What is a Metal Clear Coat?

As time goes by, it’s inevitable for a metal surface to get affected by rust or corrosion, no matter how strong it is. Hence, it is essential to keep your metal possessions protected in order to lengthen their lifespan. So what should be done? Metal Clear-Coat is the solution. 

A clear coat is basically a transparent layer of resin or paint. Using a clear coat on metal swells the surface’s life and makes it look more shiny and fresh. Clear coating metal surfaces also helps them keep off oxidation, fade, and damage from UV rays. 

Here is everything you need to know about clear metal coating, its types, and what are some of the best buying options in the market right now.

What Is Metal Clear Coating 

A clear coat is a fine layer of resin or colorless paint that can be settled on various surfaces and products. Clear coats aren’t transparent; instead, they sometimes carry a hue and typically have matte or shiny finishes. 

By far, metal products remain the most popular surfaces to employ clear coats as they are definitely most prone to getting damaged through rust or corrosion. The best clear coat for metal can get your old items outfitted with a brand new look that saves them from wear and tear, snow, rain, UV light, and much more. 

Metal clear coats are ideal for covering metal objects prone to rust, corrosion, or tarnish due to extended use. Furthermore, by applying a layer of clear coat, you’ll most likely prolong the life expectancy of your metal belongings by many years.

Even the screws and nuts in your house require coating, especially if you live in a very humid region that doesn’t spare even an inch of metal from rust. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Metal Clear Coats 

Types of Metal Clear Coats 

There are many metal clear coating options on the market, all varying in type. The table below discusses all of them to help you understand the difference and find the best one to fit your needs: 

Type of Metal Coats


Turbo Coat 

  • Fast-drying clear coat

  • Give metal a highest-shine look.

  • Requires more than one layer of coats for reaching the optimum level of protection

Glamour Coat 

  • Slower drying clear coat due to thick composition 

  • Allows for more leveling

  • Incredible moisture resistance.

Higher Solids Coat

  • Contains a smaller amount of volatile solvent and a higher concentration of resin.

  • It gives a thicker film of the coating after drying, thus more protection against rust and sunlight. 

  • Tends to dry slower and is more expensive than other types.

Color and Shine

Color is one of the most significant factors you should be mindful of before painting any metal surface. Unfortunately, finding the exact match to the color and shine of the metal accessory you intend to coat on is pretty tricky. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find a good option at all.

If you are good at digging, you will quickly come across a product that carries a similar enough hue and can cover the surface evenly without leaving any annoying patches. You could also always choose a colorless metal coat that’s entirely transparent to avoid struggle altogether. 

Moreover, clear metal surface coatings usually aren’t all that hard to come by, meaning you will be able to access one pretty quickly. However, because users mostly like applying a shiny finish to their metal equipment, finding a clear metal coat of this kind might be difficult. 


The transparency level of the metal coat will suit you best, usually depending on the surface that is coasted. For example, if you intend to coat a bright metallic surface, there’s no real issue with a colored coating, but it should not be too opaque. 

However, if you want your metal objects to get their former shine back, a metal coat with high transparency should be your priority. It’s also important to understand that the strength and quality of a metal clear coat have nothing to do with how opaque or transparent it is. 

Hence, don’t keep applying layers onto layers of your purchased metal coat in order to get your desired shine. One fine layer is ideal for doing the wonders you expect from a metal coat. 


Depending on what ingredients they contain and the surface they’ll be applied to, clear coats offer different levels of durability. For instance, some coats are only designed to serve indoors, meaning they won’t hold up firmly under outdoor conditions like humidity, rain, or sunlight. 

If you want to guarantee the most incredible durability, no matter if you do the coating on an inside-house or out-of-the-house object, we recommend investing in outdoor coats. 

Ease of Application 

If your metal coat doesn’t come with a primer, you will need to buy it separately to make the coating process less messy. Luckily, you won’t require any additional product with the primer-added composition of the best metal clear coats. Such formulas will make your job a lot easier as well as inexpensive. 

Like many other liquid products, for instance, a lubricant, metal clear coats will also prove to be more efficient if retailed in easy-to-use containers. We recommend going with options that come in spray-styled bottles. That way, you’ll be able to coat over metal surfaces evenly without leaving any marks or blotches behind. 

Best Metal Clear Coats 

Where to Buy
Everbrite 4 oz Clear Coating for Metal
ProtectaClear 4 Oz. Clear Coating for Metal
Krylon K15151002 ColorMaster
USC Pack of 3 SprayMax 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol 
Rust-Oleum 302151 Universal All Surface Spray

1. Everbrite 4 oz Clear Coating for Metal

With this 4-ounce powerful metal coating formula, users can quickly secure and restore up to 250 sq. ft. of a metal surface. The coating offered by Everbrite 4 oz. Clear Coat is quite durable and rugged that helps users preserve their metallic objects from oxidation, chalking, and sunlight damage. 

The formula is claimed to be an outdoor and indoor specialist, potent enough to serve metal, aluminum, copper as well as stainless steel. Furthermore, it can be employed on both painted and unpainted surfaces. 

Though the Everbrite 4 oz. Clear Coat's container isn't so nifty, the application isn't too demanding either. You just have to spill a tiny amount on a sponge, brush, or cloth and start layering. The only drawback of this best metal clear coat is that it doesn't fit too well with jewelry. 


  • Preserves as well as helps metal surfaces to restore from damage
  • Easy to use 
  • Versatile usage 


  • Not suitable for application on jewelry

2. ProtectaClear 4 Oz. Clear Coating for Metal

As the name suggests, this option does an incredible job in preserving surfaces from all types of natural damage you can think of. With an impressively shiny finish, ProtectaClear can last for about 250 square ft. of coating. Unlike the Everbrite 4 oz. bottle, this metal coat is best for jewelry as well as brass aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. 

In order to get the best results from ProtectaClear, the manufacturer recommends you first clean the surface that is to be coated. Once done removing any residues, cover the surface with a generous amount and let it dry for a day or two for the formula to show its magic. 


  • Easy to use
  • Extended lifespan
  • Great for different surfaces, including jewelry 


  • Lengthy drying time

3. Krylon K15151002 ColorMaster

Want a metal clear coat that lasts longer than others? The Krylon K15151002 ColorMaster is by far the best in terms of longevity. Constructed with industrial maintenance and touch-ups in mind, the Krylon metal spray paint is best in enduring moisture and every other harsh element without cracking. 

The Krylon K15151002 ColorMaster Metal spray is also quite convenient as it cools down in just 10 minutes and can be employed on both outdoor and indoor surfaces. However, because Krylon is very transparent, you might want to layer more than a few times to achieve a satisfactory coating layer. 


  • Fastest drying time 
  • Very long-lasting 
  • Moisture and scratch-resistant 


  • Requires more than a few coats

4. USC Pack of 3 SprayMax 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol 

USC SprayMax's composition provides a dual aerosol urethane coat, with doubtlessly the most excellent UV and weather protection available right now. The pack also houses a convenient nozzle design and unique propellent technology that offers great ease of application. 

For long-term sealing of metal as well as repair jobs, the USC pack of 3 is by far the most economical option on the market. It's also resistant to all types of abrasion and scratching. Users can also employ it under harsh weather conditions and on broad metallic surfaces without worrying about color deviation. 

Going with the typical application method, users must first clean the targeted surface and let it dry for at least a day after SprayMax's coating for a perfect glossy touch. However, mind that different surfaces will require varying amounts of layers for yielding optimum results. 


  • Aerosol propellant technology and nozzle styled spray ensure smooth flow 
  • Great Overall performance
  • Lasting gloss


  • Some materials require more coating

5. Rust-Oleum 302151 Universal All Surface Spray

The Rust-Oleum All Surface Spray has twice more coverage than other metal coats, that too applicable for almost every type of material. It is ideal for plaster, wicker, metal, plaster, wood, or unglazed ceramic. The composition is best served outdoors and indoors. 

The Rust-Oleum 302151 Universal Spray is a primer and paints in one with resistance to chipping and fading. Moreover, the quick dry time coupled with Rust Oleum's massive coverage makes the painting job faster. Also, to mention the convenient any-angle spray with a genius spray tip that accounts for efficiency. 


  • Primer and paint in one
  • Quick-drying 
  • Applicable for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Adheres well to plastic, metal, wood, and more
  • Covers twice more surface area than regular paint
  • Resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking 


  • Emits terrible fumes

Final Word

Clear coating metal is one incredible way to ensure your metal accessories accompany you for an extended lifespan by staying free from rust and fully armed against harmful environmental elements. 

Once you are convinced of the magical powers of metal coats, the real quest starts when finding the best buying option. However, that too doesn’t remain challenging once you know the type you’re looking for. 

Hopefully, this article helps you pick out the best clear coating product for your specific project. But, if you are unsure which product is a clear winner for your particular requirements, we recommend the ProtectaClear 4 Oz Clear Coating Formula for Metal. Though it takes a lot of time to dry, the wait is worth the output quality coating.