Must-Have Boat Covers and Accessories

We all know how fun it is to go on a sea cruise, exploring the sea, and enjoying some quality time with the family. Stepping foot on a boat and taking it out for a ride on the waves is one of the things truly worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime. 

One common thing used for both a car and a boat is a cover. A cover that protects against external forces safeguarding the surface and what’s inside. It holds down everything in place and covers it entirely to keep it safe and secure from the outside factors that can cause potential harm to it. 

After placing the cover, it is tightened and fastened to the bottom to ensure that it stays locked in and tightly secured. Sometimes, you have to buy straps separately to attach the cover onto the boat. 

We’ve made a list of cover accessories that you can benefit from to secure your boat when it’s not in use. 

Where to Buy
YYST Bimini Top Strap Boat Top Strap Bimini Awning Straps W/Stainless Steel Pad Eyes and Hardwares
Vico Marine BV 2BLK BoatVent II - Black
Seamander Boat Cover Tie Downs Tightening Straps (Tightening Straps, Male+Femal(1
AIRHEAD SUP Suction Cup Tie Downs, 2 pk
Universal Boat Adjustable Storage Cover - 16-18.5'L to 98” Fishing Boats Protection Custom Heavy Duty Waterproof Weather Resistant Polyester Fabric Air Vents, Elastic Cord, Bag - Pyle PCVSPB332
RainMan S Waterproof Heavy Duty 210D Boat Cover Trailerable Fishing Ski Bass V-Hull Tri-Hull Runabouts Black
Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy Duty Center Console T-Top Roof Boat Cover
NEXCOVER Boat Cover, Waterproof Heavy Duty Boat Covers Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover Fit V-Hull, TRI-Hull, Pro-Style, Fishing Boat, Runabout, Bass Boat, Storage Bag and Tightening Straps Included
iCOVER Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover, Fits 17 to 28ft Long & Beam Width up to 102in Pontoon Boat with Storage Bag
LEADALLWAY Boat Cover Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Cover Marine Grade Trailerable,Fits V-Hull Tri-Hull Runabouts and Bass Boats
Seamander Heavy Duty Waterproof Trailerable Boat Cover Fit V-Hull Tri-Hull Fishing Ski Pro-Style Bass Boats, Full Size
Boat Center Console Cover Medium Size 600D Blue Heavy Duty Waterproof Cover
Pelican V- Hull Boat Cover, Heavy Duty Waterproof UV Resistant Marine Grade Polyester Fits Models BP10/BC10 - Fishing Boat Mooring Cover - PS0662, Blue


Our Top Picks for Boat Cover Accessories

1. Yyst Bimini Boat Top Strap With Loops

This adjustable boat strap is made of the best nylon webbing and stainless steel material that you can adjust easily to 96 inches. The stainless steel 304 snap hooks are UV resistant and can last for a long time. 

It is easy to use without a hassle, as you only have to make the loop meet the single snap-hook from the other end.

2. Vico Marine Bv 2BLK Boat Vent II

Vico Marine is one of the best and most used boat covers. It is like a mini tent and helps protect the boat against heavy snow and rain, among other factors. The marine boat vent allows great airflow within the cover and offers excellent ventilation while keeping your boat well covered. 

3. Salamander Boat Cover Tightening Strap

Salamander tightening straps allow you to secure your boat surface. It is made from the finest polypropylene material and has a superior build quality, and works with all the 1-inch webbing loops and buckles. 

Moreover, you can attach it to any boat cover that you want. If you are not satisfied with this product for some reason, you can get a full refund from the company.

4. Airhead Sup Suction Cup Tie Down

These suction cups are great for applications like mooring and where it is difficult for you to tie the cover down using traditional tie-downs. These suction cups stick to smooth fiberglass surfaces of boats, SUPs, cars, and campers. 

The cups are activated and deactivated with the help of a mechanical level.

5. Universal Boat Adjustable Storage Cover

You can use this waterproof protective boat cover for several kinds of boats. It is a full cut which gives extra room for accessories like bow rails and running lights. It is made and designed with hurricane fabric for extra durability and all-weather protection. The cover also comes with a storage bag made from solid polyester material. 

Water is not the only enemy for your boat, but also too much sunshine, which can cause damage to your boat’s paint. But with this cover, you don’t have to worry. It is also mildew and UV resistant that can provide the best protection against sun damage.

6. RainMan S Waterproof Heavy Duty 210D Boat Cover

This boat cover is made from waterproof solid and heavy-duty oxford fabric. It doesn’t shrink or stretch. It has a double polyurethane back coating that gives maximum protection from UV rays and also protects from fading.

It has a quick-release button and an easy-to-handle watchband, which you can also fold easily for storage. The cover is designed for long-term storage, mooring, and travel; hence it will last you for a long time.

7. Classic Accessories Stormpro Heavy-Duty T-Top Boat Cover

The StormPro boat cover is made for center console styled boats with T-Top roofs with a 20-22 feet long boat length and a beamwidth of 106 inches. It is a heavy-duty cover designed for long-term storage and comes with a buckle-strap system to easily hold itself in place. 

The adjustable strap snaps into a quick-release buckle on the cover. It comes with a five-year warranty, so if something happens within five years to the surface or the cover, the company will take care of it.

8. Nexcover Waterproof Heavy-Duty Boat Cover

This boat cover is waterproof and made from heavy-duty marine-grade 600D polyester material with a double coating. It can resist the water pressure of 2000 PA due to the double-stitched seams with reinforced straps that help minimize water entrance from the stitching. 

Moreover, this cover is very thick and is excellent for resisting ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It is also a great option in repelling rain, preventing wear and tear, and cracking from the cold. 

9. Icover Trailable Pontoon Boat Cover

This boat cover is made from 300D Polyurethane coated polyester of marine-grade with waterproof materials. It is tear and UV-resistant and fits 17 to 28 feet boats, with a beamwidth of 102 in pontoon boats. 

It has a heavy-duty electric cord sewn around the hemline for a secure and tight fit. The transom flap covers the tie-down area and holds it down for extra protection. This type of boat cover is excellent for storing and mooring the boat in the water or land.

10. Leadallway Heavy Duty Boat Cover

This boat cover by Leadallway is also made from 600D Oxford fabric material and is very tough. It will not stretch or shrink and is usable in all weather conditions, and comes with an excellent ventilation system. 

It also has an integrated strap system that allows for easy fitting and excellent transportability. The boat cover is adjustable and is fixed with quick-release buckles sewed on it.

11. Salamander Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover

This cover is made from the finest marine-grade polyester and can withstand heavy rain, snow, wind, and other chaotic weather conditions. It uses an innovative textile process that includes 2-thread stitching to ensure that the water doesn’t get in.

The Salamander cover comes in six different sizes and multiple colors, which means you can get the one suitable for your boat.

12. Budge B-150-X8 150 Denier V-Hull Boat Cover

The Budge B150 boat cover provides lightweight protection to your boat and is made from the best water denier polyester material. It is strong enough to withstand rain along with other weather conditions. 

This boat cover offers excellent UV protection, which can help keep your interior safe and free from fading. It is made from breathable fabric that prevents the condensation from accumulating, preventing rust, mold, and fungus from spreading.

13. Boat Center Medium Size Console Cover

This boat console cover was made using the best waterproof oxford material, which is also UV resistant. It is very easy to clean and protects against bad weather conditions. The boat’s center console cover is made of precision two-thread stitching that is strong enough and firm at the seams. 

In short, it is durable and will give you long-lasting protection.

14. Pelican V Hull Boat Cover

Pelican V Hull is made from heavy-duty and breathable materials, which are also UV resistant. It protects your boat from the sun’s harmful rays and has an elastic cord at the bottom to fasten the boat’s cover securely. 

This cover works well on the Pelican model Predator 103 and its other models. Before buying, ensure that the size of the boat cover fits your boat.

Boat Cover Accessories – Essentials for a Boat

Owning a boat is just like owning a car, which means it requires a lot of maintenance, especially always being in the water. The better the accessories, the better it looks. The boat cover is an essential accessory to have on a boat as it protects your boat from the water, debris, and ultraviolet radiation. 

Therefore, you should get the highest quality boat cover that fits your boat and protects everything on board along with the right set of accessories.