Guide to Revell Aircraft Models

Revell is a manufacturer of plastic scale models that originated in America and is currently based in Bünde. This company has managed to make a name for itself despite having many competitors. Of the many scale models that Revell produces, it is quite well-known for its small-scale aircraft that are designed with precision and skill. Depending on the use, you can find small models and larger ones as well. 

Revell has a considerably extensive catalog, which includes models as old as 1/72 World War II planes. Almost all of the models are beginner friendly and inexpensive. Additionally, they are detailed and have enough accuracy to resemble the actual plane, and you can tell them apart from others. 

History of Revell Aircraft Models

A hand playing with a model airplane

Revell began producing plastic model kits in the 1950s and quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of plastic model kits in the United States. The company’s early offerings included a wide variety of subjects, including ships, cars, and aircraft.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Revell became well-known for its highly detailed and accurate aircraft models. The company produced a wide range of military and civilian aircraft kits, including models of World War II fighters and bombers, as well as more modern jets and helicopters.

In recent years, Revell has continued to produce new aircraft model kits, including modern military jets, historic aircraft, and civilian planes. Many of these kits feature high levels of detail and accuracy and are popular among model builders and aviation enthusiasts.

The company has also successfully entered the RC toy market and has extended its business portfolio to include remote-control products. Their models are attractive and easy to use, making them perfect for those new to model planes and RC toys. The design of each model is impressive and combines unique features to give each model its own unique touch. The RC toys are usually made to be 1:14 and 1:18 scale. With these products, Revell has made a name for itself in the industry. 

Revell has also made a name for itself by producing models of famous movie planes like the Star Wars X-Wing fighter, Millennium Falcon, and Star Trek USS Enterprise, and also collaborated with NASA to produce space-related models.

Revell’s Quality

Since Revell is in the business of making plastic models, the quality of its products is essential. When purchasing kits, modelers pay special attention to the quality of the plastic. Some kits have perfectly molded structures but do not fit together well or have bad engineering. 

Revell is known to have clean models, and all of its designs are sharp, which allows them to stand out among its competition. Many of their airplane models have accurate shapes and dimensions, enabling them to resemble the actual aircraft closely. Additionally, the company pays special attention to engineering details, which means you are likely to find small details that enhance the look and likeness of the model. 

Revell’s Parts Fit

A critical factor of model kits is that all the parts fit together effortlessly to provide a secure model. Revell model airplanes are designed to fit together perfectly, meaning you don’t have to put in a lot of effort and force to get the parts to clip together. Just with dry fitting, you will be able to tell how good the fit of every piece will be.

Revell achieves fitment capabilities in order to allow their customers to concentrate on other activities such as painting and making its backdrop. If you purchase a Revell model airplane, you will be saved from spending hours trying to assemble the kit and making it look like the original aircraft. 

Types of Model Airplanes Based on Kit

Hands working on a model airplane kit

When purchasing a model airplane, it is essential that you are aware of all the different kinds available on the market. This allows you to consider your purpose so you purchase one that best fits your needs. Due to the large number of airplane kits available, focusing on the model type can significantly help streamline your choice. Here are all the different types of model airplanes that you can purchase.

Diecast Models

If you are looking for an airplane model that looks exactly like a real aircraft, you should look no further than diecast models. They are replicas of real airplanes and are made using metal. They are highly detailed and accurate models that allow it to look exactly how the plane looks in real life. 

Diecast airplane models make for great collectibles, and they are also durable. You can find diecast models of airplanes in various sizes. The size you end up choosing should be based on the amount of detail you want to see and the amount of space you have to display the model.

Plastic Models

Plastic model airplanes are some of the most common types of model airplanes available on the market. Due to their plastic nature, they are much cheaper and come in various styles and sizes. They are an excellent option for those just starting out in model airplanes or are on a budget since they are inexpensive and durable. 

Wooden Models

Wooden models are high-quality replicas of real airplanes made of wood. Depending on the quality of the model, they can be highly detailed and look just like the original model but in wooden form. Wooden models tend to be more expensive than plastic models. Still, they are also fun to build and make for excellent collectible items. 

Scale Model Kits

These kits are designed to replicate a real-life aircraft in a specific scale, such as 1/72 or 1/48. They are popular among aviation enthusiasts and builders who want to create a highly detailed and accurate replica of an aircraft.

Snap-Together Kits

These are the simplest type of model airplane kits and are designed for beginners. They consist of pre-painted plastic parts that snap together, requiring no glue or paint.

Glue-Together Kits

These are more advanced than snap-together kits and require the use of glue to assemble the parts. They may also require some basic painting and detailing.

3D Printed Kits

These kits are made by 3D printing technology. They are becoming more popular, as the technology is advancing and the cost is becoming more affordable. They offer a high level of accuracy and detail but require some post-processing before building.

Tips To Consider When Buying a Model Airplane

A hand playing with a model airplane outside

When purchasing a model airplane, it is easy to get absorbed into how much the model resembles the original version. Still, there are many other factors that you should take into account. Model airplanes are treasured by collectors due to their exclusivity and influence on the history of aviation. Due to this, you must purchase a model airplane that fits your needs. 


When purchasing a model plane, you must pay attention to the material that the model plane is made of. There are many different materials that model planes are made of. One of the most common materials is wood. Even within wood, there are several different kinds that can affect the final build. High-quality model airplanes are usually hand-carved using mahogany or other solid-grade wood. After the carving process, they are painted and decorated to resemble the original plane. 

Other model planes are made using wood frames with canvas stretched over it. These are hand-assembled and were common in the early 20th century. If you are looking for a low-maintenance model, you should ideally opt for a plastic one. They have a lot of details and are built with every specification in mind.

Choosing the Right Model Aircraft

When purchasing a model aircraft, it is also essential to consider the model of aircraft that you are purchasing. If you are interested in aviation history, chances are you want a particular model, such as a military aircraft, civilian aircraft, or space-related model.

To be able to choose the right model aircraft, you must know about the aircraft and its intricacies. Knowing whether it was a military, commercial, or civilian aircraft is also essential. Possessing this knowledge will help you purchase an authentic model instead of a cheap copy.

Additionally, you should also think about the size of the finished model and where you will display it. Some models can be quite large, so make sure you have enough space for it.


When purchasing a model airplane, you must purchase a durable one. If you buy a fragile model plane, you will end up breaking a part of it every time you pick it up. To avoid it from cracking or breaking apart, choose one made using durable material. Also, ensure the material is strong enough to withstand falls on the concrete floor. If you choose plastic, make sure that it is of high quality. Otherwise, it will snap if you handle it too roughly or accidentally drop it. 

Instructional Manual

If you decide to purchase a model airplane that comes in a kit and requires you to assemble it, purchase one with detailed instructions. The entire process should be detailed, so you do not have trouble putting it together. Additionally, it is best if there are pictures as it gives a much clearer idea of which part goes where. 

Ease of Assembly

Another essential feature you should be aware of is how easy the model plane is to assemble. This feature also depends on whether you are a beginner or a professional. If you are just starting out with model building, you will prefer easy models with a detailed instruction manual. On the other hand, if you are a professional, you will most likely be familiar with all the parts and know where they all fit in. In such cases, you can go for more challenging builds. 

Generally, it is always a good idea to pick a model airplane that is easy to assemble so that you can pay attention to other features. These include painting and making it look as similar to the plane as possible. 


Before you purchase a plane model kit, you must pay close attention to the accessories that come with it. Ensure that they are all relevant and complete. Accessories that come with the plane have the power to add detail to the aircraft and have it resemble an actual plane. Due to this, the accessories must be high quality, accurate, and easy to fit into the model. 

It is also important to know if the brand has availability of spare parts in case you need to replace or add parts to your model.

Difficulty Level 

When purchasing a model, you must choose one with the right difficulty. If you are a beginner, you should buy an easy-to-build, low-difficulty aircraft. These do not require much skill and are appropriate for beginners. You can also start with a snap-together or glue-together kit.

If you are more experienced, you may want to purchase a more challenging set like a  balsa wood or vacuum-formed kit so that you can test your skills. Here are all the difficulty levels.

Difficulty Level  Description
Level 1 They are very easy to build and do not require glue or paint.
Level 2 They require glue to assemble and paint for finishing touches. These kits usually have less than 100 pieces.
Level 3 These are moderately difficult kits and have over 100 pieces.
Level 4 They are advanced models and have extra-fine detailed pieces. Such kits have over 100 pieces.
Level 5 These kits are designed for expert modelers and include detailed elements that are sometimes moving. 


1. What paint is used on Revell airplane models?

Revell airplane models use synthetic resin enamel paint. They are provided to you in 14ml tinlets and can be brush painted. 

2. What are Revell models made of?

Revell models are mainly made using plastic and diecast. The company produces a variety of aircraft, ships, cars, and military vehicles.

3. What is the best kind of glue to use with Revell models?

If you are building a Revell model, you should use Revell Contacta Professional glue. This is the company’s own glue that allows you to attach the plastic pieces with extreme precision. The glue is designed to give you pinpoint, accurate bonding, which will help you stick your pieces with no issue. 


Revell is a huge company that has been making plastic model planes, cars, military vehicles, and more since the 1950s. The company is well known for using high-quality materials to produce some of the best model airplanes that look identical to the original plane. These kits are straightforward to put together and have many minute details that help them look realistic. 

When purchasing a model plane, you must pay attention to the material, durability, ease of construction, and instruction manual to ensure you pick the right one.