Options for Keeping Your Hands Warm in Disaster Situations

Options for Keeping Your Hands Warm in Disaster Situations

Disasters can result in a variety of issues, and one of them might complicate matters further. When the electricity is out for a long time, that is. Finding techniques to stay warm is crucial if this occurs in the winter or in a region where the weather is consistently chilly. While the … Read more

Guide to Selecting Items for a Bug Out Bag

Survival is one of the hardest tasks for humans to do, and it is arguable that we try to survive every day by working hard and earning money, which can then be used to buy food and keep the electricity and water in our homes running. However, the type of survival that … Read more

Guide to the Items You Need to Live Off the Grid

Living off the grid is a very difficult task to accomplish, as we have already become accustomed to how our homes are connected to power grids that provide electricity, as well as water and gas lines that serve as access to public utilities. In case you don’t know, living off the grid … Read more

Guide to Selecting Items You Need at Home for Emergency Situations

No matter how safe our home is, there will be moments when disaster strikes and makes our home feel unsafe and less comfortable to live in. The disasters that can happen at home are usually natural occurrences, like tornadoes, earthquakes, and storms.  So, we must always be prepared if a disaster does … Read more

Guide to Selecting Survival Gear

There may be moments in our lives when our survival skills are put to the test. Fortunately, a lot of us would still have the time to be prepared and learn various survival skills before disaster or calamity strikes. One of the most important things that you need to prepare in times … Read more

The Guide to Preparing Bug Out Bags

Whether you are concerned about an earthquake, tsunami, extended power outage, or civil upheaval, there are numerous reasons to have a bug-out bag ready to help you through the next 72 hours of uncertainty. A bug-out bag is one of the most critical things you can have to assist you and your … Read more

What Are the Best Shoes for an Emergency or Disaster Situation?

It is crucial to wear the right kind of footwear to increase your chances of surviving in emergencies. Your movement may be significantly hampered by poor footwear. When time is of the essence, high mobility is essential. Additionally, if the shoes you’re wearing are not well insulated, you will lose a lot … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide for Saving Seeds

Saving seeds from plants may be a family heritage for seasoned gardeners. Home gardeners can grow more healthy plants for less money by using the rewarding habit of seed saving. A straightforward method of propagation called “seed saving” is gathering the seeds that plants produce and storing them for the following year’s planting. … Read more

Helpful Off-Grid Living Manuals

More and more people are choosing to live their life on their terms rather than participating in the rat race. Living off the grid can be a challenge even in states where it is not discouraged. There are a lot of things that people tend to take for granted that are electrically … Read more

Repelling Insects Naturally with Herbal and Homemade Items

The chemical DEET, which can be used to repel insects, is practically a household name these days. This amazingly effective ingredient can be found in a variety of commercial bug sprays, but it poses a risk of unpleasant side effects for human beings and should be avoided if at all possible.  It … Read more

The Best Batteries to Stockpile for Prepping

The significance of batteries in the modern era cannot be overstated. Batteries, whether large or tiny, rechargeable or disposable, power everything from personal electronics to automobiles. Batteries are used to provide the necessary electrical power when portability is a concern or when connecting a device, appliance, installation, or vehicle to an existing … Read more

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