Guide to Solar Charger Power Banks

When you’re traveling or just out of the house for work and errands, it can be quite frustrating when your devices blank out due to a drained battery. A power bank is the most obvious solution to this, but these also require regular charging themselves. This is why many people are considering the convenience of solar power banks along with solar power chargers.

There are several kinds of solar power banks in today’s market, so it can be a challenge to pick just the right one. In order to get the perfect solar power bank for your needs, we’ve put together a guide to set you on the right path. Let’s first discuss why we should opt for solar power banks and how to go about choosing the best one. We’ll then check out some of the best solar power bank options available online right now:

Why We Should Get a Solar Power Bank

Many people are now considering many green power options, whether it’s in their homes or smaller options for their mobile devices. If you can’t afford to get a solar power grid for your house, the next best thing could be a solar power bank for charging your smartphone and other devices. This will save you from using regular electricity for your charging purposes, helping you do your part in saving the planet. Another green option could be a hand-cranked phone charger, but this would take some physical effort each time you want to use it.

Additionally, solar chargers are a reliable and effective means of backup power. These are an efficient kind of technology that you can charge both through solar energy as well as in the usual way with a power socket. Even if you don’t have enough sunlight to charge your solar power bank, the electricity source could also be of use. Solar power banks are also good for traveling purposes. You can charge your power bank when on the go, which is a convenient option at any point.

Choosing the Best Solar Power Bank

Before you purchase your solar power bank, it’s essential to consider the points about each option. he following factors can help you decide on the best choice:


Any power bank worth buying should be portable; otherwise, there wouldn’t be much sense in it. Some solar power banks might be bulkier than others, so you want to reserve those heavier ones for shorter distances and commutes. if you plan to take your power bank with you on your travels to another country or even another city, go for a lighter option.

Charging Time

Unfortunately, solar power banks can take quite a long time to get a full charge. If you have easy access to sunlight, this might not be a big deal. However, before buying a solar power bank, double-check its charging time. Some of the more decent varieties take around 30 to 35 hours to get a full charge, so ensure that you’d be able to manage that on a regular basis.

The battery conversion rate is also important when we’re talking about the charging capacity of a solar power bank. You might have to utilize an adapter to quickly charge your bank after it’s 50 percent charged.

USB Ports

The number and size of USB ports on your solar power bank will determine how many devices you can charge at a time. Having several ports might be useful if you want to get some juice into your smartphone and tablet simultaneously. If you’re traveling with a partner, multiple USB ports will mean that the two of you can share one power bank.

Battery Capacity

Along with the charging time, you also need to consider the kind of battery capacity you need. Solar power banks with high battery capacities would usually cost a fair bit more. However, it’s worth shelling out the extra cash if you have large devices like an iPad Air to charge on the go.

Panel Size

There are several panel sizes that come with a solar power bank.  Some might be bigger than others, so your choice again depends on how portable and compact you need your power bank to be. If you’re not too enthusiastic about lugging solar panels wherever you go, these rechargeable batteries might be a better option. 

The Top Choices For Solar Power Banks

Where to Buy
Nekteck 10000mAh Solar Power Bank
The FEELLE Solar Power Bank
Qi Portable Solar Power Bank
Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Solar Power Bank
ZeroLemon 26800mAh Solar Power Bank

There are several kinds of solar power banks on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Below are some of the best choices you can make in terms of these products, though the final choice will depend on your specific needs:

Nekteck 10000mAh Solar Power Bank

With a 10000mah battery capacity, Nekteck 10000mAh Solar Power Bank has a design made especially for travelers and commuters. The lithium polymer technology maximizes its battery lifespan, so you can go on your outdoor excursions without worrying.

There’s also integration with the sunlight due to the high efficiency of the solar panels for this power bank. You may expect around a thousand recharge cycles with this option, all protected by the anti-explosion technology. The lithium-polymer also ensures fast charging, so you won’t have to wait very long.

The covers of this solar power bank ensure that it’s protected from shock, water, dust, and anything else that could threaten it outdoors. The LED lights will also help us out in a tight spot.

We can get all this at a very reasonable price, so consider this choice if you’re on a budget. there’s an anti-explosion warranty in place, so you know you’re getting a quality deal.

The FEELLE Solar Power Bank

This solar power bank boasts one of the highest battery capacities on the market, so consider purchasing this if you have to use this item a lot. The features here are quite impressive, especially the 24000mAh Power battery. What’s more, the battery here is made of an eco-friendly Li-Polymer, making this a greener choice than many other. if you have an iPhone 6, this power bank can charge it fully around ten times. The iPhone 7 will charge about nine times, while an iPad Air will charge three times.

The solar panels on this power bank are quite large, meaning that it can charge your devices quite fast when paired with a good adapter. Charging with sunlight alone can take quite some time, but it is possible. The three solar panels are highly efficient, making the charging speed three to five times faster than its competition.

We’re especially impressed by the USB ports here, which are waterproof. There are only two though, so you won’t be able to charge many devices at a time. However, charging two devices at once should be quite enough for most people.

There’s also a bright flashlight with LED lights here, which boast three modes for your different needs. The strobe and steady light modes will help you out in navigating, while the SOS mode will be handy in an emergency.  

Qi Portable Solar Power Bank

If you’re looking for a powerful backup solution while camping or hiking, this soar bank is one of the best bets so far. Reviewers of the Qi Portable Solar Power Bank say that it’s more than just a power source, so let’s take a closer look at what this option offers.

First off, this solar power bank is compatible with several kinds of devices, including the most recent models of the iPhone. It’s also compatible with the high-end Samsung Galaxy phones as well as any Qi-enabled device. Secondly, the material is sturdy enough to withstand some rough usage, which is inevitable when you’re outdoors. The compact design is a nice touch, as you’d want the power ban to easily slip into a pocket in your jacket or backpack. If you’re outdoors for photography purposes, these portable power options might also be a logical choice.

Furthermore, this power bank is constructed from premium fireproof ABS, with a premium lithium polymer battery. Both of these are durable, so we don’t have to worry about jostling this battery about. The outer layer is both shockproof and dustproof, which should further set our mind at ease. The ports include both USB and type C kinds, while the compass kit and two flashlights equip you for your outdoor needs.

Unfortunately, you can’t use solar power charging as the only power source for this option. You will need to invest in some form of adapter in order to make the most of this power bank.

Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Solar Power Bank

This particular power bank is one of the most stylish options out there. There are times when you need to make an impression, such as when you’re in your workplace or traveling abroad for work purposes. With this option, you can go for any kind of activity without worrying about running out of charging options for your devices.

Overall, this power bank will charge your phone eight to ten times, while your tablets can be charged three to four times for around 9 days of use for each charge. There are four solar panels with this charger, each of them portable and quite efficient. They have up to 1A input current when place under strong sunlight, making their performance several times faster than many other solar power banks. Alternatively, there’s a micro-USB cable included for the regular kind of charging.

We also have a Dual 2.1A USB port here, meaning that we can charge a couple of devices at the same time. This would be 1A high-speed charging, so you’re in good hands with this choice. Moreover, the whole power bank is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. It might be stylish, but the construction is rugged enough for general outdoor use as well.

ZeroLemon 26800mAh Solar Power Bank

If you’re looking for a portable solution above all else, this ZeroLemon solar power bank could be the answer. This is one of the more portable external battery solutions you can find that also utilizes solar power. The lemon-colored cover provides a unique and attractive look, but it’s still strong enough to withstand shocks.

The ZeroLemon solar power bank is also compact and lightweight, making it a good choice for any outdoor trip. There’s even an external hook so you can attach it to the outside of a backpack. This way, you’d have it on hand for a quick charging session or when you want to use the LED flashlight.

With the three USB ports, we should also be able to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The large battery capacity will ensure that the charge won’t run out too quickly. However, there are some complaints about the top caps that cover the USB ports. Some users say that these aren’t too secure, so you’ll have to be careful with this feature.


Finding the right solar power bank might be an overwhelming task when you look at all the options available in the market these days. However, you would have some specific needs and requirements in mind, so jot them down and check them off when you consider the different choices. Take your time with the research and while making the decision, as a solar power bank can come at quite a high price. However, the investment is well worth it if it brings you peace of mind and makes your travels hassle-free.