Best Places to Play Golf in Japan

Japanese golfers and foreigners who want to golf in Japan are always looking for the best places where they can enjoy their golf time. Japan has some of the best world-renowned golf courses, the only thing you need to do is discover them, and we will help you do that. 

Here is a list of the best places for golfing in Japan. 

Best Golf Courses in Japan

Japan has made a lot of progress regarding golf courses in a very short time, as the country refined the high standards for golf courses and clubs. Japanese golf courses have been a part of the top 100 lists in the world. Following are the Japanese golf courses that every golfer visiting or living in Japan should visit at least once.

1. Kawana Fuji Golf Course 

Kawana Fuji golf course was built by the famous British golf course architect C.H Alison. It was opened for golfers in 1936 and is considered one of the best golf courses in Japan. It also got listed in the top 100 golf courses in the world by the Golf Magazine. 

The astonishing views of this golf course are what make it the most scenic and one of the priciest golf courses as well. A play at the Kawana Fuji golf course costs around 41,000 Japanese yen. However, it is worth the price. The golf course is attached to the Kawana hotel. 

The Kawana Fuji golf course is undoubtedly the best place to visit for a perfect golf game. 

2. Hirono Golf Club 

Hirono golf club is considered the number one golf course in Japan, and we see no lie. It was also designed by C.H Alison during the 1930s. You may even see Hirono golf club in several top 100 lists due to its outstanding location and design. 

The most prominent features of the Hirono golf course include the tree-lined greens, sand, and bunkering. It may not be as large as the golf course standards, but challenging holes and routing make it worth visiting. Remember that only the Hirono golf club members and guests can play at the golf course, so you may need to register as a guest before visiting the Hirono golf club. 

3. Naruo Golf Club 

Joseph Earnest Crane designed the Naruo golf course in 1920 with his two older brothers. By using Japan’s native and natural landscape, Crane left a legacy of keeping the golf courses as natural as possible and still being able to build a challenging and beautiful golf course

Like other popular Japanese golf courses, you will need a membership to play golf in the Naruo golf club. However, visitors can also golf here on weekdays when introduced by someone who has the Naruo golf club membership. 

4. Tokyo Golf Club 

The oldest golf club of the Kanto region, the Tokyo golf club, was established in 1913. Komyo Ohtani designed it, and on the 100th anniversary of Tokyo golf club, Gil Hanse, an American golf course designer, was commissioned to renovate the grounds. 

In Japan, the Tokyo golf club is known as the mettle-testing golf course that has the bits of Japanese traditional golfing style. The traditional feel of this golf course will allow you to enjoy the Japanese-style golfing experience. Tokyo golf club is also a member-only golf club; however, visitors introduced or invited by the members can also enjoy golfing on weekdays. A member needs to make a reservation for inviting someone.

5. Yokohama Country Club 

From Japan Women’s Open to Japan Open, Yokohama Country Club has hosted several major golf competitions. Takeo Aiyama originally designed the golf course, but Coore and Crenshaw modernized and renovated the design in 2014. With the improved topography, the golf course is such a delight for golfers. 

The prices for golfing at Yokohama country club differ according to the month, course, and the requirement of a caddy. For the golfers in Tokyo, the Yokohama country club is one of the go-to golf courses due to its easy access. 

6. Ono Golf Club 

Designed by Osamu Ueda (who was a part of the designer team that designed the Hirono golf club), the Ono Golf Club is another outstanding golf course in Japan. It was opened for gofers in 1961 and has been one of the favorite golfing destinations for golfers since then. 

It is located in the Harima Chubu Hill Natural Park, and the location adds the Japanese traditional garden-like environment to the golf course. Several golf competitions, including the Japan Open and Kansai Open, have been held at Ono Golf Club. 

Once again, like other golf clubs in Japan, you either need to be a member or be a visitor introduced or invited by a member to golf at Ono golf club. The prices for golfing at the club differ, depending on the day; it’s cheaper on weekdays, while weekends cost more.

7. Kasumigaseki Country Club 

Kasumigaseki Country Club was established in 1929 and is one of the oldest golf clubs in the Kanto region. The golf course consists of 36 holes on both East and West courses. 

Kasumigaseki Country Club is famous for the ponds, pine forests, 120 bunkers, and small greens. Moreover, several major golfing championships have been held at this golf course. Members of Kasumigaseki country club need to make reservations a few months (approximately 2 or 3 months) in advance, while a member must accompany non-members, so the visitor can golf at this club. 

8. Osaka Golf Club 

Osaka Golf Club was also designed by Osamu Ueda and was opened in 1987. Osaka golf club is considered one of the premier golf courses in Japan due to its three-dimensional greens and Alison-styled bunkers.

If one wants to enjoy the ocean breeze while playing golf, the Osaka golf club is the best place. Ueda considers Osaka golf club as his masterpiece, and we see no lie in it. To golf at Osaka golf club, reservations are required. 

Is it Expensive to Play Golf in Japan?

Golfing in Japan used to be quite expensive; however, as time passed and more people started taking an interest in playing golf, the costs reduced to around 5,000 to 10,000 yens for an 18-hole round of golf along with a golf cart and lunch for one person on weekdays. 

The prices are, however, higher on weekends, especially when it’s golf season. The golf courses that are closer to large cities cost more than the others. You can also get caddies and rental clubs with an additional fee, while some of the golf clubs in Japan do not allow single players to play, and you must be accompanied by a second player. 


Golf courses in Japan are different from the golf courses around the world due to the traditional look of their designs. For most foreign golfers, making reservations at Japanese golf clubs used to be a whole sport; however, it is now quite easier to do so. Many golf clubs offer online reservation facilities and membership programs too. 

Japanese golf clubs are worth visiting as any enthusiastic golfer wouldn’t want to miss the chance of golfing in the Japanese world-renowned golf courses.

When visiting Japan, you can also plan a quick camping trip there along with golfing to double your fun and experience.

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