Who Is The Oldest Speaker Manufacturer In The World?

Loudspeakers or speakers have been around for quite some time, accompanying the development of the early telephone in the 1800s. Though the first speakers needed considerable improvements, they undeniably set the foundation for the groundbreaking technology individuals now enjoy in the 21st century in the comfort of their homes, cars, smartphones and is a staple output device for producing sound in high-frequency ranges.

Over recent years, the global audio equipment industry has been experiencing steady growth characterized by the constant increase in the sales of the world’s top speaker manufacturers. Such is mainly driven by innovations in audio technology – with the rapid development of smart speakers and the shift to wireless audio devices, market trends anticipate the demand to grow further to meet consumers’ demand for media consumption.

With speakers being so common nowadays, there are plenty of speaker manufacturing companies in the market to choose from. And smart speakers are even used in advanced IT systems nowadays. Check out how IT experts working at Digital Fire can help you integrate high-quality and secure IT systems into your business.

Check out these pioneering brands that you should consider for your next speaker purchase.

Jensen Mobile Audio (United States of America, 1915)

Jensen Electronics has been a powerhouse of automotive and consumer electronics since its inception in 1915 when Peter Jensen, with Edwin Pridham, invented the loudspeaker and named it “Magnavox.” In 1925, Peter Jensen left the company and later founded Jensen Radio Manufacturing. Nevertheless, Jensen mobile continued to develop and even pioneered in-car audio and video technology through innovating multimedia receivers and amplifiers to work in harmony with their diverse speaker catalog, making it a staple for American households. The entity’s firm dedication and commitment to emerging technologies today focuses on innovations to improve the convenience, safety, and accessibility of in-car entertainment.

In 2015, Jensen mobile audio became a U.S.-based subsidiary of South Korean Namsung Corporation with a promise to deliver revolutionary products through Jensen mobile with the latest technologies in the fast-paced digital age.

Celestion (United Kingdom, 1924)

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A little after it was founded in 1924 by Cyril French and manufacturing one of the world’s earliest cone loudspeakers, Celestion gained popularity in the guitar community for its breakthroughs in manufacturing speaker drivers for the legendary B&W P1 and Spendor BC1 speakers in the ’60s capturing an innovative design and exceptional performance. With decades spent perfecting the technology and mechanisms behind guitar speakers, the company earned its reputation and has since captured the hearts of guitar players worldwide. Even today’s amplifier and cabinet manufacturers patronize the Vintage 30, which was introduced way back in 1930 and continues to set the standard to this day. Today, the company operates under Kinergetics Holdings UK Ltd. upon the latter’s acquisition in 1992.

Bang & Olufsen (Denmark, 1925)

Bang & Olufsen is a speaker brand of Danish origin co-founded by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen in 1925. It is among the world’s top speaker companies with upholding design excellence and exquisite engineering. Many consider the brand as a landmark of technical and design caliber. The Beoplay M5 is one of their most notable speakers, bearing the famous ‘Beo’ prefix that’s still very much in use today since its conception in 1939.

With the help of precise engineering, each component of their products is fine-tuned to produce clarity in voice and yield the best results. Along with their high-end audio products, the company is likewise associated with the electronics industry, manufacturing television, and telephone sets, among many others.

Tulsemere Manufacturing Company / Tannoy Ltd. (United Kingdom, 1926)

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Two years after its inception, the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company founded by Guy R. Fountain changed its name to Tannoy derived from tantalum and lead alloy, the materials used to manufacture its rectifiers. Through the 1930s, the company was well-known as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of loudspeaker systems and audio components for their interventions in automotive audio and mobile public address systems. Several years later, the term “Tannoy” becomes synonymous with public address systems for its efforts to deliver public address systems during famous sporting and state events, especially during wartime. Eventually, in the ’70s, Tannoy becomes a key player in professional recording studio monitoring. With more than three decades of providing Grammy Award-winning artists like Tony Maserati with ideal studio monitors, Tannoy continues to manufacture and serve the public with its highly effective speakers up until this day.

Altec Lansing (United States of America, 1927)

In 1927, James B. Lansing established the foundations for the audio electronics company Altec Lansing. Primarily manufacturing loudspeakers and associated audio electronics for multimedia applications, professional, home, and automotive usage, the company captured the world market through its work with Apple and IBM to create the first computer speakers and docks for iPods and iPhones eventually.

Altec Lansing collaborated with Nick Jonas in 2016 to introduce the next generation of music fans to the company’s innovative efforts in a rapidly advancing digital era. The entity established further strategic partnerships to continue its legacy of connecting people through sound with the help of the NHL’s Rangers and the MLB’s Cardinals, Red Sox, Twins, and more.

As a subsidiary of Infinity Lifestyle Brands since 2012, the company continues to offer sleek speaker designs and wireless systems for more than three decades after their first breakthrough in 1927. It promises to continue doing so in its future product offerings.

Soon after, other current market leaders followed suit, with Pioneer in 1938; JBL, Klipsch, and Sony established sometime in 1946.

Every manufacturer brings a different flavor to the table, and it is beyond doubt that every product is a marvel of years of research and engineering. The choice still depends upon one’s overall preference and style.