What Are Sewing Machine Presser Feet?

Presser feet in sewing machines perform the basic function of helping in straight stitching. Apart from that there are a number of different kinds of them that have several other functions to offer. Hence, the additional features of a presser foot can offer you a lot of conveniences, for instance, different options of sewing. Besides, it saves your precious time!

Therefore, as a sewist, you should always look out for the variety of your key tools. And in order to help you do just that, we have gathered crucial information on the different kinds of presser feet and how to choose the perfect one for your sewing machine.

Types of Presser Feet and their Key Features

The table below shows different kinds of presser feet along with their key features. However, keep in mind that these are not the only presser feet that you can find.

S/No. Presser Feet Type Presser Feet Key Feature
1 Straight Stitch Basic straight line stitching
2 Zig Zag Decorative stitches
3 Zipper/Piping Zipper sewing – sews close to the zipper teeth
4 Invisible Zipper Foot Stitches a concealed zipper
5 Hemmer Creates straight or curved fabric edges
6 Buttonhole Foot Stitches buttons
7 Open Toe Embroidery Decorative stitches and embroidery
8 Quilting Perfect for quilting with accuracy

1. Straight Stitch

The straight stitch presser foot has an unusual shape due to an extended left toe. It not only helps in keeping the fabric firmly in one place but also keeps your fingers safe.

Straight stitch is the most basic of all presser feet. It is perfect for straight-line stitching which is why it is extensively used for stitching regular seams.

2. Zig-Zag Presser Foot

The zig-zag presser foot is almost a multi-functional presser foot. That is to say, specifically, you will not need an additional straight stitch foot if you have the zig-zag presser foot.

It perfectly stitches straight lines so you can use it for the seams. However, its main purpose is to provide you with decorative stitches without much complexity in arranging the fabric around the sewing machine.

3. Zipper or Piping Presser Foot

If you wish to sew zippers onto your clothes then it is imperative for you to have the zipper (or piping) presser foot. That is the main function of this zipper.

This zipper allows you to sew extremely close to the zipper teeth without ruining anything. Moreover, you can even sew to the right or left of the zipper teeth. All you have to do is position the zipper presser foot accordingly.

Additionally, you can even use this tool to sew piping along the cord on the inside of the zipper. That too very closely and with a good finish.

4. Invisible Zipper Foot

The invisible zipper foot is easily a God sent for sewists. The biggest flex for this zipper is that when you use it to sew on the seam, it does not betray the zipper opening at all! This means the stitching disappears into the seam while also giving you a fantastic opening.

5. Hemmer Zipper Presser

The main purpose of this presser is to finish your clothes with a curling edge, especially if the fabric you have frays too much. The foot is used in combination with a straight or zig-zag foot. While the hemmer foot guides the edge of the fabric into a proper curl, the straight or zigzag foot is used to do the stitching.

There is another hemmer presser foot that has a different function, although it does share the same looks to some extent. Instead of a curl, this foot is used to flatten the hem. The only thing missing in this foot is a groove found on the round or curling hemmer foot.

6. Buttonhole Foot

If you are tired of making buttonholes on your clothes by hand then this presser foot is for you. Its sole function is to simply create a buttonhole to the fabric.

Compared to other presser feet this one looks completely different. It is long and has an opening in the centre where you decide the buttonhole setting and spacing.

7. Open Toe Embroidery

The open toe embroidery presser foot makes embroidery very convenient for sewists. You can easily make wide and decorative stitches using this presser foot. It also saves you time since you do not have to spend hours doing it by hand.

The presser foot is also adapted to its function through a wide opening found at the front of the foot. Moreover, if you get a plastic one it gives you a more clear vision and better stitching.

8. Quilting

Specifically used for quilting, this presser foot allows you to sew the fabric accurately with a seam allowance of ¼ to ⅛ inches. The marking on the presser foot helps you pivot accurately as well as make straight stitches.

Pointers to Consider Before You Buy A Presser Foot


Although presser feet come with abundant benefits and each carries its own unique feature, however, you should consider certain pointers before you endeavour to purchase one.

Type of Presser Feet

There are two categories of presser feet, namely, the snap-on presser feet and the screw-on presser feet. This basically refers to how your presser feet will attach to the sewing machine.

Hence, before purchasing a presser familiarize yourself with the makeup of your sewing machine. Not every presser feet tool will attach to it.

Low or High Shank Presser Feet

Low or high shank refers to the height of a part of the sewing machine called the shank. Generally, sewing machines have a low shank.  However, you need to make sure whether you have a low or a high shank sewing machine before purchasing a presser foot.

Type of Sewing Machine

It is a smart thing to look up your sewing machine’s manual before buying presser feet. Some presser feet are not compatible with some sewing machines, they either will not strap on or will not work. For additional help, any vendor or store person near you can help you figure out which presser feet will suit your sewing machine.

Here is a quick overview of the selected few presser feet that we guarantee you will find useful.

Where to Buy
YEQIN Zig Zag, Straight Stitch Foot Snap On foot Presser Foot
Presser Foot Quilting Patchwork Foot with Edge Guide
Smart H Adjustable Guide Sewing Machine Presser Foot
CESUSME Clear Open Toe Satin Stitch Presser Foot Plus Snap On Open Toe Foot
PannySewCraft Low Shank Zig Zag, Straight Stitch Foot Presser Foot
  YEQIN Zig Zag, Straight Stitch Foot Snap On foot Presser FootPresser Foot Quilting Patchwork Foot with Edge GuideSmart H Adjustable Guide Sewing Machine Presser FootCESUSME Clear Open Toe Satin Stitch Presser Foot Plus Snap On Open Toe FootPannySewCraft Low Shank Zig Zag, Straight Stitch Foot Presser Foot
ProductYEQIN Zig ZagPatchwork Presser FootSmart H Presser FootCESUSME Presser FootTFBOY Presser Foot
Product Weight0.317 ounces0.317 ounces0.422 ounces0.458 ounces0.634 ounces
Product Dimensions4.25 x 2.56 x 0.28 inches3.78 x 2.2 x 0.31 inches4.96 x 3.27 x 0.16 inches3.94 x 2.36 x 0.2 inches3.5 x 3.1 x 0.3 inches
S/No. Product Product Weight Product Dimensions
1 YEQIN Zig Zag 0.317 ounces 4.25 x 2.56 x 0.28 inches
2 Patchwork Presser Foot 0.317 ounces 3.78 x 2.2 x 0.31 inches
3 Smart H Presser Foot 0.422 ounces 4.96 x 3.27 x 0.16 inches
4 CESUSME Presser Foot 0.458 ounces 3.94 x 2.36 x 0.2 inches
5 TFBOY Presser Foot 0.634 ounces 3.5 x 3.1 x 0.3 inches

1. YEQI ZigZag Presser Foot



Made from good quality metal this presser foot is extremely durable and will serve you for a long time. It can be used on many different fabrics and is also useful in basic mending work as well as elastic insertions. It comprises a wide slot for the needle which means it can stitch with a width of 7mm.

You can easily use it with low-shank sewing machines. Moreover, its quick-clicking system means you can conveniently fit it onto your sewing machine without requiring a screwdriver. This presser foot is compatible with several brands of sewing machines, for instance, Babylock, Brother, elna, etc.


  • Metal material
  • Durable
  • Compatible with low-shank machines
  • Easy to strap on
  • Compatible with a lot of brands


  • May not work on high-shank machines
  • Can pop off easily

2. Patchwork Presser Foot


Made up of high-quality material and its own bright colour, this presser foot is bound to last you a long time. It comprises a bar width of 6mm or 0.236 inches.

This quarter-inch quilting presser foot is extremely useful in getting your seams to line up straight. Moreover, its clear design is extremely great in improving a sewist’s visibility which helps eliminate any mishaps or wrong pivots.

This presser feet product is compatible with several sewing machine brands. They include brother, Janome, Babylock, Kenmore, and more.


  • Durable
  • High-quality material
  • Clear design helps with visibility
  • Compatible with many brands


  • Can catch on the fabric

3. Smart H Presser Foot


This is one top quality and premium sewing presser foot. The presser foot is equipped with a ruler and a guide to help you place the guide accurately on the fabric. It perfectly guides your topstitching and decorative stitching so you produce nothing but the best clothes.

The presser foot is multipurpose in the sense that you can use it for both simple and decorative stitching as well as quilting.

It perfectly fits low shank sewing machines and employs a snap-on mechanism to attach to the machine. The brands that this presser foot is compatible with include Singer, Brother, Elna, Janome, and more.


  • Multipurpose
  • Can be used for quilting
  • Fits low shank machines
  • Compatible with several brands


  • It May not fit high shank machines
  • The guide is flexible which makes it hard to determine the stitch.

4. CESUSME Presser Foot


You can get this presser foot in both high-quality plastic and metal material with bright colour. Without a doubt, you will find yourself using it for a long span of time.

It looks similar to the satin stitch presser foot. The open area in the front offers a very clear stitching view which helps in making accurate stitches. This clarity makes for phenomenal decorative techniques, embroidery, cutwork, and more.

The sap-on mechanism means you can easily attach it to the sewing machine without needing any tools like a screwdriver. Additionally, it is compatible with a lot of sewing machines from different brands such as Kenmore, Brother, Babylock, etc.


  • High-quality material
  • Available in both plastic and metal
  • Offers clear vision for great stitching
  • Easy to strap on


  • Plastic material often misses stitches.

5. TFBOY Presser Foot


This presser foot offers both zigzag and straight line stitching. The 8MM zigzag opening makes for extremely beautiful decorative stitches. Moreover, this presser foot is designed to accommodate many different kinds of stitches, for instance, heirloom stitches, stretch stitches, zigzag stitches, etc.

It is compatible with low-shank sewing machines. Further, its strap-on nature makes it very convenient to attach to sewing machines without needing any tools. Moreover, it does not come in pieces which further increases the ease of putting it on.

This all-purpose presser foot can work very well with a number of sewing machine brands including Euro-pro, Janome, Singer, White, Bernia, and many more.


  • Easy to strap on
  • Allows several kinds of stitching
  • Solid single piece
  • High-quality material


  • May not last for long-term extensive usage.

Final Words

Presser feet are the key tools for premium stitching. They help you in not only making accurate stitches but also offer a wide horizon for you to experiment with different kinds of stitches.

However, despite their advantages and tempting nature, it is important to do your research before buying a presser foot. Make sure you know which presser feet will attach and work with your machine before purchasing.