What is the Most Affordable Telescope for a Beginner?

The telescope is arguably the best item to have if you are an aspiring astronomer or if you are just interested in space and heavenly bodies. However, not everyone can afford the best telescope, as the one that is built with the highest quality materials would usually go for more than $500, which is quite expensive for beginners.

If you are just going to buy your first telescope, it is best that you purchase the less expensive telescopes and see if the hobby of stargazing is truly the one that would stick to you for many years. But buying a cheaper telescope doesn’t mean that it is supposed to be low quality, as there are many brands in the market that offers high-quality telescopes for an affordable price. Here are some of the best inexpensive telescopes out there that you should buy as a first telescope

Where to Buy
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1.EMARTH Refractor Telescope

Priced at $70, the EMARTH Refractor Telescope is the most affordable in the list, while the other telescopes mentioned are excellent alternatives if you don’t like the features found on this telescope. The refractor telescope made by EMARTH has a 360mm focal length and 70mm aperture, which is enough for beginners to see nearby planets and even the surface of the moon.

The glass inside the telescope has high transmission coatings to brighten up the quality of the image produced by the device. In addition, there are two eyepieces included in each package, and these eyepieces vary in size. One eyepiece is 10mm, which is great for short distance telescoping like bird watching, while the other is 25mm that is perfect for viewing the surface of the moon and other planets in the solar system.

Along with the eyepieces, the EMARTH telescope also comes with an adjustable tripod where you can easily set up the telescope’s height, and a carry bag that you can use if you are traveling with the telescope.

2. ToyerBee Refractor Telescope with Smartphone Adapter

The ToyerBee Telescope has 70mm aperture and a 300mm focal length, which is slightly shorter than the EMARTH, but what makes the ToyerBee different from the EMARTH is that it comes with a smartphone adapter that you can place at the eyepiece so you can take a picture or record videos of the objects magnified by the telescope. To add to the adapter, the telescope also has a wireless camera remote that can be utilized to take a picture with the smartphone without touching its screen.

Furthermore, the eyepieces that the ToyerBee has are the 20mm and 6mm that can be used for either high or low magnification settings. These eyepieces are also exceptional for day viewing, where you can watch birds and other animals while the sun still shines.

The ToyerBee Refractor Telescope is priced at $80.

3. Meade Adventure Scope

Meade is no stranger to the high-quality telescope market, and the company has also started release several affordable telescopes that carry the same quality as their more expensive products, and one of them is the Meade Adventure Scope.

The Adventure Scope has an 80mm aperture that is great for birdwatching and stargazing. Weighing at only 2.8 pounds, this Meade product is truly a great telescope that you can take with you during your adventures, as it doesn’t add any more excess weight while you are backpacking or hiking. Its portability is enhanced further with the help of its included carry bag, where you can also place other items needed for your trip. If you think that the 80mm telescope is too big, there is also a 60mm version that you can purchase online.

The Meade Adventure Scope has a suggested retail price of $88.

4. Gskyer Telescope

The Gskyer Telescope looks similar to the ToyerBee, as they share the same appearance, and they both have smartphone adapters, but the difference with the Gskyer is that it has a 400mm focal length that can produce better images.

Also, the telescope has 25mm and 10mm eyepieces that can be enhanced using a 3X Barlow lens, which is a special piece that increases the telescope’s magnifying power. Besides the eyepieces and the Barlow lens, the telescope also has a 5×24 finder scope that you could use first to locate the object you want to magnify before looking through the eyepiece.

Like the ToyerBee telescope, the Gskyer also comes with an adjustable tripod to place the telescope indoors and outdoors properly, and a carry bag for secure storage.

The Gskyer Telescope is priced online at $96.

5. Celestron Refractor Travel Scope

The most expensive telescope on the list, the Celestron Refractor Travel Scope is priced at $110 that has an 80mm aperture with two swappable eyepieces that are 20mm and 10mm in size.

It also comes with a smartphone adapter like some of the telescopes mentioned above, so you will be able to capture photos of magnified objects in an instant. Moreover, its included carry bag is made of higher quality materials than the ones found on other telescope carry bags, and it comes with an extra compartment where you can place the adjustable tripod as well as other items.

Each package of the Celestron Travel Scope comes with a Starry Night Astronomy Software, which is considered the best computer program to guide beginners and veterans with the intricacies of telescopes, planets, and constellations.

These are just some of the best affordable telescopes that you can buy online and in hobby stores, and there are other telescopes out there that are considered as hidden gems. The five telescopes mentioned above are just the safest options for the beginners, but if you are eyeing other telescopes that are not included in the list, make sure that you have read or watch reviews before making a purchase.