Guide to Solar Power Chargers for Laptops

Suppose you’re working on a project or trying to complete a deadline in your home office, and your laptop battery goes low. Then, all of a sudden, there’s a power outage and you can’t charge your laptop. 

Or imagine chatting with your friends or sending work e-mails while in the middle of a camping trip. However, you forgot to load your laptop power bank (when you should have done it back home), and it could charge your device with only a little power left, if there’s any at all. And since you’re out, you cannot find an electronic socket to plug your charger and power your laptop. Although these things rarely happen, it’s possible. That’s why it’s wise to be prepared should the inevitable happens.

Or if you’re on the go and power may not be readily available, or you’re working on a sunny day at the park or on the beach, and you need some extra “juice” for your laptop.

There’s one solution to all these situations: a solar-powered charger for your laptop. All you have to do is to expose it to sunlight and let it gather all its energy to power up your laptop. A solar laptop charger is beneficial for bloggers, writers, video editors, content creators, etc., who take on adventures and write about them, or for people who simply want to work in a new environment.

This is how a solar-powered charger works to power your laptop:

  • Put the solar panel in direct sunlight.
  • Plug one end of the DC cord into the solar panel.
  • Plug a suitable adapter at the other end of the DC cord.
  • Plug the adapter into your laptop.

You can also use a solar power bank specifically designed to charge your laptop.

USB Type C grey cable being connected to the laptop.

Advantages of using a solar power laptop charger

There are several benefits of using a renewable energy source, such as solar energy, to charge your laptop (and other devices).

Renewable, clean, quiet, and free energy source

One of the best things about solar energy is that it’s renewable. It’s also free; you can find it anywhere, so you do not have to pay. Just place your solar laptop charger under the sun and let it gather all its energy. Once the charger is powered up, it’s ready to charge your laptop.

Traditional energy sources, particularly fossil fuel (such as oil, petroleum, and coal), are excreted from the earth, are not renewable, and are harmful to the environment. Besides, the excreting processes require heavy machinery, which makes so much noise. So, we can see electricity generation using such energy sources increases environmental and noise pollution.

On the other hand, electricity generation from solar energy does not harm the environment. In addition, solar chargers get their power in the form of sunlight, so there’s no need to use heavy machinery. So, obtaining the energy source from the sun is virtually noiseless.

Capability to use during a power outage or in an area with no electricity

A solar power charger allows you to charge your laptop in the event of a power outage or in an area without electricity. Whether using your laptop while on a picnic, camping or doing fieldwork, you can use a solar charger to deliver power to your device.


The standard charger that originally comes with your laptop upon purchase may be portable, but is not suitable for outdoor use. On the other hand, solar power chargers for laptops are designed to be easily carried and stored anywhere.

With a solar power charger, you can charge your laptop whether you’re on a camping trip or traveling. You can also use it while working in the garden, porch, or sunroom. Really, you can use the solar power laptop charger no matter where you use it.

Reliability and safety

One of the great things about solar power laptop chargers is their reliability. A standard laptop charger converts the alternative current (AC) into direct current (DC) to power your laptop. It’s because your laptop has a DC battery. 

On the other hand, using a solar power charger for your laptop does not require such conversions, as solar panels always supply pure direct current. Thus, not only is a solar power charger reliable, but it is also safe as it can prevent damage to your laptop.

Mobile battery with solar panel

How to get the best solar power charger for your laptop?

As with choosing the best solar charger for phones and other devices, selecting the best solar power charger for your laptop is pretty tough. A pool of various options makes choosing the most suitable charger even harder.

But don’t fret. Here are a few parameters to consider and help you make a shortlist among various options. 

  1. Watts – One of the most critical elements to consider when shopping for a new laptop is the power output. Chargers with a highly efficient power output will ultimately provide high power output. The power output capacity varies from one charger to another. Also, you should seriously consider the input power. Some solar power chargers have a built-in integrated circuit (IC) chip to protect them from overcharging and overheating the laptop.
  2. Charging time – The time it takes solar-powered chargers to get a fully charged laptop varies from one solar panel to another. Some chargers take about two hours to charge a laptop completely.
  3. Portability – As you intend to take your laptop anywhere, portability is also crucial when looking for a solar power charger. Solar-powered laptop chargers should be easy to carry, store, and transport. It should also be durable and weather-resistant. Ensure that your current laptop meets your requirements before considering a solar power charger.
  4. Ease of use – A good solar-powered charger should not be complicated to use. Fortunately, almost all solar power chargers for laptops are easy to install and require only a simple operation. All you need to do is to expose the charger to the sun, and it will start charging in no time. However, consider other factors as well, such as protection from overheating and overcharging, multiple ports, compact design, etc.
  5. Surface area – While a solar power charger will keep your laptop powered, especially when you need it most, you have to ensure it doesn’t take up a lot of space. You should consider a solar power charger that’s compact enough to fit into your bag or backpack.


If you’re considering getting a solar-powered laptop charger, that’s a great idea. You will have an alternative way to power your laptop in case of a power outage or use it as your primary power source for your laptop when traveling or on an outdoor adventure. Investing in solar technology to generate electricity and power your devices will help you save money and the environment.