What are Automatic and Slow Feeders for Pets and What are their Benefits?

If you own a dog or a cat, you undoubtedly want it to maintain a healthy eating routine because eating too quickly can be harmful to your pet. In addition to choking, dogs who eat quickly might also have bloating. But if you let your pet utilize a slow feeder plate, you won’t need to worry too much about this. It can encourage your pet to eat more slowly, preventing any negative effects that may result from eating too quickly.

Simple designs are typical of slow feeder plates, which act as a sufficient barrier to slow down your pet as it eats. For dogs and cats who become bored easily while eating, puzzle feeders are also available. It’s like making them work for their food reward while also posing a mental challenge. As a result, it is preferable to think about getting your pet a slow feeder plate.

You’ve come to the right site if you want to learn more about slow feeder plates for your pet and how to choose the ideal one for your pet. We are providing you with the definitive reference about pet slow feeder plates today.

What is a Slow Feeder Plate and How Does it Work?

Slow feeder plates are bowls with ridges or other obstructions that reduce the surface area of the dish and keep your pet from consuming their food quickly. It avoids problems from developing from eating quickly, which can make dogs uncomfortable. These slow feeder plates can be used by either your dog or cat.

There are numerous benefits to using slow feeder plates for your pets. Limiting the amount can lessen the chance that your pet will choke on its food. Aside from that, a slow feeder plate can also aid in the prevention of illnesses like nausea, bloating, and vomiting. Although these symptoms typically only result in minor discomfort for dogs, they can occasionally be life-threatening, especially in larger dog breeds. Because they must exert a little more effort to receive their food, slow feeder plates can be entertaining and engaging for dogs.

Actually, using a slow feeder plate is appropriate whether your dog is small or huge. It’s because all dogs risk injury if they eat their food too quickly. For instance, if you have a small dog, eating quickly may result in gastrointestinal pain, vomiting, and choking on food. However, larger breeds are more at risk since eating too quickly can cause stomach bloating, a condition that can be fatal to dogs. So it makes sense to let dogs use a slow feeder plate.

As for cats, vomit isn’t the only reason your cat should eat slowly; the thought of cat puke all over your flooring probably makes you shout “yes” to slow feed bowls. By encouraging moderate feeding, you can prevent your cat from developing a number of painful and potentially hazardous conditions that can occur when she eats too quickly.

Eating slowly has benefits for your cat in addition to lowering her risk for these conditions, such as making her feel more satiated and full after a meal, giving her more energy, and promoting healthy digestion. Additionally, employing slow-feed cat bowls helps keep your cat mentally stimulated and prevent boredom.

Things to Consider in Purchasing a Slow Feeder Plate

Here are some of the crucial factors you should take into account while shopping for the best slow feeder plate for your dog or cat: 


The slow feeder’s performance is greatly influenced by the size of its plate. If you obtain the proper size, your pet will have no issue utilizing it successfully. However, if you choose the wrong size, they may not receive enough food or may consume too much, which defeats the purpose.

If you have a large dog, it is preferable to use a slow feeder that is deep and able to contain an adequate quantity of food. Large dogs typically pick up their food by sticking their noses at the plate’s bottom. A deep bowl would therefore make it simpler for them to choose meals. If you have a small dog with a short nose like a boxer and bulldog, you need to choose a shallow, slow feeder to suit the curvature of their snouts. Additionally, it can relieve neck and throat discomfort and improve their dining experience. For cats, their bowls must hold at least one to two cups, or the equivalent of a meal-sized quantity, of cat food. 


The slow feeder plate’s design should take your dog’s snout type and feeding habits into consideration. For instance, slow feeder plates with a maze design are ideal for dogs that eat food extremely quickly since it takes more effort to get food into them. However, if your dog doesn’t eat at a breakneck pace, a slow feeder plate with a central prong may be sufficient. Except for the fact that straight-sided bowls are less prone to topple over and create a mess, shape isn’t really crucial for cat’s bowl.


The slow feeder plate’s substance is also important. Most of them are plastic and are available in a variety of colors. There are also some that are constructed of stainless steel, but they cost more and don’t last as long. Whatever material you decide on, the feeder’s base needs to be constructed of rubber. It will remain in place and prevent most spills and messes in this manner.

Easy to Clean 

Cats dislike using unclean dishes and bowls for food or drink. Even dry food contains enough fat and moisture to form a film in the plate. That is why finding a slow feeder plate that is simple to clean is also crucial. Some of them, but not all, can be put in the dishwasher to be cleaned. If you consider this to be significant, be sure to review this information before making a purchase. 

Advantages of Using an Automatic Pet Feeder

Numerous new tools and pieces of equipment have been developed for human use as a result of technological advancements. In our daily lives, there are numerous automated systems that we take benefit of. There is a new product on the market right now that should make it easier for people to care for their dogs and cats. Both pets and owners can benefit greatly from the automatic feeder. Here are some of the advantages of having automatic pet feeders:

1. It aids in managing weight 

Owners can schedule when and how much food is given to their cats, dogs, and other animals using the automatic feeder. A preset condition can be enabled so that the feeder only provides the exact amount of food at the exact moment if your dogs must adhere to a strict diet.

Just-enough feeding of pets that are on special diets would no longer make owners feel guilty. When your dog gives you that look, indicating that he wants more from you than he is permitted, you can occasionally feel bad and either give him a little bit more—which is bad for him—or feel bad about not being able to feed him enough. Cats and dogs make up more than half of the population. Because it will cause diabetes, liver disease, renal disease, or heart disease, this condition is unhealthy. The greatest way to maintain their health is through weight management.

2. Food is usually provided 

Being left alone or not getting enough food, especially during parties, is a common cause of anxiety. The automated feeder keeps the feeding schedule and volume constant. No matter how busy you get, it will continue. Being fed at the same time every day is crucial, especially when developing a pet’s personality.

3. It separates you from food 

Dogs and cats frequently wake their owners up extremely early in the morning to ask for food because owners who manually feed their pets are associated with food. Your dog or cat will be the first thing to wake you up in the morning, especially if they are used to eating outside. The automatic feeder will take care of feeding them first thing in the morning, disassociating you from food so they won’t be disturbing your sleep any more.

4. Plan changes won’t matter 

If you have pets at home, any alteration to your schedule or ours will have an equal impact on both you and your pets. Your pet will become anxious, and you as the owner will always feel bad about not being able to get home in time to give him food. In the worst case scenario, not having to return home on time will not be a big deal when you are sent on a work trip.

For instance, stakeholders can arrange and host business meetings practically anywhere in the world at any time. If that were the case, professionals would have to travel whenever their jobs required it. Finding pet sitters could be difficult for owners because of this. In this situation, the automated feeders can be useful. Pets left at home are guaranteed to be fed while the sitters are not yet present if they cannot be there right away.

5. Frequent little meals

Because the automatic feeder can be programmed, meals may be planned and supplied on a timetable that suits their nutritional requirements. The greatest animals for this are those that get bored, such young dogs who occasionally prefer to gnaw on something.

6. Do not give them expired food

Small amounts are occasionally served, allowing food to be enjoyed all at once rather than as leftovers that would eventually spoil. By doing this, you can guarantee that your animals always have access to fresh food, protecting them from illnesses and infections.

7. It reduces time

For manual feeding, it’s important to use the proper food measurement. Thanks to automatic feeders, you may relax about this. You may program the measurement and frequency so that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to feed your animals at home. Worrying about them will be one less thing to do on your extensive list of errands and duties that will take up the most of your day.

8. Controls which food is given to the pet

The feeder will let you choose which pet consumes which food in houses with multiple animals. It can be designed to do this and can benefit people with controlled diets. This gives owners greater control over their schedules and ensures that their pets get regular meals even when they have a busy schedule. Owners only need to choose the feeder that is ideal for them and their animals at home as some feeders can accommodate wet foods.


When it comes to slowing down your pet’s food to prevent health problems like bloating, indigestion, and obesity, slow feeder plates are definitely very useful. The majority of them are also attractively designed, which can make feeding time for pets more enjoyable and enticing. The knowledge we have provided here should assist you in selecting the ideal slow feeder plate for your pet. Furthermore, depending on specific features, automatic pet feeders might differ greatly. Therefore, the decision to start with a simple one or something slightly more complex is entirely up to you. 

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