What is an EDC Kit?

EDC is an abbreviation for Every-Day Carry. It generally contains items useful for survival and things that are used regularly. Obviously, it would be unwieldy to carry around everything that might be necessary in the case of a disaster, so having everyday items to carry regularly is a wise plan. If something happens while not at home, some items should be available to aid in survival.

There is not a single list of what must be included in an EDC kit. What is carried will greatly depend on the needs of the person carrying, including knowledge and available skills. Carrying something without knowing how to use it is pointless.

To determine what is needed in your EDC kit, there are several factors to consider.

  1. Consider what dangers and challenges may need to be met. If some natural disasters are common in the area, or the area has a higher crime rate, these will need to be considered. If there are things for which you regularly need certain tools, this is also a factor.
  2. Start with what is already carried daily. A popular meme states, “Glasses, phone, wallet, keys is the adult’s head and shoulders, knees and toes.” There are things that always go into pockets or purse before leaving the house, and these are a part of everyday carry.
  3. Think about what is not currently carried that might be needed. This type of thing often includes a good quality knife, a bright flashlight that is small and does not need battery changes too often, and a tactical pen. Things that are useful to address more than one need are especially useful.
  4. Think outside the box. For people living in the city, common wilderness survival items may not be the first thought, but many of these will have uses even in urban survival, and vice versa. Some things that could be useful in either location include a camera, a compass, a fire starter, a first aid kit, a notepad, paracord, a water bottle (with a filter, if possible), and a whistle.
  5. Carrying these things every day needs to be the biggest factor in the set up. If there is too much to comfortably carry, it will not end up being carried. It is best to either not exceed what can fit in pockets or to have a bag or backpack that is carried everywhere, every day.
  6. Review what is being carried regularly. If needs change, then contents will need to change, as well. If this is something that may be difficult to remember, set a reminder in a phone app or calendar to check every few weeks.

Some things are good to include in any kit. Some things are fairly person specific. Always consider current needs when choosing items to include in an everyday carry kit.

Where to Buy
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Condor Pocket Pouch/US Patch
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A Good Quality Knife

1. Recon Plain Edge 4” Folding Knife

Made to be used with either hand, this folding knife is strong and sharp, with a locking mechanism to hold it open when in use. Pocket clip keeps it secure.

2. Ghostrike Fixed Blade Knife

Rugged 3.3” blade knife comes in a sheath. Useful for hunting, tactical, survival, outdoor, and industrial uses. The handle has molded rubber for grip.

A Tactical Pen

3. Impromptu Tactical Pen

The machined steel body includes a “Rite in the Rain” ink cartridge for writing in any conditions and a stainless-steel clip to keep it in a pocket. A glass breaking tip is integrated and made from tempered steel. Made in the USA.

A Tactical Bag

4. Military Backpack

Made by popular tactical company 5.11, this nylon bag features a zipper closure, 16 compartments and a pocket for liquid for hydration. At 11” wide and 18” high, this is not a small bag; if one desires to carry a lot every day, this could fit the bill.

5. Tactical Sling Bag

A smaller option for more convenience every day, this sling bag can also be worn as a backpack, crossbody, or waist pack. Sturdy and made to last, the bag has six compartments – two easy to access and four sealed.

A Tactical Wallet

6. Tactical Wallet

A multitool and a wallet in one, adds a whole new dimension to every day carry. With room for up to twelve cards and a leather outer layer, the aluminum inner layer holds a stainless steel multitool that includes a saw, a knife, a paracord tensioner, a hex, a nail remover, a ruler, a smartphone stand, and more.

A Pocket Pouch

7. Condor Pocket Pouch

This pouch fits perfectly in a cargo pocket, and also has loops on the back to attach it to a belt. It is waterproof and durable and can be washed in the washing machine occasionally. Interior compartments hold items, and an external mesh offers easy access to often-used items.

A Bright Flashlight

8. LED Flashlight with Adjustable Head

Super-bright flashlight has a USB-rechargeable battery and  equipped with energy-saving LED and powered by a Li-ion battery. Head rotates 90 degrees and the base is magnetized.

9. Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

This super bright tactical flashlight has LED bulbs and comes in a case with rechargeable battery, charger, and battery holder. The compact design is water resistant and the light has five modes with adjustable focus.

A Tactical Money Clip

10. GDC Money Clip

Carrying money has never been so defensible as with this tactical money clip that has a built in fixed blade knife hidden inside the clip that holds up to five cards along with cash.

Where to Buy
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A Fire Starter

11. Flint Firestarter

Laced on 9 feet of paracord, the flint and the striker are available for easy fire starting. The ferrocerium rod is 4” long, waterproof, and weatherproof.

12. Magnesium Flint Fire Starter

Connected by a 17.5” ball chain, the magnesium block and the striker are both 3” long; the magnesium is 1.2” wide while the striker is 0.7” wide.

13. Waterproof Windproof Lighter

If flint and steel is not your forte, this arc lighter may be the better option. Rechargeable by USB, this lighter uses electrical sparks to get the fire going.


14. Survivor Cord

Multiple layers make this paracord extra useful. It includes fishing line, wire, and tinder to start a fire.


15. Whistle on Paracord Bracelet

Connected to a paracord bracelet and topped with a compass, the emergency whistle included in this multiple use item is loud and easy to carry.

16. Emergency Whistle

Two safety whistles on a lanyard, these have a high pitched sound with dual tubes to help the sound travel farther.

Pre-Filled EDC Kits

17. 11-in-1 Survival Kit

All the basic necessities are packed in this easy-to-carry kit. The case is about the size of a small book, making it easy to slip into a cargo pocket or have handy in a bag or car.

18. 8-in-1 Survival Kit

This kit includes a flashlight, tactical pen, multitool card, flint and steel, compass, and more in a waterproof carrying case.

19. 14-in-1 Survival Kit

Everything needed for camping or hunting or, if the worst happens, in a survival situation, is packed into a sturdy carrying case.

20. Preppers Bag

Maybe not quite practical for everyday carry, if a person works in the wild, this backpack packed with survival items may be worth carrying every day just in case. Alternatively, this would be an excellent bag to keep in the car.