Helpful Off-Grid Gadgets

Going off-grid is a whole new experience for most people. The grid – primarily electricity – is such a part of life that the thought of living without it can be daunting, at best. However, the prospect can also be surprisingly freeing.

One way to cope with the differences in living on grid and off grid is to have a variety of useful gadgets that work off grid but bring in the convenience of on-grid living at the same time. Make it easier to live unplugged with these unplugged items. Some of the best gadgets for off grid living include:

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Bluetooth lantern
Camping coffeemaker
Coleman Propane Stove
Portable Wood Stove

1. Bluetooth lantern

Use this 25w wireless lantern indoors or out to provide mood lighting and whatever music is currently the favorite. Clear treble accompanies deep bass to play up to 10 hours in a row, after charging for only three hours. A 3.5mm auxiliary cable can connect other devices, if Bluetooth is not available.

2. Camping coffeemaker

Set this delightful little drip coffeemaker on the camp stove’s burner, fill with water and ground coffee, and enjoy a nicely brewed pot of coffee wherever.

3. Camp stove

Camp stoves have different types, two of which include a propane stove and a wood stove. A portable version of one of these can be very useful for living off grid.

4. Coleman Propane Stove

Two burners are protected by panels that keep wind from being a problem when cooking with this handy camping stove. Propane can be provided by using small cylinders or larger tanks (both types sold separately).

5. Portable Wood Stove

This wood stove includes a set of steel pipes to make it usable even inside a tent. The flat surface is made to use for cooking, which allows users to both cook and heat an area at the same time.

Communication device

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Beartooth Smart Walkie Talkie
Composting toilet
Hydration backpack
Portable cooler
Power bank
Propane refrigerator

1. Beartooth Smart Walkie Talkie

Use already existing cell phones to connect even without cell service or wifi with this convenient device. Compatible with both Android and iOS, one device on each smartphone will allow them to connect with each other directly.

2. Composting toilet

While a flushing toilet is convenient, being connected to a sewer system is not always possible and having a septic tank is not always preferable. Installing a composting toilet allow for the convenience of a flushing toilet without the requirement of either hookup. It only needs to be emptied about every 4-6 weeks, depending on how many people are using it.

3. Headlamp

Hands-free light can make it much easier to do things after the sun has set. While a handheld flashlight will give as much light (or more, in some cases), it requires a hand to be occupied with the light. A headlamp shines in the direction the eyes are looking, offering a much more convenient beam of light.

4. Hydration backpack

Two liters of water can be easily carried in this hydration backpack. The durable zippers keep in the water while the Velcro pocket is easy to access. Reflective strips allow others to see the wearer even when it is darker outside.

5. Portable cooler

Carrying cold items along when leaving home or when leaving a campsite and keeping them cold is much simpler with a handy cooler bag. This insulated bag not only makes it easy to carry up to 40 cold cans, its insulated leakproof sides collapse once it is empty for easy storage.

6. Power bank

A 20000mAh fast charging power bank can keep a variety of devices at top capacity. It easily fits into a pocket to have available at any moment.

7. Propane refrigerator

Most people assume that a refrigerator requires electricity, but a propane-powered refrigerator will serve the purpose of keeping up to ten cubic feet of food chilled without the need to plug it in.

Satellite phone

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GPS Communicator
Satellite Phone
Solar charger
Solar cooker
Solar lamp
Solar powered workspace
Wonderwash washing machine

1. GPS Communicator

Made by Garmin, this device offers map and GPS information as well as satellite messaging (with an account).

2. Satellite Phone

A phone that can be tied into the satellite provides voice calls as well as messaging, no matter where in the world one is found. A satellite subscription is required, which can be prepaid.

3. Solar charger

This power bank is powered by four solar panels that collect the sun’s radiation up to a 35800mAh capacity. Up to three devices can be charged at the same time.

4. Solar cooker

This solar cooker and Dutch oven kit is made to aim at the sun wherever it is to provide the best cooking energy as long as the sun is visible.

5. Solar lamp

An adjustable solar panel can be placed to soak up as much solar radiation as possible while the remote controlled lamp can hang wherever it is needed nearby.

6. Solar powered workspace

This table doubles as a solar power collector, which can also charge devices as long as the sun is visible. Things can be stored under the table as well as using the surface for writing or setting items.

7. Wonderwash washing machine

Five pounds of laundry can be easily manually washed in this hand-crack washer. No electricity needed to clean all sorts of garments. Only uses a small amount of water to complete the process.

Of course, there are a number of things that can be included in a list of off-grid gadgets that come in varieties that do not require power to begin with, such as basic tools such as shovels, rakes, hammers, wheelbarrows, saws, tractors, rope and chain, measuring tape, sockets and wrenches, level, and miscellaneous hand tools. While these things are not normally electrically powered, they can still be considered helpful gadgets for off-grid living.