What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit

The most important thing to have during an emergency (and in your bug out bag) is your first aid kit. Inevitably, you or someone you come across will need first aid treatment. This makes packing your first aid kit extremely important.

What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit

The Essentials

Typically, most injuries will not be life threatening so you need to be prepared for cuts, scrapes, rashes, etc.

  • Bandaids – all shapes and sizes;
  • Gauze – pack lots for all the cuts that bandaids can’t heal;
  • Tape – medical and duct tape can come in handy for holding the gauze or creating splints;
  • Instant Cold Packs – will come in very handy if you twist or sprain your ankle;
  • Athletic bandages – holds the cold packs in place;
  • Scissors and tweezers – perfect for cutting the bandages, removing slivers, etc.
  • Antihistamines – allergies are the worst so be prepared;
  • Pain killers
  • Isopropyl alcohol and antibiotic ointments – ideal for cleaning wounds and preventing infection;
  • Poison ivy wash – it won’t kill you but poison ivy will make surviving more challenging, so be prepared;

The Extras

If you have some additional room in your first aid kit or BOB, consider packing the following:

  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Flashlight with batteries;
  • Water purification tablets;
  • Flares;
  • Mylar blankets – they are waterproof and warm – may very well save your life;
  • Thermometer – you will be able to tell if someone is getting a fever.

As mentioned, a properly packed first aid kit or BOB is incredibly important. The items listed above will come in handy during an emergency situation.

Recommended Products

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Renegade Survival First Aid Kit
Swiss Safe Compact First Aid Kit
Survival Work and Home First Aid Kit
Ready America Four Person Emergency Kit
Survival Claw Small First Aid Kit and Emergency Survival Kit
Rescue Guard First Aid Kit
Protect Life Complete First Aid Kit
Thrive First Aid Kit
SHBC Compact First Aid Kit
Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit


Having a first aid kit is important so we can be prepared in case of emergencies. However, packing your first aid kit can sometimes be a daunting task because you need to find and purchase each item needed to complete the kit. But if you do not have much time to do this, it’s fine because you can purchase first aid kits that already include the important things you need. If you want to find one, here are some of the best ones we can recommend.

1. Renegade Survival First Aid Kit

This survival first aid kit is great to bring on camping and hiking or you can also just keep at home. This first aid kit was custom designed by request of Elite military units who desired a more compact and light kit for their field operations. It is also a first aid kit that is approved by emergency nurses and medics.

2. Swiss Safe Compact First Aid Kit

This is a strong and durable first aid kit that will keep you and your family safe and secure. It is also compact, lightweight, and portable, enabling it to fit into backpacks or car glovebox. It contains 200 pieces of first aid essentials such as bandages, cleansing wipes, shears, tweezers, gauze pads, cotton balls, tape, wound dressing, gloves, safety pins, and CPR face mask. It also comes with a comprehensive first aid booklet that has 18 pages to guide and help you correctly administer first aid in different situations.

3. Survival Work and Home First Aid Kit

This is an intelligent first aid kit that will educate and reduce your stress levels during emergencies. Every component of this kit is labeled, letting you know easily what the item is and how it should be used. The bag is water resistant and durable with zippers an double stitched handles. It also has belt loops and reflective piping so you can easily find it even in the dark. This kit is FDA approved and all of the products it includes are sterile and wrapped carefully.

4. Ready America Four Person Emergency Kit

This is a 4-person emergency kit that will make your family ready for a least the first 72 hours after a disaster. It includes essentials and deluxe items that are able to support you for 3 days. It is great to store at home or bring in your car or anywhere you go. Aside from the first aid essentials, it also comes with emergency food and water which can be stored for 5 years. This kit is designed by disaster supply professionals and it is perfect for families.

5. Survival Claw Small First Aid Kit and Emergency Survival Kit

This first aid and emergency survival kit is great for outdoor hikers, preppers, and hunters. It includes medical supplies such as bandages, tape, scissors, tourniquet, tweezers, alcohol pads, swabs, cotton, and safety pins. Aside from the medical supplies, it also comes with survival items such as a flashlight, fire starter, and multi-tool pliers and credit card. This is a lightweight and water-resistant kit that you can store at home or bring with you on your outdoor adventures.

6. Rescue Guard First Aid Kit

This first aid kit includes a variety of bandages, pain relievers, ointment gauze, sanitary gloves and a first aid guide. Aside from that, it also contains packets of water, freeze dried foods for up to four people, tent, ponchos, blankets, fire starter and compass. This premium emergency go bag will help you stay prepared and ready because it contains everything you need to survive for up to 12 days.

7. Protect Life Complete First Aid Kit

This is a durable and compact first aid kit that is upgraded with valuable and medical grade supplies. It includes all the basic first aid items needed for a variety of injuries such as a CPR mask, ice pack, band-aids, blanket, compass, and other survival tools. All of these supplies and tools have the highest quality standards and are created in an FDA approved facility. With this first aid kit, you will be prepared anytime and anywhere you are.

8. Thrive First Aid Kit

This first aid kit from Thrive is packed with 100 useful and valuable hospital grade medical supplies. The kit is made from durable rip-stop nylon and vinyl fabric. It is lightweight and compact but carries everything you need in case of an emergency. It is a great emergency kit for home use or to bring with you on outdoor adventures.

9. SHBC Compact First Aid Kit

This first aid kit contains 228 pieces of comprehensive treatment products. It is a compact and lightweight kit that is also shockproof and waterproof. Some of the supplies it includes are blankets, scissors, whistles, CPR mask, and multi-function saber cards. This kit will ensure your safety and will improve the chances of survival during emergencies.

10. Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit

This first aid kit contains 250 pieces of comprehensive treatment products that can be used by up to 50 people. It has a compact size and is also portable, allowing it to fit anywhere. It also has wall mounts and can also be folded compactly for storage, and an airtight rubber seal around the case to keep the contents of the kit safe no matter the situation. It is a great first aid kit for home care, office safety, travelling, and for sports and outdoor activities.

First aid kits are indeed important no matter where we go and what we do. We hope the information and products we shared will help you in preparing your own first aid kit to be prepared.