Mountain Climbing – Equipment Advice

Mountain climbing is a great sport and adventurous sport. It is not the job of a novice to climb the tall, steep mountains. Not only does it require intense effort and practice, but it also requires guts to climb over the mountains. If you are planning to start mountain climbing, here are a few pieces of equipment which would be necessary for your adventure. Make sure you get these before climbing and practice thoroughly.

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Gears for safe indoor and outdoor climbing

One should always start with indoor climbing which is climbing on walls. There are different types of climbing equipment that is meant for different types of climbing that you can do. A lot of the gear is the same no matter if your outdoor or at the local climbing wall.

Today many people like to climb on an indoor climbing wall, and there is specific climbing gear made for this type of climbing. Of course the real thing out in nature is also very popular. Regardless, having the right equipment is essential to your safety and your success. Therefore, if you are starting with the indoor climbing, make sure you have the right equipment.

Harness for indoor climbing

One of the first things that you need to consider is a climbing harness, which you can find at a climbing shop. A harness is what every climber would use to have maximum safety and security while climbing. If you take a look at some of the professional mountain climbers, they recommend that maximum attention should be paid to the harness and one should always get the one which fits them the most. A very tight or a very loose one is not recommended.  You should test it out by trying to swing from it and see how it feels while you are hanging in it.

This will enable you to get the right size and comfortable fit. You will be using your harness every time you go for wall-climbing indoors. Make sure that the harness is padded on both the legs and waist area so you will feel comfortable. A harness is fundamental to your safety and success.


Rock Shoes

The type of rock shoes you select should feel good on your feet and fit very comfortably. The rock shoes that you wear will determine how well you are able to climb. Rock shoes vary, and there are many different styles to select. You want your rock shoes to touch the end of the toes. When you twist your foot, the shoe should be able to bend with your foot without any slippage.

The rock shoes stretch so remember when you first start to climb that your boots will stretch this is very important. When you get the right shoes, then you will be able to climb with ease. Test your rock shoes in every way before actually climbing up. Also, make sure that the grip is good and you are not feeling any discomfort in various feet positions.

Hard Hat

A hard hat is one of the most important things you should be getting for mountain climbing. This is because when you are climbing mountains, there is a chance that something could hit your head. If it is something small, it does not matter much, but it could get you dirty.

In case it is a large rock, or it is a case of land sliding, it is a matter of your safety. You can get seriously injured if you are not wearing a hard hat. Therefore, get a hard hat or if you can’t find one, go for a helmet. If you are not climbing a very steep mountain, hard hats may not be that necessary, but the risk of a landslide still exists.


One of the most essential pieces of equipment is lighting. Even though many might not understand why the light is necessary but if you are fond of travelling up in the dark, you would love it. A small flashlight could do your job. Other than that, light can be used in daytime to look for the unusual objects and to look for rock when climbing up.

A flashlight can be used with a hard hat. Make sure your light is enough, and you have fixed it properly on your hard hat or your helmet before you start your climb. Another suggestion is that you always keep some extra and spare batteries in your bag just in case.

Belay Device

You will need a Belay Device, which is referred to as the DMM bug. This is good for all-around use on ropes that are 9.0 mm to 11 mm. If you are going to use a slimmer rope, make sure that your Belay device fits and will be safe for your rock climbing. You should also include a chalk bag and chalk to use while you are climbing. Put the chalk bag on 1.5 mm cord so you can easily reach it when you need to use the chalk. Get the right belay device as your rope will be entirely dependent upon it. Don’t compromise on your quality.

Miscellaneous Items

There should always be some space for the extra accessories. A shoulder bag would be considered as a very ideal one. Carry some common food items or water in that bag. Additionally, you can get some extras too like an extra pair of gloves, socks, etc. Moreover, you can carry some medication or energy drinks so as to keep your stamina and energy levels high. With these many things, you can have some space left in your bag in which you can keep some extra items too.

Other Recommendations for Mountain Climbing

We would suggest to all our readers that they start from basic indoor climbing. Eventually, you can proceed to climbing small buildings like a house. Later on, you can go for small hills or mountains for trekking. Eventually, you will want to climb on the side of cliffs as well as climbing mountains. The experience you get climbing walls will enhance your ability to climb outdoors. However, you need to have extra practice before you go ahead to the professional scale.

You should always make sure that your equipment is secure and in perfect condition before you attempt any sort of climbing expedition. Getting more equipment is not necessary. But getting the right equipment is essential if you want to have a safe climbing experience. We hope you get the right equipment before starting your experience of mountain climbing.