What are the Benefits of Photochromic Snow Goggles?

Skiing is arguably one of the most popular activities that people do during the winter season. Besides being a very difficult activity to learn, skiing can also be quite dangerous if you don’t know the proper procedures or mechanics for doing it safely. However, once you have actually learned how to ski properly, you will find it one of the most fulfilling and rewarding activities, as you will finally be able to enjoy skiing without thinking too much about where to place your feet and your hands.

Besides the skis and the usual skiing outfit that you will need to wear to keep warm and protected, you may often need to wear a pair of photochromic snow goggles, which are supposed to be effective in improving your vision and protecting your eyes while skiing. What are photochromic snow goggles? And why should you wear a pair? We will find out as we take a closer look at photochromic snow goggles and their benefits.

What are Photochromic Snow Goggles?

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Photochromic snow goggles are a pair of large goggles that have photochromic lenses, which would react a certain way when it is exposed to UV rays. [1] When it is not exposed to UV rays or sunlight, the photochromic goggles are transparent or translucent in appearance, however; when it is exposed to direct sunlight, the goggles turn into a darker and more opaque look. Once it is exposed to the rays of the sun, the photochromic lenses adjust its darkness, which can then enable your eyes to see better under the sunlight.

Whenever you try to stare at a location or direction where sunlight is hitting, your eyes would usually squint because sunlight can be blinding. So, when your eyes are squinted, you will have little to no visibility in your surroundings.

With the help of photochromic goggles, you will be able to see in the direction where the sunlight is hitting without squinting your eyes, as the goggles will adjust their translucency and brightness so that the blinding aspects of sunlight can be neutralized.

Photochromic lenses are typically made of different materials that produce a reaction to UV rays. Some of the common materials used include silver chloride, mineral glass, silver halide, and thermoplastic.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Photochromic Snow Goggles?

There are various advantages to wearing a pair of photochromic snow goggles, and these advantages are what makes the goggles a very popular piece of gear for ski enthusiasts and professionals. Here are the benefits of wearing photochromic snow goggles.

Have Better Vision Outdoors

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Of course, the main benefit of wearing photochromic snow goggles is that it allows you to have better vision outdoors. Some people might ask, why should you wear photochromic goggles when tinted goggles are already enough to block sunlight? The answer is that tinted goggles don’t adjust to their environment, while photochromic goggles do.

So, in situations where you don’t really need anything to block sunlight, tinted goggles can just hinder you from having a better vision while skiing, as everything will just appear much darker. On the other hand, you don’t have to take off your photochromic goggles if you don’t need their sunlight-blocking capabilities since their brightness or translucency is already adjusted.

Protect Your Eyes from Debris

Because skiing is an activity that makes you move fast on a slope, it can be very difficult to see if there is snow, dirt, or different kinds of debris that may hit your face or other parts of your body. While the normal skiing outfit will be able to protect your body from hits or falls, your face will most likely remain unprotected even if you are wearing a helmet.

Fortunately, a pair of photochromic snow goggles will be able to protect most areas of your face, as they are designed to be larger than the usual goggles. But the eyes are the primary parts that photochromic goggles protect, as losing your vision while skiing can be very dangerous. Maintain your focus by wearing goggles that can protect the eyes against debris and other elements that can hinder your eyesight from working properly.

Very Comfortable Even After Hours of Wear

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What’s great about photochromic snow goggles is that they are very comfortable to wear despite their size. There is plenty of cushioning that is found at the back of the goggles that prevent the hard parts of the accessory from touching any area of the face.

In addition, you can also adjust the tightness of the goggles using the adjustable fabric strap so that it won’t feel so tight that it can cause pain in the face and in the back of the head. Even after hours of wearing a pair of photochromic goggles, you will feel little to no pain, which can sometimes prevent you from having a better experience in skiing.

Have UV Protection

UV rays can be very harmful to your eyes, as too much exposure to these rays can lead to the formation of cataracts. A cataract is a condition that appears as a cloudy area in the lens of the eyes and occurs when the lens becomes too weak because of aging and prolonged exposure to sunlight or UV rays.

Photochromic snow goggles are designed to block UV rays from hitting your eyes directly. [2] So, if you like to ski a lot during the day, you should wear a pair of photochromic snow goggles so that you can protect your eyes not only from debris but also from harmful UV rays.

Wearing photochromic snow goggles is a must for skiing, as its benefits will surely help you have a safer and more comfortable time skiing in your favorite ski parks or ski resorts. Be sure to check reviews online for popular pairs of photochromic snow goggles so that you will know which ones are the most suitable for you.


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