Guide to Car Mirror Accessories

What Is a Car Mirror Accessory?

A car mirror accessory is one of the most common and easiest ways to personalize your car. It is not unusual to see a charm, an air freshener, or even a photo frame hanging from car mirrors. The most common accessory seen is the fuzzy dice.

Amulets hanging from the car mirror in a car driving down a road

If you want to decorate your car mirror, there are options other than the fuzzy dice you can opt for to enhance your car’s interior. They are a popular trend among drivers and help your vehicle stand out from others.

Some car mirror accessories are also practical because they improve your car’s interior. These mirror accessories can be as personal as hanging a picture of your loved ones or something generic like a pendant or charm.

Why Should You Hang an Accessory on Your Car Mirror?

Dreamcatcher hanging from a car mirror with rain in the background

Accessories are an excellent addition to your car’s interior. There are many different reasons why people choose to add a car mirror accessory to their vehicle.

The most popular reason is adding a bit of color to the interior and personalizing it. There are many kinds of cute accessories available on the internet that you can add to your car’s mirror.

There are more practical uses as well. Some people hang special mirrors from their car’s mirrors to address any blind spots when driving. These mirrors can also help you see behind you if you drive a large vehicle. Many also attach car dashcams to car mirrors for added security.

Some accessories also give you a better view of your surroundings. Therefore, even if you have a large vehicle, you can stay aware of your surroundings.

Different Kinds of Car Mirror Accessories

A catholic cross inside a dark car

There are many different kinds of accessories available for you to add to your car mirror. Some are functional, while some simply enhance the aesthetics of your car. For example, accessories such as fuzzy dice and pendants help give your vehicle a more modern appearance.

There are many different styles that these accessories are found in, including chrome, carbon fiber, leather, etc.

Car Rearview Mirrors

Car rearview mirrors are often hung on car mirrors to ensure that a driver is safe and aware of their surroundings while driving. These mirrors are usually made of a special glass that ensures a clear image. Therefore, you don’t have to fear any double reflection that may cause an accident.

These rearview mirrors are extremely easy to install. They come with an adjustable buckle that you can clip onto the original. Therefore, you can install and disassemble it with just one touch, which is extremely useful.

These mirrors come in multiple sizes. A 300 x 72mm one could fit original rearview mirrors that are usually 55-75mm in most cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Bling Rhinestone Car Rear View Mirror Cover

This car mirror accessory adds a touch of sparkle to your interior. These covers are usually made of high-quality PVC and are a stylish addition to your car. There are many designs to choose from, and you can get one without rhinestones.

Many find the regular car mirror bleak, but with a touch of color or sparkle, you can liven up your car and make it enjoyable and colorful. These covers are designed with the standard car mirror size in mind; thus, you can easily use them on most car mirrors.

They are also super simple to install, as you just have to slide the cover onto the mirror. Automatically, the mirror becomes more lively and colorful.

Handmade Raw Himalayan Salt Hanging

Another popular car mirror accessory is a raw Himalayan salt hanging. These hangings are pretty quirky and attractive as they are beautiful. They are made using raw Himalayan salt harvested straight from the Himalayas. The rock is usually kept raw and is hand shaven to maintain its natural color.

Raw Himalayan salt hangings are usually held in place of rope, woven in an interesting pattern to hold the rock salt in it. If you purchase one of these, ensure that the rope wraps properly around the rock and is not loose.

Pendants or Charms

Adding a pendant or a charm is also an excellent way to brighten up the inside of your vehicle. These pendants come in all shapes and sizes, and you can get a very bright and sparkly charm or a dull and muted one.

Pendants and charms are also very customizable. You can purchase charms that depict your favorite character, a quote, a pretty scenery, a photo frame, etc. If you want, you can also hang a picture of your family in a photo frame or charm.

If you purchase a pendant or a charm for your car, ensure that it is attached securely and is made of high-quality materials.

Air Fresheners

An air freshener is a convenient accessory for your car mirror. These air fresheners come in various scents; you can choose one to your liking and hang it on the mirror.

This car mirror accessory will ensure that your can always smells nice and that any bad odor is masked. Most also have adorable designs, which add to your vehicle’s aesthetic.

Religious Accessories

Hanging religious accessories from your car mirror is also popular. Many believe they feel much safer on the road if they have a religious accessory nearby. Some typical adornments include rosaries, guardian angels, etc.

History of the Fuzzy Dice

Blue furry dice hanging from a car mirror

Pinpointing the origin of using fuzzy dice as a car accessory is a bit hazy. Still, many presume that the tradition came about during World War II.

Carrying a good luck trinket with you when you boarded your aircraft was a tradition during the war. Since gambling items like cards, chips, and dice were considered popular tokens of good luck, many brought them aboard.

After World War II was over, pilots returned home and bought these lucky charms home with them. Thus, the tradition of hanging them from your car’s mirror began. Many considered it good luck, and soon it became a popular trend that caught on after the war.

Although fuzzy dice and other ornaments are fun and add to your car’s aesthetic, they are also distracting. Especially larger accessories may obstruct your view, and you may be unable to see certain hazards on the road. Therefore, ensure that the accessory is not a potential hazard to your driving capabilities.

What To Consider

When purchasing a car mirror accessory, you should consider a few things to ensure that the accessory serves its purpose well.

The Type of Mirror

The shape of your mirror is essential when picking out a car mirror accessory, especially if you intend to purchase a mirror cover. There are two different kinds of mirrors: concave and convex.

Concave mirrors have a narrower field of view but are excellent at providing a better view of what is happening in front of your car. Convex mirrors, on the other hand, have a much wider field of view and allow you to see vehicles that are coming up behind you.

The Size and Shape of Your Mirror

When purchasing a car mirror accessory, be sure to assess the size and shape of your mirror. Knowing the dimensions of your car mirror is necessary if you want to purchase a colorful cover for it.

Most mirrors are either rectangular or oval. The size also varies, but most are around 55mm to 75mm.


Ensure that the car accessory you purchase is safely secured. If it is not, there is a chance that a sharp break or turn may dislodge the accessory, and it may fall off. In worst-case scenarios, it can also hurt you. Thus, ensure that you install it properly and securely.

Pros and Cons

Red fuzzy dice hanging from the car mirror of a red car

Pros Cons
They add a pop of color. They take up extra space on the windshield.
They reflect your personality. They can be a hazard if they are not installed properly.
They can help freshen up the car or provide more visibility. It may obstruct your view if it is too large.


1. What can I hang from my car mirror?

There are many different things that you can adorn your car mirror with. You can hand religious ornaments, air fresheners, necklaces, photo frames, lanyards, rear view mirror charms, etc.

2. Are car charms illegal?

Although car mirror accessories may seem harmless, they may be dangerous to drivers as they obstruct their view. California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona have forbidden drivers to hang items that may block their view.

3. What does hanging a fuzzy dice from your car mirror mean?

Hanging a fuzzy dice is believed to bring luck. This idea began in World War II when soldiers would take an item of luck with them when boarding a plane. After the war, the idea caught on, and people started hanging fuzzy dice from their car mirrors.

4. Are air fresheners illegal to hang on car mirrors?

Air fresheners are not illegal, but if they are large and obstruct the view of the driver, they are considered a violation of traffic laws. Thus, if you want an air freshener in your car, ensure it is small.


Car mirror accessories are a great way to liven up your car’s interior as it adds a pop of color. There are many different kinds of accessories available on the market, and you can choose whichever fits your personality the best.

As long as you consider the size of the accessory and how securely it is attached, you can hang anything from necklaces to air fresheners and even religious symbols. Also, make sure that it matches other car accessories such as dashboard dolls or ornaments.