Ultimate Guide to Tool Boxes

A toolbox is a storage unit where we keep, organize, carry, and protect our tools. Toolboxes are one of the essential items for whatever stuff we are doing – carpentry and building, machinery, home repairs, arts and crafts, medicine, and a lot more. We will be in need to carry essential tools so that we can use them in times of need, such as mending holes of a jacket, correcting an electrical wiring, or repairing a damaged brake line in a vehicle. However, this article focuses primarily on tool boxes used in carpentry, building, and machinery.

To carry all of our important tools, a good toolbox is necessary. Tool boxes allow us to transport our tools in one go. They also prevent our essential gear from becoming a source of clutter and accidents, as well as protect them from damage and theft.

The following lists the benefits of owning toolboxes:

  • They help organize our tools;
  • They prevent our tools from getting damaged;
  • They prevent our tools from getting stolen;
  • Since most of the toolboxes are small and compact, they can be stored easily under the workstation table, or inside cabinets, drawers, cars, trucks, etc.;
  • They are highly portable;
  • They allow us to access our tools more easily;
  • They make our jobs easier, faster and, more efficiently because we won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for lost tools or fixing damaged tools.

The types of toolboxes:

Based on the materials used:

  • Plastic – Plastic toolboxes are among the most commonly used types of toolboxes. They are light, efficient, and inexpensive way to keep and organize all of your essential gear. Although plastic is not as durable as the other types of toolboxes, they do not rust and corrode, and they protect tools well from dust and moisture. Because of their lightweight nature, a lot of owners prefer to carry plastic toolboxes because they do not add any extra weight.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is also one of the most commonly used types of tool boxes. They offer complete protection to your tools as they are sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant. Yet compared to other metal-based toolboxes, aluminum is much lighter. Usually, such toolboxes are made of aluminum sheets with a diamond-plated pattern, and there’s a good reason for that. Aside from the aesthetic factor, this type of pattern also provides a rugged texture to aluminum surfaces, thus preventing this type of box from becoming slippery.
  • Steel – Steel is also one of the most commonly used types of toolboxes. They offer complete protection to your tools as they are sturdy and durable, but they are prone to rust and corrosion unless treated with a special coating. Steel is also heavier compared to aluminum, but it offers a tougher space for your tools against harsh weather conditions and theft. If you are looking for extra-heavy-duty storage to keep your valueble work tools, steel toolboxes are a good idea.
  • Stainless steel – Stainless steel toolboxes may have all the things that you are looking for in a dependable toolbox – sturdy, durable and rust-resistant, not to mention having a shiny, virtually mirror-like appearance. However, stainless-steel toolboxes are not very common because most of them are quite expensive. But the high price tag is utterly justified – stainless-steel toolboxes are better than aluminum and steel because they are made of high-quality steel alloy. Because of the better material, stainless-steel toolboxes will continue to look good as new for several years. You may look at stainless-steel toolboxes as a good investment to safely house your essential gear.
  • Wood – Wooden toolboxes are not meant for tougher use and rougher environments. Although some people say that wooden toolboxes would rather be better for ornamental purposes because of their aesthetic nature, they are still used for practical reasons. Of all other types of toolboxes, wooden ones are most susceptible to rotting and chipping, but you can still find expensive and luxurious models made of engineered wood. Most wooden toolboxes are the open, hand-carry types with no lid so that you can have easy access to your tools, but there are wooden boxes with lids and locks, too.

Based on characteristics:

  • Hand-carry – Hand-carry toolboxes are probably the most basic type of toolboxes. We bet most of you own one (or used to own one). Whether you are a professional or just someone who uses a few tools once in a while to repair a broken chair, hand-carry toolboxes will provide enough space for your essential tools.
  • Stationary drawer style – As the name suggests, these toolboxes feature multiple drawers to store your tools and other relevant items. They are not portable as they do not usually have handles nor wheels, although some models do have handles on top which allows one to transport it when needed.
  • Roll-around – Roll-around toolboxes get their name due to the built-in wheels that allow easier transport. No matter what shape, size, or the number of drawers, wheels are the common denominator which leads them to be called “roll-around” toolboxes. There are also roll-around tool boxes whose top surfaces can be used as a workbench.
  • Portable trolley-style – These highly portable toolboxes come in a trolley design, which makes these toolboxes easier to roll and move around. They are compact and flexible, plus they offer lots of storage options from hand tools to larger power tools.
  • Truck-mounted – If you do peripatetic service repairs and carry your tools on your truck or any similar vehicle, truck-mounted toolboxes are the most feasible option. Many truck-mounted boxes are made of different materials, but the most popular ones are aluminum, steel and plastic. Depending on the manner of installation, truck-mounted toolboxes can be cross-bed, top-mounted, side-mounted, and so on.
  • Organizer sets – These options are more of an organizer kit than toolboxes; still they are useful in storing smaller parts such as nails, screws, nuts and bolts, drill bits, etc. They are usually stored inside bigger toolboxes.

How to choose the right toolbox?

Durability – a toolbox should be hard and rigid enough to withstand dents and impacts, especially if you are carrying heavy and sharp tools.

  • Color and coating – all colors and coatings can be considered as toolboxes for domestic or hobby purposes. However, there are specific color coating and codes which are extremely necessary for professional or industrial purposes, as per regulation and safety standards.
  • Storage needs – Storage needs can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the owners. A professional carpenter or builder will need a type of storage that’s different from that of an average homeowner who usually does smaller domestic repairs once in a while. Toolboxes for professionals must have dedicated spaces for bigger power tools and smaller parts and accessories. They should also be ergonomically designed so that they won’t cause extra effort in transporting their tools. Toolboxes for domestic use, on the other hand, are usually basic ones for simple home repairs such as hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, a set of nails and screws.
  • Portability – Most tools are heavy, and if they have to be carried around, then the weight may have to be divided between multiple toolboxes to facilitate transport.
  • Load-carrying capacity – The depth, design, and material of the toolbox are also important as they are good indicators about its load capacity. Most toolboxes come with pre-determined storage capacity to make the owner aware of the threshold storage limit and prevent any kind of accident while carrying and moving. While smaller toolboxes can weigh as low as 5 kilograms, high-end options can weigh up to 50 kilograms, plus wheels for mobility and ease of transport.
Where to Buy
Akro-Mils 9514 14-Inch ProBox Plastic Tool Box, Red
Pink Power Aluminum Tool Box for Tool or Craft Storage - 18 Inch Portable Tool Case with Locking Lid and Extra Storage Compartments
Sainty Art Works 24-701 A Pig, a Hog and a Log Art Deco Fishing Inspired Tool Box
Husky 52 in. 5-Drawer 1-Door Mobile Workbench in Stainless Steel
US Art Supply Artist Wood Pastel, Pen, Marker Storage Box with Drawer(s) (Large Tool Box)
DEWALT DWST24070 24-Inch Tote with Removable Power Tools Case

Check out some of the following best selection of toolboxes:

Based on material:


1. Akro-Mils 9514 14-Inch ProBox Plastic Toolbox, Red

It comes with a steel latch with an oversized padlock eye for easier locking and unlocking, as well as for protection to your tools against weather and theft. The extra-large tray allows you to make space for more tools, while the handle facilitates transport.


2. Pink Power Aluminum Tool Box

Unlike the usual aluminum toolbox with the classic shiny, diamond-plated appearance, this aluminum tool box from Pink Power comes in an attractive pink color. It has a durable plastic top and bottom to help prevent surface scratches. There’s also a removable middle tray that helps separate power tools from hand tools and accessories. Not only it stores and organizes heavy tools, it can also function as a craft organizer. Don’t be fooled by its cute pink appearance, as it is designed for tough jobs. They are mainly made for women who love to tinker with anything from fixing broken bicycles to making arts and crafts.


3. Saintly Art Works 24-701 a Pig, a Hog and a Log Art Deco Fishing Inspired Tool Box

You want a steel toolbox, but you don’t want the same boring solid color design? Then you might want to snap up this artful 16” steel toolbox from Saintly Art Works. The steel latch is plated with nickel and the handle is made of heavy-duty steel. This toolbox’s artwork – inspired by fishing – makes your ordinary work station a bit more interesting.

Stainless steel:

4. Husky 52” 5-Drawer 1-Door Mobile Workbench in Stainless Steel

This roll-around stainless-steel too box has five differently-sized drawers and one door; one of the shelves are adjustable so that you can store more items. There are extra features such. as six electrical outlets and two USB sockets to power and recharge your electrical tools and other relevant gadgets.


5. US Art Supply Artist Wood Pastel, Pen, Marker Storage Box with Drawer(s)

This beautiful wooden box has removable segmented storage spaces to keep and organize your tools. This aesthetically-pleasing toolbox features a classic toolbox design. It is more ideal for storing arts and crafts, sewing and knitting tools, although you can also keep parts and accessories of heavy-duty hand and power tools. It has two locking clasps to keep your essential gear secure.

Based on characteristics:


6. Dewalt DWST224070 24-Inch Tote with Removable Power Tools Case

This highly durable hand-carry toolbox comes with a lid which also serves as a secondary case for power tools and/or parts and accessories. It features a front push-button for easy detatching and attaching of the case to the tote unit. The latches are made of heavy-duty metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Where to Buy
Waterloo Wch-266bk 26" 6-drawer Chest - Black
Tool Box 8-Drawer Rolling 2 in 1 Tool Cabinet With Drawer Removable Tool Box,Keyed Locking System Toolbox Organizer Boxes,Red
Tool cart with plastic drawers, tool box and tool chest
Giantex 49"x15"Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage for Truck Pickup Bed Trailer Tongue W/Lock (49"L)
Deluxe Hardware Assortment Kit with Professional"No Mix" Case (1,300 Piece, 60 Sizes, Nuts, Bolts, Washers & Screws)

Stationary drawer style:

7. Waterloo Wch-266bk 26” 6-Drawer Chest

It features drawers with ball-bearing slides to ensure that the movement is smooth and noiseless as you open and close them, and that they can withstand heavy usage. Unlike the standard stationary drawer style toolboxes, this one comes with heavy-duty handles on the sides so that it can be moved when needed. It can support up to 300 lbs of load, so you can put as many tools as possible.


8. Long World Tool Box 8-Drawer Rolling 2-in-1 Tool Cabinet with Removable Drawer

You have so many different tools you’re using right now. Therefore, you may now need a more comprehensive way to store your tools to allow you to work more efficiently. This tall toolbox offers lots of storage space of many sizes and capacities – a top-box drawer, four smaller drawers, two trays, and one large tool cabinet. The drawers feature heavy-duty ball bearing for easy, smooth and noiseless opening. The tool chest can also be removed and featues a stackable design. As for the body, this toolbox is made of durable steel. This tool box is perfect for workshops, garages, warehouses, etc.

Portable trolley-style:

9. Stanley Tools Tool Cart

This portable trolley-style toolbox features removable containers with a handle on top for a more personalized storage option. This allows you to carry only as many tools as you need. With its heavy-duty 7-inch wheels, you can take your important tools wherever you go, whether on a smooth cemented surface or a rough terrain. The adjustable aluminum back handle enables easy elevation.


10. Giantex 49” x 15” Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage for Truck Pickup Bed Trailer

If you offer repair or construction services door-to-door, or you simply go on a fishing trip as a hobby, you need a basic pickup truck bed storage box to keep all your essential gear. This long and rectangular tool box is made of durable diamond-plated aluminum, comes with two keys which secure your belongings, and two handles on each side for easier carrying. This toolbox measure 49” x 15”, so make sure that your pickup truck bed can accommodate it.

Organizer sets:

11. Jackson Palmer Deluxe Hardware Assortment Kit

Working with tools without the essential hardware parts and accessories makes it difficult for you to complete whatever project you have. The problem with these parts and accessories, though, is that they’re so small that they tend to get scattered and lost. This assortment kit from Jackson Palmer allows you to keep and organize parts and accessories and to do your work more efficiently in the process. Each interlocking kit has smaller compartments so that you won’t have to end up making a confusing mix of your essential hardware bits and pieces such as nails, screws, hex nuts, bolts, washers, etc. You can store up to 1,300 miscellaneous parts in this nifty storage option.