What Is A Sewing Machine Belt?

Belts are used in a sewing machine to increase grip and reduce slipping in order to drive the machine smoothly. These sewing machine belts are primarily responsible for driving the needle on the fabric, thus, making them an extremely important part of a sewing machine.

Keeping in mind all the several aspects and issues associated with a sewing machine belt, we have compiled different types of sewing machine belts, the problems surrounding a sewing machine belt, what to consider before buying one, and some solid recommendations for sewing machine belts.

Types Of Sewing Machine Belts

It’s quite fascinating that for every piece of cloth-making equipment, each comes with its own particular sewing belt.

These sewing belts are of various types, however, before diving into the kinds of sewing, let’s discuss the belts and their features first:


Sewing Machine Belt



Lug Belts

  • Features teeth on its inside

  • At times have cogs on the outside


V belts

  • Identical to lug belt especially in its V shape attachment.

  • Do not have spikes or teeth.

  • Smooth


Round Belts

  • Stretchable


Geared Belts

  • Has teeth like Lug belts.

Four types of sewing machine belts are mentioned in the table above. Let’s discuss them in detail now.

1. Lug Belts

Lug belts are one of the most common sewing machine belts used. They are often mistaken for geared belts due to the spikes that they feature in their design. However, the key distinction between the two is that a lug belt’s spikes are not supposed to fit into the pulley indentations while a geared belt is supposed to fit the indentations.

2. V belts

The V belt is similar to the lug belt. They are both located on the machine in a V position. However, while the V belt is smooth the Lug belt features spikes.

3. Round Belts

Owing to their stretchy nature the round belts are often preferred over the lug or V sewing machine belts. The round belts have a better and stronger grip and the chances of the belt slipping are very less.

4. Geared Belts

The spikes or cogs present on the geared belt are supposed to fit the grooves of the motor pulley. The one technicality with that is that if your sewing machine came with a geared belt, then in case of replacements you need to find the exact and correct belt that is made for your sewing machine.

How Will You Know If Your Sewing Machine Belt Needs Fixing Or Replacement?

The sewing machine belt that comes with your prized sewing machine is not supposed to work forever. Eventually, you will be required to change your sewing machine belt. But how can you tell that your belt needs replacement?

The sewing machine belt is either located outside or inside your sewing machine. This means that there are different ways of telling whether your sewing belt requires changing or not, depending on where the belt is located.

If the sewing belt is located on the inside of the sewing machine

In the case that your sewing belt is located inside the machine and is not visible, you can tell whether or not your sewing machine belt needs replacement by observing the machine’s output.

If the sewing machine is struggling to sew and requires more effort to perform its function, moreover, if it has stopped sewing entirely, then you know you need a replacement.

If the sewing belt is located outside the sewing machine

In the case that the sewing machine belt is situated on the outside of your sewing machine, then you can actually see the signs through which your sewing belt is begging you to replace it.

For example, you will notice a very obvious disintegration of the belt, cracks will appear on it, and you will also observe a very obvious slack to your sewing when you operate the machine.

Apart from these two observations, when you notice that your machine’s feed dogs or hook have gotten very old, it is time you buy your sewing machine a new sewing machine belt.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Sewing Machine Belt

When you are investing in a sewing machine belt there are different factors you must consider before making the purchase. If you naively place the wrong order for it, you’ll be disappointed not only by a monetary loss but the possession of a wrong sewing belt that will prove to be of no need for you.

So, consider the following points before buying yourself a sewing machine belt:

Your Sewing Belt Must Complement the Sewing Machine

While this may sound extremely obvious and annoying, however, people tend to forget this when they are making a purchase. For instance, since the geared belt is supposed to fit the pulley, it is important to find a geared belt that matches the pulley cogs.

Hence, make sure you buy your belt according to your sewing machine model so that it actually fits in the machine.

Measurements Are Extremely Important

Measurements are critical when buying a sewing machine belt. If the belt does not fit your motor pulley or is too loose then it is pointless and your sewing machine will be useless.

There are two ways of measuring the length of the sewing machine depending on where the sewing machine belt goes, inside or outside.

Inside: If the sewing machine belt is found on the outside and your machine is old then measuring the belt is not an issue. All you have to do is remove the belt from the machine, cut it in half from anywhere, and then pull the belt in a straight line to measure it using a ruler or a tape measure.

Outside: However, if you possess a newer version of the sewing machine and the sewing machine belt then here is what you do to get measurements:

  • In the case that your machine’s motor is adjustable, centre the bolt in the absolute middle.
  • Tie a shoestring around the motor where the pulley is found. Tie it tightly (like you would a belt) and cut the access string,
  • Next, cut the shoestring that you tied from the middle and stretch it to its length so you can measure it using a ruler or tape rule.


It is also very important that you choose the top-quality sewing machine belt since you are going to use it for a long time. Hence, purchase your product from a really good place that sells quality and reliable products.

The Type of Belt You Use

Again it is extremely crucial that your sewing machine belt is compatible with your sewing machine. Make sure that it will not only have your sewing machine running smoothly but will also fit the machine perfectly.

Depending on the kind of motor and pulley, decide which type of belt suits and fits your sewing machine the best and then purchase with that information.

Recommended Sewing Machine Belts For You

It may not seem like a big deal but it is critical that you buy your sewing machine belt from a good and reliable place. You need a sturdy belt that not only fits the design of your PC but also makes sure that the screen works phenomenally.

So, after telling you all about the important things to know about sewing machine belts (like their types and more), it is now time that we suggest the top recommendations for the best sewing machine belt. The table below summarizes our top suggestions.

Where to Buy
Magicfour Sewing Machine Belt
YICBOR Neoprene Sewing Machine Motor Drive V Belt
Homgaty 2 Piece Treadle Sewing Machine Belt
HONEYSEW Lug Motor Belt
Jones/Singer Sewing Machine Belt Parts 2 Pcs
  Magicfour Sewing Machine BeltYICBOR Neoprene Sewing Machine Motor Drive V BeltHomgaty 2 Piece Treadle Sewing Machine BeltHONEYSEW Lug Motor BeltJones/Singer Sewing Machine Belt Parts 2 Pcs
Sewing Machine BeltSewing Machine Belt by MagicfourYICBOR Sewing Machine BeltHomgaty Sewing BeltSewing Belt by HoneySewSewing Machine Belt Jones/Singer
Item Dimensions5.91 x 5.08 x 0.39 inches3.94 x 1.97 x 0.39 inches9.8 x 6.89 x 1.06 inches0.9 x 0.3 x 0.2 inches72 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches
Item weight0.64 ounces0.211 ounces4.2 ounces0.634 ounces4.8 ounces

1. Sewing Machine Belt by Magicfour 


The sewing machine belt produced by Magicfour is created with the utmost consideration for durability and reliability. As such, this belt is made from premium, durable, and abrasion-resistant leather. Hence, this product is created for a long time, making it a great investment.

This is a great replacement for your sewing machine if you operate the older versions of sewing machines like singer cabinets or the old sewing machines with foot pedals and a lot of manual rocking. However, this means that the contemporary versions will not be supported by this cable.

Additionally, this belt fits very perfectly on the sewing machine and any individual can easily put it on their sewing machine themselves.


  • Leather material
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant
  • Great for old machines like Singer
  • Fits perfectly with the motor/pulley


  • It may not be adaptable to the latest sewing machine versions.

2. YICBOR Sewing Machine Belt


The best feature of this particular sewing machine belt is its large range of sizes. This sewing belt comes in a large number of sizes so you cannot only pick one that suits your sewing machine the best but you now no longer need to resize it on your own.

The cord inside the belt proves full of benefits for the sewing machine as it increases its strength and high quality.  With this cord running on your sewing machine you have a very strong and long-term solution for sewing belt replacement problems.

Finally, the different models of the sewing machine that this sewing machine belt can use include Brother, Singer, Juki, Janome, Toyota, etc.


  • Very High Quality
  • Contains a sturdy cord inside
  • Available in many sizes
  • Can solve sewing belt problems for the older versions.


  • Not compatible with newer versions of the sewing machine.

3. Homgaty Sewing Bag


This sewing belt comes with the guarantee and trust of long-term usage. This is because the sewing belt is made from cowhide leather which makes it absolutely sturdy as well as abrasion-resistant. This means that you can sew your clothes in an extremely smooth manner.

Attaching the belt on the sewing machine becomes very convenient with this particular sewing belt. It comes with hooks and connectors so you can very easily assemble and fix it to the sewing machine.

Finally, this belt is widely adaptable with older versions of sewing machines, it is capable of meeting all your requirements, and it makes for a very cute gift for anyone who has the sewing machine and uses it as a hobby.


  • High quality that means long term usage
  • Made from sturdy cowhide leather
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Assembly of the entire belt with the machine is very easy and convenient.


  • The belt can be extra long for the usage which makes it difficult to put up on the sewing machine.

4. HONEYSEW Sewing Machine Belt


The HONEYSEW sewing machine belt is designed to give you your money’s worth. The HONEYSEW manufacturers create sewing belts that are a perfect fit for the sewing machines.

The best part about this belt is how it can easily replace the belts in the really old versions of sewing machines. Hence, it offers the perfect opportunity for many (who have old versions of sewing machines collecting dust at homes) to revive their hobbies.

Finally, another great feature of this belt is that it can very conveniently and easily be installed. It does not require much complex or tricky work to assemble with the sewing machine.


  • Perfectly complement older versions of sewing machines
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong


  • Not stretchable and can be too long at times.

5. Sewing Belt Brightly Lit


Made from cow leather, this sewing belt is extremely strong and sturdy. You will conveniently enjoy a smooth experience of sewing as a result of this high-quality, tough, and abrasion-resistant material of the sewing belt.

This belt is compatible with and suitable for all Singer and Jones sewing machines as well as the older pedal versions and other old-fashioned machines.

This belt doesn’t come with a large range of different belt sizes as a result it requires manual labour of cutting the belt into the right size. That also means that the assembly of the sewing belt with the sewing machine can be difficult.

However, the material being leather does not stretch which means you will have to be very precise when you are cutting up this belt in order to replace the other belts.


  • Compatible with very old versions of the sewing machine as well
  • Sturdy cow leather material
  • Tough and abrasion-free


  • Assembly is a little complicated.

Final Words

The use of sewing machines may have declined over time with the sewing machine themselves at our homes collecting dust. However, with the availability of accessories like the sewing belt, there is a possibility of reviving the sewing talent and hobby like that.

Moreover, the availability of information and resources for the use of sewing machines is the biggest push that may propel people to take their old sewing machines from the stores and clean them up at least if not directly use them.