Propaganda Posters in World War 2

Propaganda posters in WW2 were used by every nations to recruit soldiers and influence public opinion. Some of the propaganda posters shown here are reproductions; some are vintage prints – usually, what you get when you purchase a vintage one is the actual propaganda poster that was produced some 60 years ago.

propaganda poster

Here’s a fine example of propaganda posters used during the 1939-1945 war. This one was aimed at general population. People had to know why the sacrifices – everybody knew someone who died or was injured abroad.

Besides, this propaganda poster reminds us how the Second World War truly did benefit the US economy. Producing goods at full capacity helped the country muddle trough the last effects of the Great Depression. In 1942, there were no more unemployed – those who weren’t fit enough to go to the front were working full time at the factory…

propaganda poster uncle sam   propaganda poster ww 2

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