Must Have Basic Golf Equipment for Beginners

Try swinging a golf club or two and launch that ball on just the right spot – you’d indeed find yourself wanting more. Such is the unique feeling of fun that playing golf can give. Seeing golf players swinging their clubs for the first time in their simple yet dignified golf attires, you’d probably think that the sport might be a little intimidating. Or, the sport may be too ‘expensive’ for you. But, golfing is a gratifying sport that anyone with the right resources and enthusiasm can learn and enjoy.

Like in any other sport, starting on a new sport/hobby entails many things to consider. Sometimes, when a person is really into it, it would require them to throw in some cash to achieve the necessary preparations. Starting your golfing hobby is the same. You not only have to understand the fundamental mechanics of the sport, but you also have to know the must-have equipment for golfers and their purpose. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. This article will explore the necessary equipment for golfing that you should know, as a beginner, about this fantastic sport.


As a beginner at golfing, you have to own a set of golf clubs. It may sound simple, but honestly, finding a golf club that suits you, let alone a set, can be a bit challenging. Two questions: Do you need to purchase a whole beginner set, or do you want to assemble your own?

A vast array of options is available online, at your local store, or even from seasoned golfers. If you opt for the first choice, it is a good idea to consult a golfing buddy first, and who knows? Maybe he knows someone who can sell you a second-hand set of golf clubs. 

Assembling your set will also work, especially if you do not have the resources just yet. When collecting the golf clubs, you must be keen on some essential details on the club to make your money worth it. Remember that investing in the right set of equipment will determine your experience with the sport.

When purchasing your golf club, look for

Types of gold clubs. The Drivers, Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges, and Putters are the primary types of globe clubs. Each of these clubs has a particular purpose. For instance, golfers use drivers to hit the ball off the tee. On the other hand, they use putters to make short and low-speed strokes when rolling the golf ball into the hole from a bit of distance.

Cavity-backed iron. A seasoned golfer buddy would suggest that you opt for a ‘cavity-backed golf club. Unlike the traditional golf clubs or blades, this newer version is more forgiving and easier to handle – perfect for beginners like yourself. 

Shafts. The golf clubs’ shaft influences your swing. These shafts come in different types according to stiffness. Choosing a golf shaft with more flex will be your best option at first. You can replace the shaft when the time comes that you are confident with the progress of your swing speed.

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You will also have something to put your golf clubs to when going to your favorite golf course. You can’t carry loads of golf clubs in a bundle that doesn’t only look ridiculous but also impractical since you risk damaging your equipment along the way. Find yourself a golf bag where you can organize your stuff as you begin your golfing hobby. You can choose either a carry bag or a cart bag.

Carry bags. These are pretty convenient to use as they are lightweight and easy to carry on your back for short walks along the course. They also have legs, so you can stand the bag up as you make stops to hit shots. 

Cart bags. Cart bags are your choice if you anticipate riding in a cart for most of the time in the golf course. They provide more space for stuff since they are slightly larger than carrying bags.


While you can use a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt on a driving range, note that most golf clubs require dress codes. Not only that, but each golf club has its unique dress code, which you ought to observe. The most common golf attire staples are as follows.

For men

  • Collared golf shirts
  • Long pants with belt loops
  • Dress shorts
  • Rain jackets
  • Belts 

For women

  • Golf-shirts (acceptable level of modesty)
  • Dress shorts
  • Rain jackets
  • Golf skirts
  • Capris


Most people probably think that golf shoes are just fancy things made up by elite golfers. But golf shoes are an integral part of the whole golfing play – physics-wise. Golf shoes help provide traction when making your shot. Since golf courses are made of greens and grassy surfaces, wearing a regular pair of shoes might result in accidental slides and slips.

As a beginner, choose golf shoes that provide both grips to the surface and comfort to the feet. You wouldn’t want to have sore feet every after playing golf! Water-resistant shoes are also a must for both beginner and seasoned golfers. The squelching pair of wet socks is a total cringe, even in imagination.


Get yourself several golf balls that suit your ability. Not all golf balls are the same, although an outsider may think otherwise. You may use a two-piece ball with a solid rubber at the center and a surlyn shell in your early golfing rounds. These balls are sturdier than the three-piece ones in professional golfing. Losing several golf balls over your early months in golfing might be an issue; hence, you might want to purchase second-hand golf balls that come at a lower price. It can save you a hefty sum.