World War 2 Games

World War 2 games are a war junkies dream. The technology and graphic designs make you feel just like you’re there scoping out territories and taking control of a city. You have the ability to command a unit, call in an air strike, or even save someone’s life depending on what ww2 video games you play. In fact, there are hundreds of possibilities just waiting for you to take advantage of, so get in there and be the best soldier this country has ever seen.

Below you will find various World War 2 games available today. Each have their own unique position on the war taking place in various locations. You’ve probably heard stories about Normandy, Caen, and other smaller areas in France. Maybe a history class taught you about Pearl Harbor or D-Day. However, you got interested in war, ww2 video games can even teach you more. Background stories with streaming videos of soldiers, Generals and strategic ground forces pushing back the enemy could be history you’ve never learned about before now.

Call of Duty

Call of DutyFor those of you who have had the opportunity to play the Call of Duty games, there is nothing else like them. The fourth installment “Modern Warfare” has been hailed as the best COD ever developed by Infinity Ward. While it offers great graphics and storylines for everyone to enjoy, the game doesn’t revolve around World War 2. So stick with the first three series if you want real World War 2 games.

They offer various points of view from different countries, giving you a taste of what everyone could have been thinking while the war was going on. Once finished with the single player mode it’s time to tackle the multi-player version online. This is where you can team up with other online gamers and take out your opponent one by one. Keep in mind though that once a new version comes out, the old CODs don’t have as much traffic go through the servers.

Medal of Honor

Medal of HonorThese World War 2 games are pretty much like the COD ones. A storyline living through fictional soldiers in a first person shooting mode is definitely want the fans love today. The only difference is these are all about World War 2. You will take control of a platoon and move them across the maps where headquarters directs you to fight against Axis. For instance the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault sends you through six different missions as Lt. Mike Powell which include places like Algeria and Northern Africa. All storylines in the Medal of Honor series games are true to form as far as where they were and the particular missions you’re on.

Brother In Arms: Road To Hill 30

Brother In Arms: Road To Hill 30This game revolves around June 6th, 1944 when the 101st Airborne were dropped behind enemy lines and had to move through various places in France to eventually defend Hill 30. These are true events that happened and with the Unreal Engine 2.0 the graphics look great. WW2 video games like Brother In Arms gives you ridiculous action with a sentimental value to it as Sgt. Matt Baker thinks back to the ones who were lost throughout the game.

You must maneuver through small towns and open fields to complete each mission. A team of three is given to you as you progress and even an old friend shows up to give you tank support. You will have control over both teams to flank the Germans when necessary. For the eight days it took the 101st to get to Hill 30 it’s filled with enough action to keep you in front of the television. What can we say, World War 2 games can be very addicting.

More WW2 Video Games To Play

While the World War 2 games above will give you hours of great war action, there are others available as well. Games like Battlefield 1942, Day of Defeat: Source, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Hour of Victory, Silent Hunter III, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, and so many more we can’t list them all here. All that a war junkie like yourself needs to know is that there are plenty of games ready to be played. What type of soldier are you going to be? Use the arrows to scroll through the games.