Tips for Keeping Your Lips Moisturized When Sailing or Boating

It is fun and pleasurable when you go on a water activity like boating. You prepare yourself for a memorable venture with the people closest to you. You put on a suitable outfit for boating or sailing. And you protect yourself from the sun by applying sunscreen.

Putting on sunscreen is one way of shielding yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. Make sure that you don’t miss a spot, especially your lips. It may be a small part of you, but it’s as significant.

The sun causes our lips to become dry, cracked, and sometimes painful. Our lips are more sensitive to the sun because it has a thin protective layer. It is essential to protect our lips, just like how we safeguard the rest of our skin. Here are ways to keep your lips moisturized and shield them while out in the sun.

Moisturize Your Lips

Being under the sun for hours could be dangerous for your lips. Moisturize them by applying a lip product with moisturizing ingredients such as beeswax or shea butter. They help lock in moisture to your lips. And they also prevent your lips from drying up or going chapped. 

There are a variety of lip moisturizers available in the market. Choosing the right product for you is significant so as not to compromise your lips.

Avoid Using Matte Lipsticks

Most women, if not all, want to look good whenever they are out or spending quality time with friends. They wear lip products that are a symbol of confidence and style. But some of these matte lip products are drying and damaging. It is best not to wear them when spending hours in the sun. 

If you can’t help wearing lipstick, you can put on a lip product that moisturizes and has sun protection. This way, your lips are protected from the sun. And still, get to wear a lip product. These types of lipstick are a bit pricey, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Apply a Sunscreen Lip Balm

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Protecting your lips from the sun is as significant as protecting the rest of your skin. You use a body sunscreen for your body, while a lip balm sunscreen for your lips. A broad-spectrum lip sunscreen gives you protection against UVA and UVB rays.

These lip balms offer a shield from the sun. Pick a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15. It will ensure you the protection you need. Some of the lip balms on the market are tinted; it’s like you’re wearing lipstick. You can confidently enjoy your water activity with style.

Blend Your Lip Products

If you can’t avoid wearing your favorite lipstick that does not have SPF, try putting on lip balm sunscreen first before your lipstick. This way, your lips are protected from UVA and UVB rays.

Some of the lip balms with SPF available on the market are lightweight. You won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable using the blending method. You can now enjoy the sun and have fun with your friends or family.

Reapply Your Lip Sunscreen

Experts advise us to reapply sunscreen every two hours for protection. For lip sunscreen, apply the product more frequently. The lips get easily wet and cause the lip sunscreen to wear out. That is why you should reapply more often.

When choosing a lip sunscreen for you, check the ingredients first. There are lip sunscreens that offer a lot of healthy and natural ingredients. Go for the product that provides nourishment and protection. This way, your lips are protected the whole day.

Wear a Hat

In addition to wearing a lip product with SPF, wearing a hat is ideal. A hat big enough to cover your whole face. This way, you are protected from the harmful ray of the sun.

Wearing a hat has benefits. You are protecting your hair, eyes, and face, including your lips. Putting on a hat is perfect for boating or sailing. It adds protection and coverage to your lips. And it also adds to your personality and style.

Drink Lots of Water

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We get dehydrated when we spend hours under the sun. Our skin dries up, and our lips tend to go chapped. We need to rehydrate by drinking lots of water, especially if we have been under the sun for a long time.

Drinking water is beneficial to our overall health. It hydrates our whole body, especially during a hot day. And it helps maintain the skin’s moisture, which includes our lips. So, to keep us healthy and moisturized, we should drink lots of water.

Exfoliate Your Lips 

If you have not reapplied your lip sunscreen as often as possible, your lips could be dry and chapped. You might want to try exfoliating your lips with olive oil and brown sugar. These are natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin. However, since our lips have a thinner layer, consider exfoliating them gently and carefully. 

Exfoliating our lips after a day under the sun is beneficial. It helps in restoring new healthy cells. It also contributes to hydrating lips and prevents dryness. Hence, moisturized and healthy lips.

In conclusion, keeping our lips moisturized is essential. Lip care is as significant as taking care of our whole body. During the day, when the sun is up, constantly reapply lip sunscreen. Boating or sailing activity is both fun and relaxing. Caring for your lips during this activity is a must.

There are ways to keep your lips moisturized while boating or sailing. The tips mentioned above will help you maintain your lips’ moisture. You only need lip products with an SPF of at least 15 to protect your lips from the harmful effects of the sun. A product that moisturizes your lips is also essential. And reapply it as often as possible. You also require water for hydration and a hat for added protection. Gentle exfoliation is ideal for dry and chapped lips.

Some of us may take our lips for granted. But if you care for your overall health, you should not miss a spot when applying sunscreen. Your lips must always be part of your skincare routine, especially when you’d spend hours under the sun.