Guide to Playing Charades Online and Offline

Charades is an excellent game to play with your friends and family! It is perfect for all ages and involves acting phrases or words, be it a movie title, personality, or random item, provided by the other team. The objective is to have your team guess the answer without talking and using gestures alone. This game is easy to play anywhere, requires less preparation but needs a lot of imagination. Play Charades and your crew is undoubtedly in for a great laugh!

How To Play

Game Requirements

  • Charades cards
  • Stopwatch to keep time
  • Boxes or containers to place the cards in
  • Pen and notepad to track score

If Charades cards aren’t available, you can write words and phrases on pieces of paper. Then, fold them and place them on a bowl for the opposing team to draw.

Alternatively, there are also online Charades generators available to keep the game more lively and interactive.

Objectives of the Game

The game of Charades basically revolves around pantomime. A selected player from each time acts out the word or phrase drawn without speaking. You need to rely on gestures alone!

For instance, you could break down the word “bookworm” by first acting like you’re opening or reading a book and then moving or wiggling like a worm on the ground. Meanwhile, for the word “ball,” simply pretend shooting a ball or maneuver a steering wheel if you’ve trying to let your teammates guess the word “car.”

Most often, Charades is played by two opposing teams by taking turns. On each turn, a player from one team acts out the chosen word or phrases. His or her team must be able to guess the answer before the time runs out!

Use a timer or a stopwatch for tracking the time. Allow two to three minutes for each turn. The least amount of time consumed in guessing the answer gets the points. You may decide if it’s a race to five or seven points to declare the winner. If it’s a Charades marathon, you can even go higher with the targeted score.

If you’re playing with kids, however, you may omit the timer and the scoring mechanics to make it simple and fun for the kids. It would be adorable seeing acting out the words or phrases. For them, it would be best to use simple terms, cartoon characters, or animals, which all they can easily relate to.

Other rules to remember are as follows:

  • No lip movements.
  • No pointing at objects present in the room.
  • No sounds or clapping.
  • Extremely no words!
  • Team 1 shows the card to the actor of Team 2. The actor acts out while the other Team 2 members guess the answer.
  • The actor should rotate within the team. Everyone must alternate until each member had his opportunity to be the actor.

Hand Signals and Gestures

When playing Charades, typical hand signals or gestures can help your team understand what you are trying to say. Thus, guessing the answer more quickly. These work effectively not only in conveying categories but also in words, and even the number of syllables it has.


  • Film or Movies: Act like you have an old movie camera. Hold it with one hand and wind the other.
  • Person/Celebrity: Put your hands in your hips and stand straight.
  • Book: Pretend like you are opening a book and flipping the pages.
  • Song: Act like you’re singing on a microphone.
  • TV Show: Draw a rectangle using your fingers.

Other Gestures

  • Word length: Spread your thumb and forefinger if you have a short word. Spread your arms if you are referring to a long one.
  • Number of syllables or words: Use your fingers to signal how many words it has, or the placing of the word in the phrase. For instance, show four fingers for a four-word phrase. Then, hold up two fingers if you want to let them guess the second word.
  • Plurals: Connect your pinky finger in signaling a plural work.
  • Sounds like: If the word you are acting is similar to the sound of something, cup your hand and palace it behind your ear as if you hear it.

Charades Generators

If you want a seamless and faster game, you can use the following Charade generators below. The sites will come up with fun words and phrases so that all you will need to mind is your sharpening your pantomime skills.

It holds more than 700+ charades ideas. Just check the categories that you would like the teams to play and keep on clicking until one emerges as the winner!


Select the game you want and difficulty level, from easy, medium, hard, and really hard! Then, click on the ‘New Word’ button and start maximizing that two to three minutes given to you to act up that word!

How To Play Remotely


There’s no stopping in enjoying the fun Charades has to offer. Even if you, your friends, and family aren’t physically together, you can still play the game to your hearts’ content, killing the boredom and isolation.

There are lots of video conferencing apps you can use to stay connected. Make your video calls more exhilarating by playing Charades with them. Zoom is an excellent choice as it needs less setup and is compatible with most devices.

Simply schedule a meeting on Zoom, share the unique meeting ID with the participants. Then, have them log in to their accounts and join the room on the specified time and date. Once all are in, you can now play Charades using the same mechanics as above!

Other video conference app you could use are:

Houseparty is a new site but is rapidly gaining popularity. The app allows up to 8 people to participate in the video call, and have a virtual house party. Imagine how Charades can even make things more exciting?


While Discord is designed for online gamers, it can also work excellently for your Charades marathon! You can invite up to 10 people to join the video call. Plus, it supports video sharing, if ever you need it.

Where To Buy

A fan of board games? There’s actually one that essentially works like a Charades. You can purchase it online and initiate a fun night in your home.

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Or, enjoy charades cards for seamless gameplay.