Why You Should Have a Hand Crank Generator for Emergencies

If you are building your survival or emergency disaster kit, you must consider buying a hand crank generator. Other than a bit of elbow grease, it doesn’t need a power source to power your electronics. No matter if you’re on a camping trip or expecting a major storm or hurricane that will surely knock out power, these devices can help keep your electronics charged up.

Advantages of Portable Hand Crank Generator

1. It’s handy for those traveling to places that don’t have electric power.

Crank chargers can help power up your cell phones, flashlights, GPS, radios, cameras, and more. It’s a great device to bring on an off-the-grid vacation where there are no power lines and outlets you can charge on. You probably did not go on a wilderness vacation to just use your phone and have it battery-drained, but it’s a godsend when it comes to emergencies, and in case you get stranded.

2. It’s helpful in cases of natural disasters.

In case of an earthquake, a tornado, or hurricane, the hand crank generator can make a difference between life and death. When electricity is down, you can generate your own power to contact 911, family, friends, or rescue groups.

3. It’s a great addition to your emergency supply and survival kit.

For emergency and survival preppers, a hand crank generator can be an asset. It must be included in every 72-hour emergency survival kit as a backup after all your batteries and power banks have run out of power.

4. It’s a good alternative for solar-powered chargers.

Solar-powered generators don’t work at night or in the shade, especially when it doesn’t have a battery for storing harvested power. The hand crank generator can work anytime, even during the night or in bad weather, when the sun isn’t available.

5. It doesn’t pollute the environment.

Gas-powered generators produce smoke or a bad odor that pollutes the environment. This won’t happen with a crank generator since you’ll be using your hands and arms to crank and create energy.

Where to Buy
K-Tor PS2 USB 1 AMP Hand Crank Generator
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Hand Crank Generator Essentials

When you look for a hand crank generator, look for specific equipment that can be sufficient and useful for your survival kit. Here are some of the hand crank generators you can use:

Hand crank generator

K-Tor PS2 USB 1 AMP Hand Crank Generator

A hand-crank generator is a great option if you need a multi-purpose tool to use in survival situations. Most people consider emergency generators that run on gasoline and can power the entire house, and that’s wise because this type of generator can run your lights, water heater, and kitchen appliances. Hand crank generators can’t do that, but it’s smaller and more portable. Also, it can be brought anywhere without creating smoke or pollution to make power. For camping and hiking, getting a hand-crank generator can be handy for powering up your small devices, especially your GPS device and phones.

Hand crank short wave radios

Running Snail Emergency Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM NOAA Solar Weather Radio

When compiling your survival kit, you have to make sure you have a radio. A radio is a critical tool whenever you find yourself in a dangerous or emergency situation. When the power goes out, a radio could provide access to essential updates about weather, power outages, road closures, or other emergency information.

When your power goes out during a storm, you won’t have access to television or the internet. News agencies can be affected by these outages as well. But the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration offer a network of shortwave radio frequencies that can withstand nature. And besides radio, these things also come with built-in tools like a flashlight and USB charger.

Shortwave radios powered by a hand crank have built-in batteries. To charge, you need to turn the cranking mechanism to generate energy. The excess energy is stored in the battery so you can charge your other devices, such as phones, tablets, smart watches, and headphones. Whether for safety or entertainment, these devices are important during an outage.

Why Not Get a Battery-Operated Device Instead?

For people considering options for a hand crank device, one question that always pops up is that “Why would I settle for a generator that might tire me out when I can purchase a battery-operated power source instead?” Yes, it’s easier to use a battery-operated device, rather than power your devices or equipment manually.

However, the downside with these kinds of devices is that you have no idea when they are going to die. Just because it didn’t die the last time you used them doesn’t mean it won’t die within an hour of your next catastrophe. The natural remedy to that is to bring additional batteries, but it can weigh you down significantly.

Imagine having to put different kinds of batteries in your devices and bring this with you wherever you go. Then, imagine that you have to bring at least one backup set of battery for each device. You’ll add a few extra pounds to your survival kit. Wilderness campers or hikers can’t afford to carry all these weights. Also, you’ll never know how long you’re going to be out of a power source. With hand-crank equipment, you won’t worry about this since you’ll have unlimited power.

Also, batteries can leak and expire, rendering them useless. Imagine opening your survival kit during the time when you need it, only to discover that the acid from the batteries has leaked all over your device. It’s not just the batteries that won’t work – your device will be useless either. It won’t be a problem if you use hand crank chargers instead.

Does It Really Work?

Due to advanced technology nowadays, it’s sometimes hard to believe that a hand-cranked charger will still be useful. After all, we have power banks, portable battery-powered chargers, and solar chargers, which all doesn’t need human effort to produce energy to power a single phone. At first, cranking can seem fun, but after sustained effort, your hand gets sore. Your arms can get tired, and your patience can get shorter.

Despite these, a hand crank charger is a dependable power source. It’s amazing if you really think about it – it helps you have the ability to make electric power on your own. It may not be ideal to use at all times, but it works.

A hand-crank charger is best served for the purpose the inventors originally envisioned – as an emergency charger for when you are cut off from all power sources for days at a time.