Must-Haves for Camping Trips

Camping is one of the world’s favorite outdoor recreational activities. It’s a fun way to experience and explore Earth’s natural surroundings. Although, as much as camping allows you to enjoy the outdoors at your leisure, it can also expose you to some of nature’s most dangerous aspects. What you pack for your camping trip can undoubtedly affect your comfort and experience; bringing the wrong gear may give you a terrible time.

Listed below are the must-have camping essentials to bring on your trip:


It’s essential to pick the right tent to bring during camping trips. A good tent is weatherproof and requires minimal effort to set up. The type and size of the tent will depend on the space needed and the size of your group.

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First Aid Kit

Many things can go awry during a camping trip. Be prepared for cuts, splinters, blisters, and other much worse injuries with a well-prepared first aid kit. Be sure to keep one inside your daypack so you can take it out in case of an emergency.

Filtered Water Bottle

It’s imperative to have a reusable, high-quality filtered water battle during a camping trip. You can easily refill it at water spigots without having to worry about the cleanness of the source since it eliminates 99.99% of the waterborne amoebas that, in contrast, will make you sick. You can even safely secure water right from a river or stream. 

Sleeping bag

Sleeping outdoors will be more comfortable if you’re inside a season-appropriate, waterproof sleeping bag, especially since it’s sometimes hazardous to camp without a sleeping bag to give you ample warmth.

Emergency Paracord Bracelet

The Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet is an essential tool to bring into the wilderness. Aside from the 12-foot long paracord, the emergency bracelet also has a small knife, a fire starter built-in, a compass, and an emergency whistle. It’s also very inexpensive and adjustable for any wrist size. 

Solar lantern

Bringing a solar lantern is especially essential during fire bans when you only have the moon and stars to light your path. In addition, a solar lantern requires no electrical source or battery charging, making it a great gadget to bring on your camping trips.

Solar Phone Charger

You won’t find a lot of power outlets while outdoors. Having a solar charger that can charge your electronics just with the sun’s power can help you go through your camping trip without draining out your devices.

Hydration Daypack

Use a solid daypack to stay organized. Pick one that won’t hurt your back and is designed for day hiking. Also, be sure to choose one that’s lightweight and can keep you hydrated enough for a couple more hours.

Camping stove

Having a camping stove allows you to conveniently cook your meals, especially if there are no grills at the campsite. This camping stove by Coleman is easy to set up, made of high-quality materials, lightweight, and very affordable.

Quality Cooler

Choosing what food to eat and how to keep it from perishing is one of the most troublesome parts of camping. If you’re planning to bring a gas stove or if there’s a fire pit on the camping site, bring along burgers, hot dogs, or anything else you would like to cook for dinner. For your breakfast, yogurt with granola or bacon and eggs are some excellent combinations. It would help if you packed in all the perishable food you’re planning to eat in a quality cooler that’s filled with ice, along with a spatula and metal tongs.

Camping Parachute Hammock

There’s no better feeling than resting in a hammock under a shade at the end of a very long hike. This parachute hammock is easy to clean, portable, quick-drying, and lightweight. All you have to do is look for the perfect trees, and you’ll have a great set-up in no time.

Windproof Travel Umbrella

Getting caught under a rainstorm while you’re camping can be frightening without the proper rain protection. But with a quality windproof umbrella, you’ll be prepared regardless of the weather condition. This compact Windproof Travel Umbrella is at only 12 inches when collapsed, weighs under a pound, and has a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Deodorant Wipes

You may not be allowed to shower as frequently as you do at home when on a camping trip, and you will likely get stinky and sweaty. Rather than worrying about your fellow campers smelling your odor, you can carry a pack or two of deodorant wipes. Use them while you’re inside your tent or the restroom, and with just one wipe, you’ll stay stink-free and refreshed.

Hand Sanitizer

During your camping trip, you might not have access to running water as much as you have at home, but keeping your hands clean is still necessary. Bringing a hand sanitizer on your trip allows you to clean your hands no matter the remoteness of your location.