Guide to Playing Taboo Online and Offline

Taboo is an enjoyable guessing game with a twist! You need to quickly think, talk fast, without saying the TABOO words listed on the card! If you state one of the unmentioned words, be ready to get buzzed and lose your team a point. Answer as many words as possible within the allotted time. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins the game!

How To Play

Game Requirements

  • 504 Taboo Cards
  • Cardholder
  • Timer
  • Buzzer
  • Pen and pad (for scoring)

Objectives of the Game

The team that scores the most points by guessing the words emerges as the winner. The goal is to get your respective team to guess the designated word on top of the card without mentioning the five Taboo or prohibited terms listed under it.

Game Play

  1. Divide the participants into two teams with equal members. If the number of the players is uneven, one member from the group with the lower number of participants gets the chance to be the player or Clue-giver twice.
  2. Team 1 selects one of its members to be the Clue-giver. The player sits close with the timer while facing the card.
  3. Team 2 will be in charge of the buzzer. They will sit behind or beside Team 1’s assigned Clue-giver to see the designated word and the Taboo words under it.
  4. Other members of Team 1 will sit on the opposite side as they are not allowed to see the card.
  5. Once everything is set, Team 2 starts the timer, and the Clue-giver will now attempt to have his team guess the word. Team 2 will press the buzzer if ever he mentions any of the Taboo words or breaks any guidelines.
  6. Both teams will alternate until all players have their turn as the player or the Clue-giver. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Scoring or Losing A Point

Being in the Clue-giver entails a big responsibility! This means he needs to have his team guess the word or else lose the point in two ways: by passing on a card or getting buzzed.

  • Passing On A Card

A Clue-giver has the choice to pass or not play the turn should he deem that the card is too difficult. Simply remove the card from the easel and place it in the discard pile. Every pass turns into a point and is awarded to the opposing team.

Keep in mind that a Clue-giver is being timed, which means it can be a better strategy to lose a point in a pass rather than spend too much time on a single card. His respective may have better chances of guessing the next words in the line.

  • Getting Buzzed

Saying the Taboo words is a mortal sin! If the Clue-giver mentions any of the Taboo terms listed or breaks any of the guidelines for giving clues, the opposing team will press the buzzer.

Sounding the buzzer implies that the turn and card are dead, and the point is awarded to the opposing team. The dead card is placed on the discard pile, which contains the points awarded to the opposing team on each turn.

Guidelines in Giving Clues

While steering away from the Taboo words is one of the first things to follow, there are also other guidelines set to make the gameplay more exciting. Breaking any of these guidelines will have the Clue-giver get buzzed, giving the point to the opposing team.

  • No movements or gestures are allowed. For instance, the Clue-giver may not pose like shooting if the designated word is “BALL,’ or act like he’s singing if the word is “MICROPHONE.”
  • If the designated word is a compound word or has prefixes or suffixes, its base words cannot be given off as a clue. This means you can’t use “rain” or “drop” if the designated word is “RAINDROP.”
  • Words that rhyme or sound like with the designated word are prohibited.
  • Abbreviations are not allowed, such as using MD for “DOCTOR,” or CD for “COMPACT DISC.”
  • No noises or any sound effects shall be made, such as animal sounds, engine noises, instruments sound, etc.

How To Play Remotely

Being on vacation, working in a new state or country, or just simply practicing distancing won’t stop you and your friends from enjoying this game. You can hop on a video call on a video conferencing app or site at a scheduled time to pass the time and kill boredom and isolation.

Go on a Zoom party, divide the participants into two, take turns in sharing screens, and do your best to score a point without saying any of the unmentionable words!

If not all of your friends have the board game at home, don’t fret as you can visit PlayTaboo.Com to generate your Taboo cards online. It has a built-in timer, scoresheet, and an instant Taboo card you use to play the game remotely.

Where To Buy

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