Guide to Revell Aircraft Models

Growing up, everyone was fascinated by fast cars and aircraft. For this reason alone, our parents would do anything to get us remote control cars and all that stuff. Today, not only remote controlled cars but flying drones and aircraft are also available in the market. Part of the reason we tend to be such a big fan of aircraft is that we saw them pretty much in every movie while growing up.

For every model you saw in any Hollywood movie, it was a 90% chance that Revell was the manufacturer for that model. Revell specializes in manufacturing aircraft models, cars, and many other items. You name an aircraft and they will most likely have a replica of it. Therefore, if you are a collector or someone who has always been as fascinated by aircrafts as us, you need to give this brand a try. Let’s dig a bit deeper into what this manufacturer has to offer along with certain important considerations for you to be aware of before choosing one.

Important Things to Consider when buying an aircraft Model

Consider Safety

If you are planning to buy an aircraft model for your kid, you need to be careful of the materials it is made of. Typically, aircraft models have sharp edges that can easily hurt an individual. For this reason alone you need to choose something that is safe for the kid to play on a regular basis. Furthermore, aircrafts models are not meant to be stored in a plastic container for life. Instead, kids tend to take them out and play with them whenever they have the chance.

Since kids will always be kids, they can leave their toys unattended on the floor and if a model tends to consist of sharp edges, someone might accidentally step on it, leading to an injury. Therefore, before selecting a particular aircraft model for your kid or even yourself as a collector’s item, make sure that it is safe for you as well as your kids to handle.

aircraft model-jpeg


Regardless of whatever reason, you intend to purchase an aircraft model, you should ensure its durability. If you have kids in your house, chances are that they will play with it almost on a daily basis. Therefore, they will be dropping, smashing, and colliding with other toys as well. As a result, you need to be considerate about the quality of the product and its durability. It should be tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday usage. Furthermore, if you plan on placing it somewhere in the house for decoration purposes, make sure that its paint does not fade or the model itself does not catch rust, etc.


Although your budget may restrict you from buying the best quality aircraft model but it can help you in many ways to secure the best possible option as well. Depending on your budget, you can narrow down your list of options and compare the features and specs. Aircraft models are offered in several varieties. From World War II to modern era models, you can find almost every replica of all the aircraft that we have seen.

Depending on the features and uniqueness, a World War II aircraft model might be more expensive than a modern era aircraft. This puts you in a tricky situation of deciding between the two. However, it all comes down to your preferences and taste. Those who love old-school raw aircrafts will always prefer World War era aircrafts. Whereas, those who are into much-sophisticated technology and machines will ofcourse choose a modern era, aircraft models.

Benefits of buying an aircraft model

airplane scale model-jpeg

It encourages creativity and imagination

You might have seen kids playing with aircraft dummies or models many times. It often makes us wonder as to what is keeping them entertained. Believe it or not, it is their imagination and creativity. Kids think and imagine without any strings attached. They have no limitations and restrictions. This gives them the freedom to think and act in any way they choose to do. Therefore, when you see them playing with aircraft models, they are flying them up and down while running and smashing it against the floor to display a dramatic descending scene.

For adults, it might be pure entertainment but in reality, this process encourages creativity and imagination. At such a young age, kids are neither aware of the consequences nor the side-effects. They are simply imitating what they had seen in movies. Imagination and creativity are crucial to a child’s mental development. Therefore, make sure that you encourage and promote the process rather than putting it down.

It keeps your child healthy

As mentioned earlier, kids are usually seen running up and down the stairs or outside in the playground with aircraft models in their hands. This is a great way to get your kid to exercise. It refreshes your child and puts the body to the test. Some kids tend to be anti-social. They do not settle well with other kids. This encourages loneliness and depression. Therefore, if you were to buy him/her a toy that allows them to use their imagination, creativity, and physical skills, they are going to love it. Once they have developed sufficient skills and are ready to move to the next level. Get them a remote-controlled aircraft.

Where to Buy
Revell Stuka Ju 87G-1 Tank Buster Plastic Model Kit
Revell 04945 1/144 Boeing 777-300ER
Revell B17G Flying Fortress 1: 48 Scale
Revell Corsair F4U-4 1: 48 Scale
Revell 03944 - P-51D Mustang 1: 32 Scale
Revell 1:48 SBD Dauntless
Revell 1:48 Spitfire MKII, Multi-Colored


Recommended Products

Revell Stuka Ju 87G-1 Tank Buster Plastic Model Kit

The Revell Stuka JU 87G-1 Tank Buster is Amazon’s choice, to begin with. It is also one of the top-selling models of Revell, which comes with a 54-piece model kit. It is the perfect model for your aircraft collection. Furthermore, the model features 2-underwing 37mm BK cannons, pilot and co-pilot figures along with a 4-piece canopy section. Lastly, the kit is colored light grey colored with the paint and glue sold separately.

Key Features:

  • Amazon’s bestselling aircraft model
  • Made from plastic

Revell 04945 1/144 Boeing 777-300ER

This Boeing 777-300ER aircraft model by Revell showcases extremely fine details. It all begins with the finely structured surfaces with recessed panel joints to give it strength. The windows are transparent whereas the engine nacelles are detailed to perfection. The fully rotatable engine intake fans along with the fully detailed undercarriage highlights the amount of perfection and skill sought to create this model. If your kid is into large commercial aircrafts, this might be the perfect thing for him.

Key Features:

  • Perfect structure
  • Extremely fine details

Revell B17 Flying Fortress 1:48 Scale

The Revell B17 Flying Fortress 1:48 Scale is delivered in 148 parts and allows your kid to put his creativity to the test. Furthermore, the parts come in black, silver, and clear color with raised panel lines to give it the exact same look like the original aircraft. In addition to that, the landing gear, gun turrets, and wheels are detailed along with full interior flaming to make it a proper flying fortress replica. If you were to observe closely, you will see controls, seats, a detailed cockpit, and several other fine details incorporated into the model.

Key Features:

  • Silver and black color parts
  • 148 piece model

Revell Corsair F4U-4 1:48 Scale

The Revell Corsair F4U-4 1:48 Scale model is a single rotating propeller model that features gear bay open doors and retractable landing gear with a moveable tail hook. Furthermore, it is meticulously recreated with highly detailed parts to provide optimum perfection. The original Corsair was the last propeller-driven fighter made in the U.S. It had proved to be a huge success in the Korean war.

Key Features:

  • Single-rotating propeller
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Moveable tail hook

Revell 03944-P-51D Mustang 1:32 Scale

The Revell 03944-P-51D Mustang 1:32 Scale model contains 165 pieces and is a replica of one of the most legendary fighter planes of the second world war. It allowed the USAAF fighter pilots to protect the bombers throughout the entire flight. Furthermore, it is made from high-quality materials making it a tough aircraft model meant for lasting years to come.

Key Features:

  • High-quality construction
  • 165-piece model

Revell 1:48 SBD Dauntless

The Revell 1:48 SBD Dauntless is a stunning replica model, beautifully scribed with impressive details. It comes with retractable landing gear and moveable wing flaps as well. Furthermore, it includes a deck handler, gunner, and signal officer figures. It is a reasonable model for experimenting with different painting techniques. Considering its features and quality, it is an ideal model for your kid to play with.

Key Features:

  • Retractable wing flaps
  • Impressive details

Revell 1:48 Spitfire MKII

The Revell 1:48 Spitfire MKII is a multi-colored model that features a highly detailed aircraft with an accurate instrument seat, panel control stick, bulkheads, and rudder pedals. In addition to that, the canopy can either be closed or opened as well. It comes in 34 parts with olive drab and clear with panel lines that are fine raised. The aircraft in reality was so deadly that it had a ratio of 10 to 1 in the skies over England. The Russian Airforce used these aircrafts in their battles and came out extremely successful.

Key Features:

  • 34-piece model
  • High-detailed interior

Final Word

When it comes to creating replicas of some of the most legendary war aircrafts, Revell simply excels in every aspect. Its products offer high-quality materials and durable pieces to work your way on models as many times as you want. If you are looking for the perfect Revell aircraft model you could choose any of the mentioned above or, go with our recommendation.

Revell 1:48 Spitfire MKII,  the easiest to assemble and is multi-colored. Whether it is your or your kid’s first time assembling an aircraft model, we will recommend this as the simplest Revell aircraft model to work on.

However, if you something more professional, we will recommend the Revell B17 Flying Fortress 1:48 Scale. It is a 148-piece model that gives you more freedom and a better assembling experience. Moreover, you can paint different parts of the model according to your liking to make it look unique and creative.