Best Equipment to Consider Having for Any Survival Situation

Best Equipment to Consider Having for Any Survival Situation

True survivors are always equipped to handle any situation. Would you be equipped to survive a situation like widespread looting during a riot? The best emergency gear can help you survive, but you need more, and it needs to be able to serve more than just one purpose aside from self-defense. 1. … Read more

The Best Candles for Preppers and Disaster Planning

One of the most underused preparations and survival tools is emergency candles. So many people hurriedly purchase other necessities while overlooking this tried-and-true lighting alternative. The simplicity of survival candles is what makes them so fantastic. If you don’t have power, they’re a reliable hands-free technique for maintaining a light in your … Read more

Must-Have Urban Survival Gear for City Dwellers

Disasters can strike suddenly, leaving you without access to essentials for days or forcing you to leave your home. After a disaster, aid personnel will arrive at the site, but they might not be able to reach you right away. You must be organized. Knowing what to do in the event of … Read more

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