Guide to Picking a Carrier for your Dog

Walking your dog is frequently a relaxing exercise. It helps the two of you connect and keeps your dog friend content. However, there are instances when just walking your dog on a leash is not an option. For instance, you wouldn’t want to walk your dog on the lengthy journey there if you were going camping or hiking. Anyone who has tried it before is aware of how difficult it can be to train a dog to cooperate. 

Many pet owners consider a carrying bag to be a must-have because they can use it for trips to the veterinarian, extended trips, or a day out on the town. You probably need a carrying case if you’re moving, going on vacation, or just want to take your pet with you to the store. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a carrying case for your pet since we’ll help you choose the greatest one.

Qualities of High-Quality Dog Carriers

Dog carrier, Dog in a travel bag

You don’t want to spend money on a dog carrier only to have to shop again after a few outings. It’s tempting to be carried away by stylish and attractive designs. If you know what to look for, it’s not difficult to identify a solid and long-lasting dog carrier. To assist you, we’ve listed a few of the most crucial items to look out for when shopping.

1. Material

Pay particular attention to the carrier’s building materials. You want to get something that will hold up for a respectable amount of wear and tear. Because of this, it is often a good idea to keep an eye out for sturdy materials like polyester and fleece.

The finest dog carrier to choose is one that was made with breathability in mind. This is especially valid in the summertime. Keep in mind that your pet will spend a lot of time inside the bag, so choose something that will provide exceptional comfort. A machine-washable material can make cleaning easier and more practical, though it is not required.

2. Built-in Leash

Your dog is kept safely inside its carrier thanks to a built-in leash. A leash guarantees that your pet won’t tumble, slide, or jump out of its holder, even if you have a boisterous dog. Also crucially, you won’t have to worry about your excitable dog pal planning an escape.

3. Closures

It’s important to keep your dog secure inside its cozy carrier. In motion, a puppy who is disturbed may jump out or fall out of the bag. Any dog owner would not want their pet to go through this.

Closures provide additional security in addition to the built-in leash. They can take on a variety of shapes, such as zippers, buttons, or Velcro. When your pet is inside the bag, these can assist keep it partially closed. Skip the zipper closures if your pet has long hair to prevent hair catching and pulling. On the other hand, carriers with buttons and snap closures are simple for rambunctious dogs to escape from. Understanding your dog’s personality is essential for this reason.

4. Adjustable Straps

Tiredness can result from carrying your dog all day, but backpacks with adjustable straps can make it easier to carry your dog while relaxing. Find companies that sell choices with a variety of adjustable straps. These often contain metal rings or plastic buckles that allow you to periodically adjust the straps’ height and length.

5. Style

The obvious step after taking into account the aforementioned elements is to select a dog carrier design that will suit both your dog and you. A variety of styles were created keeping the owners’ individual fashion senses in mind. But the most crucial point to keep in mind is this. No of the final style you choose, it’s critical to get a durable dog carrier. Never choose style over practicality when it comes to your canine companion.

Types of Dog Carriers

Let’s get things started by discussing the various dog carrier options. Basically, you have two choices: dog carriers with hard sides and dog carriers with soft sides. To help you choose the best one for you and your dog, here is all you need to know about these two.

1. Hard-sided Dog Carriers

Hard-sided dog carrier, Hard dog carrier

If you want something more robust and tough, a hard-sided dog carrier might be your best option. Typically, wire or plastic are used to make them. Another form of hard-sided option is a heavy-duty metal dog carrier, but these are extremely uncommon.

Advantages of using hard-sided dog carriers include the following:

  • A lot of plastic dog carriers are accepted by airlines
  • Climates that are humid or hot are ideal for wire dog kennels.
  • Pets find it challenging to escape from plastic containers since the interior walls are firm and slick.
  • Wire choices offer great airflow, especially for dogs with long coats and other breeds which tend to overheat easily.
  • Wire crates provide excellent vision so that you can readily see your canine companion.
  • Options made of plastic and wire are both simple to clean and dry out.
  • Sharp fangs or claws cannot easily hurt them.

On the other hand, disadvantages of using this kind of dog carrier include:

  • Because they are often heavier, hard-sided carriers are not appropriate for strolling, mounting on bikes, or lifting into and out of vehicles for rides.
  • Poor airflow is provided by plastic choices.
  • A timid dog may feel excessively exposed and even chilled when around wires. In a wire carrier, your dog has a higher likelihood of whimpering.
  • Dogs with intelligence can find out how to escape wire carriers, especially since the latch systems are typically easy to operate.
  • Options for wires may be noisy.
  • Carriers made of plastic have poor visibility.
  • The inside of dog carriers made of wire and plastic are not particularly cozy.
  • The least attractive things you can put your dog in are hard-sided dog carriers.

2. Soft-sided Dog Carriers

Dog carrier, Soft dog carrier

Pet parents prefer soft-sided dog carriers, and there are numerous reasons for this. They provide greater comfort and are the preferred option for storage and transportation. They do, of course, have a few drawbacks, but their benefits make them the better choice.

Advantages of using soft-sided dog carriers include the following:

  • As far as storage options go, this is a great one. Many types can fold up into small sizes, which allow them to take up relatively little room when not in use. When not in use, they don’t take up a lot of room in your house or car.
  • Soft-sided choices are highly portable for both long and short-distance travel because they are so light.
  • Compared to the plastic alternative, they provide more air circulation.
  • Because of their padded interiors, soft-sided dog carriers are more comfortable to use.
  • Since they are frequently less expensive, these solutions are simple to replace in the event of damage.
  • They come in a variety of hues, tones, designs, and patterns. If you like stylish or fashionable dog carriers, take this into consideration. Whatever your way of life, you are sure to discover something that fits both your needs and the personality of your pet.

On the other hand, disadvantages of using this kind of dog carrier include:

  • Cleaning the carrier can be challenging, particularly after a bathroom issue. Additionally, many soft-sided dog carriers’ fabric and foam take longer to dry than hard-sided alternatives.
  • They are reasonably simple to open. A canine pal with cunning can find out how to open the carrier and get out. This can be avoided by incorporating a tiny lock into a double zipper design.
  • They are prone to damage, especially if your dog chews and scratches frequently. Your best bet if your pet has a propensity of shredding things is a plastic or wire container.

Different Styles of Soft-sided Dog Carriers

1. Folding Dog Carrier

If you find that storage is a problem for you, folding dog carriers are a perfect solution. These alternatives are made to compact into smaller bags for easy storage. The tear-proof nature of many acceptable carriers in this category ensures that your dog won’t simply rip the bag. Look for products that have superior ventilation provided by a perforated design.

Consider a solution with a leash to keep your dog safely contained in its comfortable folding carrier. When selecting a size, keep in mind your dog’s weight. Thankfully, there are types that collapse and have a load capacity of up to 80 lbs.

2. Travel Dog Carrier

You need a carrier that can withstand shocks and bumps if you want to take your dog along for automobile rides. You should seek out versions with particularly durable outer shells, especially made of PVC. A military-grade carrier will give your pet almost the same level of security as a conventional dog box.

A travel dog carrier should also have flexibility and tear-resistant foam as additional benefits. It is easier to transport a lightweight carrier, especially if it includes over-the-shoulder straps. Look for car seat carriers if you would rather have a collapsible or folding option that can attach to your car seat.

3. Airline Dog Carrier

The functions of airline dog carriers are indicated by their names. Even though it is not recommended, you can use almost any dog carrier for any purpose, but you cannot do so if you intend to take your pet on a flight. If you want to fly, you must purchase an option that has been approved by the airline.

You should look for models with features that will make dog’s time in the bag enjoyable because your dog will spend considerable amounts of time in an airline dog carrier. A great feature is an entrance made of mesh or netting. This will ensure that there is enough airflow throughout the journey. Another excellent choice is an airline dog carrier with a side or front pouch. The bag can hold supplies or personal items for your dog.

4. Bike Dog Carrier

Are you planning to ride a bike? You don’t need to send your fur baby away. A high-quality bike dog carrier that is attached to your bicycle gives your dog a clear view of the stunning surroundings. Smaller dogs are most suited for bicycle dog carriers. In any case, when selecting this kind of carrier, it is crucial to seek for models with extra-durable bottom construction. The weight of your dog will be adequately supported by this.

Choose one that has strong straps that won’t readily come off your bike. Great choices for straps include nylon and Velcro. Another great item to look for in a bike dog carrier is a safety leash to restrain your dog.

5. Fashion Dog Carrier

If you appreciate stylish and contemporary dog carriers, this category is for you. These alternatives are created by manufacturers to mix practicality and style. Who thinks wearing a dog carrier makes you appear badass? If you intend to take your dog with you on walks, flights, and vehicle journeys, think about a multi-purpose type.

If you walk your dog a lot, look for versions with rubberized wheels and an extensible handlebar. With these qualities, you are less likely to become tired from carrying your dog’s weight around.

If you don’t want a trendy dog carrier with wheels, an over-the-shoulder strap will make it convenient to carry it around. Similar to a conventional dog carrier, a tough-shell option might offer additional protection. Some models can collapse and be easily stored when not in use.

6. Backpack Dog Carrier

Thanks to backpack dog carrier designs, you can travel with your dog on your back. To keep your dog comfortable on your back, these alternatives often include strong straps and some type of ventilation.

These carriers are fantastic because many of them double as backpacks and duffel bags. The carrier’s straps are adjustable, and it may be worn as a backpack or duffle bag thanks to its reinforced handlebars.

Watch for models with strong zipper closures. This will guarantee that your dog stays inside the bag. Additionally, a mesh pattern will improve breathability. If you intend to use a backpack dog carrier for travel, make sure it includes this feature. If you like the idea of taking your dog out in the weather, look for a model with waterproof design.

7. Handbag Dog Carrier

If you prefer luxury bags for your dog, you might find what you’re looking for in a handbag design. Similar to stylish dog carriers, handbags allow you to carry your four-legged pet while maintaining your fashionable appearance. Options with mesh side entrances provide better ventilation. Your dog can observe what’s going on outside the carrier in addition to having access to air circulation.

Your dog won’t feel confined within the bag thanks to some models’ adjustable sun-roof cover. Look for handbag-style models with built-in leash holders if you favor that design. This safeguard will prevent your dog from leaping or tumbling off.


A different kind of dog carrier is needed when you take your dog on a long journey than when you see the vet. The same guidelines apply when driving and strolling with your dog. While a dog carrier is unquestionably a useful addition to your pet collection, there are many factors to take into account while picking the best one for your canine companion. Hopefully, one of the above-mentioned options caught your eye. You can easily transport your pets anyplace with the help of all of these. We hope the products we shared may you in your search for the ideal pet carrier.