in luck since Codenames makes for an exciting evening of gaming. During the course of the game, you will be tasked with revealing the true identities of your field agents. As a result of … Read more

Guide to Playing Taboo Online and Offline

Taboo is a great party game that tests your communication skills by preventing you from saying some of the words you want to use. If you’re the type of person who finds wordplay fascinating, you’ll enjoy this game. There is a list of forbidden words that you must stick to achieve your … Read more

Guide to Playing Pictionary Online and Offline

When you have a lot of people over, one of the best games to play is Pictionary. From three to 16 people can compete in two teams, and the game is fun for people of all ages. Players take turns sketching one of many predetermined words or phrases while their teammates attempt … Read more

Guide To Playing Scattergories Online and Offline

An exciting word game where players take turns coming up with terms that meet the given category and allotted letter, Scattergories is a great way to stimulate creative thinking. The game’s goal is to answer as many words as possible in the allocated time and do it creatively. In the end, whoever … Read more

Guide to Playing Sequence

The game of Sequence is great if you’re in the mood for something that doesn’t require much time to learn but still provides a lot of fun in a short amount of time. It’s a board game emphasizing strategy and is easy to pick up. Anybody over the age of six can … Read more

Guide to Spoons

One of the card games that may be played with a regular deck is Spoons. The game is played mainly with cards and calls for no unique tabletop or other preparations. Four to eight persons are the ideal number for playing this game indoors. The game is so simple that even young … Read more

Guide to Exploding Kittens

The game of Exploding Kittens is both extraordinary and strange. It’s fascinating in a lot of different ways. The first time it was released by The Oatmeal, it broke all records for funding on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Over 219,000 people supported the project at the outset, which resulted in a substantial … Read more

Guide to The Resistance: Avalon

Avalon, often known as “The Resistance: Avalon”, is a logical reasoning game based on the popular card game The Resistance. Starting with the most obvious comparison, the original game and its derivative, Avalon, are about a conflict between the government and the resistance. Let’s get to know The Resistance: Avalon edition’s rules … Read more

Guide to Uno

Like Monopoly, Uno is notorious for being a friendship killer because players can never predict what their opponents will do on their turn. Many of those unexpected plays are designed to cause their opponents anguish and keep them from winning. Even though Uno appears to be a straightforward card game, it has … Read more

Guide to Ticket to Ride

The modern board game Ticket to Ride aims to build the longest rail route and score the most points by the game’s finish. Fun gameplay that’s unlike anything else in the board game genre helped propel Ticket to Ride to the top of the bestseller list. The game has since spawned many … Read more

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