Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Hammers

Many hand tools have been replaced by power tools in the construction industry, but hammers have remained an essential hand tool in every builder's toolbelt

Every home contains at least one basic claw hammer, which is likely to be used, misused, and abused on a regular basis. It goes without saying that, like most revolutionary innovations that have been around for a while, we now take the hammer for granted. But, when you look at the history … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Socket and Ratchet Sets

You’ve probably seen a wrench, ratchet, and socket in action at some point.  However, for the novice, these tools may be intimidating because they aren’t used as frequently or their use isn’t as intuitive as a hammer or screwdriver. Sockets and ratchets serve the same purpose as wrenches. These simple mechanical tools, … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Screw Drivers

Screwdrivers are hand tools that are used to insert and remove screws. They are available in a variety of configurations to correspond to the appropriate screw drive. A screwdriver’s drive or head has a formed cavity and protrusion that fits the screwdriver tip. Torque is a turning force that can be delivered … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Ratcheting Screwdrivers

Background Tools are used in a variety of circumstances for a variety of purposes. This is why it is critical to choose the right tool for your needs. A ratchet screwdriver is a popular piece of equipment. It’s been around for decades and is commonly used as an electrical repair tool for … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Hex Key Sets

Background Hex keys, also known as Allen keys/wrenches in the United Kingdom and other countries, are a type of spanner and socket hand tool used to tighten and loosen hexagonal bolts and other compatible fasteners. Hex keys are most usually seen as a single piece of steel bent into a small L-shape, … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Compact Drill and Driver Sets

Background and History of Compact Drills Most machinery has been with us for hundreds of millions of years, even if we don’t recognize it. The drill is no exception. The bore drill was one of the first (if not the first) drills to be invented. This gadget was invented in Egypt circa … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Brad Nailers

A brad nailer is a common power equipment used for DIY and home improvement projects. It is used to secure 18 gauge brad nails in a variety of repair applications. It can be used to connect furniture, perform modest carpentry chores, or attach trims. What is a Brad Nailer? Brad nailers are … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Adjustable Wrenches

Background An adjustable wrench is a common everyday tool used by millions of professional and hobbyist users around the world. It functions similarly to any other wrench in that it grabs the head of a fastener (usually a nut or bolt) and allows the user to tighten or loosen it as needed. … Read more

Tools Needed to Texture a Ceiling or Wall

A home with a textured ceiling or walls presents a unique and lovely appearance. Wall and ceiling textures can add a new character to rooms, and they can easily bring an interesting effect to the whole ambiance.  Yes, it’s easy to paint your ceiling and walls and consider it done. However, if … Read more

Must Have Power Tools for Home Users and DIYers

A power tool is any tool that makes a job easier by eliminating or reducing the need for manual labor. These tools use power sources like electricity, air, or hydraulics. However, the list of power tools at our disposal today is too long. As a homeowner or someone interested in DIY projects, … Read more

How to Keep Cutting Tools Sharp and Maintained?

We need our cutting tools ready when we are in a hurry to get work done. There is usually no time to stop and sharpen cutting tools in such situations. That’s why we have to keep them maintained and sharp; so that the tools are ready when we need them. Properly maintained … Read more

Guide to the Different Types of Clamps

When you are working on a project as a profession or a DIY, clamps can be an important component of your toolkit.  Being able to properly hold objects in place and/or together is a common task that has to be performed while woodworking, crafting or making repairs. Having the right clamps available … Read more

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