Wearable Blankets

When trying to keep warm, whether it is just cold or whether there is a power outage or whether one is out camping, one of the most comfortable ways to achieve warmth is by having a wearable blanket. The nice thing about wearable blankets is that they offer the comfort of a blanket with the ease of movement and mobility of a jacket.

Shorter Versions

The shorter wearable blankets are good for people who need to be moving around more, as they allow the legs greater freedom. They still keep the upper body warmly encased while allowing for productivity.

Where to Buy
Oversized Microfiber One Size
Fleecehug Hoodie
Poncho Blanket
Huggle Hoodie
Plaid Blanket Poncho
Angel Wrap

1. Oversized Microfiber One Size

Available in 9 different color options, this oversized sweatshirt style blanket is plush and comfortable. When snuggling on the couch, feet can be pulled up under the blanket to keep them warm at the same time. The sleeves have a stretch wrist band to keep the cold air out.

2. Fleecehug Hoodie

This one size snuggly hoodie is big and has a giant pocket to hold snacks, cell phone, remote, or whatever else, or just to tuck hands into for extra warmth. Reaching to the knees of most people, it is easy to move in, but also big enough to tuck around feet and legs when lounging. A mid-calf version is also available for those who prefer a longer length without dragging the floor. Ten options for colors and patterns are available.

3. Poncho Blanket

Nine options, three of which are lined with Sherpa, are available in this poncho blanket. Though it has no sleeves, the length is perfect for hands to be free while still wrapping the body in comfort and heat. Feet can be tucked in when relaxing.

4. Huggle Hoodie

This reversible sleeved throw is plush with a soft Sherpa lining for comfort and warmth. Wear it at home, at school, at work, out camping, or anywhere that warmth and comfort is desirable!

5. Plaid Blanket Poncho

The lack of sleeves does not result in hindrance of movement in this delightful poncho blanket. A front pocket offers an easy way to carry items and magnetic snaps close up the edges to keep out cooler air.

6. Angel Wrap

This silky soft throw wrap has a hood to keep heat from escaping through the head. Its Sherpa trim adds flair and it fits nearly everyone. The neck and sleeves button and it has two convenient pockets. Wash and dry in the machines for easy care.

Longer Versions

The longer blankets are great for relaxing on the couch or in a comfortable chair, to stave off cold and be cozy. While one can walk around in these, it is less convenient but still excellent for comfort.

Where to Buy
Premium Fleece Blanket with Sleeves
Lightweight Plush with Pocket and Foot Pocket
Robe Blanket with Foot Pockets
Wearable Cuddle
Alpaca/Llama Hooded Blanket
Three Hole Blanket
Sloth Hooded Blanket
Superhero Blanket with Sleeves
Hooded Blanket
Elegant Wearable Blanket
Weighted Blanket with Sleeves
Hooded Animal Print Wrap

7. Premium Fleece Blanket with Sleeves

Sherpa or regular fleece blankets come with a kangaroo pocket or a regular pocket to provide both luxurious comfort and convenience. Twenty different colors and patterns are available to fit anyone’s fashion or taste.

8. Lightweight Plush with Pocket and Foot Pocket

Two lengths of wearable blanket are available with hook and loop closure for an adjustable fit. Made of polyester flannel, the bottom has a pouch to keep feet warm and sleeves to allow hands to be free to do whatever brings happiness – read, write, watch television, eat a snack, etc.

9. Robe Blanket with Foot Pockets

Fourteen options, about half with a Sherpa lining, are available for this super soft microfleece blanket. Its roomy sleeves and pockets for feet make it comfortable while still allowing movement with no restrictions. The front pocket gives a place for anything one wants to keep handy, from remote to snacks.

10. Wearable Cuddle

Made of 100% polyester microfiber, this cozy hoodie offers sweatshirt comfort and blanket coverage. Machine washable and cuddly, this blanket robe has pockets for holding favorite items.

11. Alpaca/Llama Hooded Blanket

Cozy, double-layered blanket has an alpaca face on the hood and llama hooves on the corner pockets. Fun and cuddly, wearers can turn themselves into alpacas or llamas with this cute snuggly blanket.

12. Three Hole Blanket

The three holes in this blanket are placed to make it convenient to keep the blanket on and still be able to function. Like a blanket, it covers primarily over top of the wearer, but can be tucked around for extra warmth. It is available in six colors.

13. Sloth Hooded Blanket

Be cozy and lazy in this adorable sloth blanket that has the sloth face on the hood and sloth paws in the corner hand pockets. 100% polyester plush is soft and cuddly.

14. Superhero Blanket with Sleeves

Be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Harley Quinn with these superhero sleeved blankets. Made for youth or adults, the 100% polyester wraps around the front and can be tucked in at the sides when lounging or relaxing.

15. Hooded Blanket

Spread this one on the bed or couch when not wearing it for a burst of beautiful, majestic color and style. Wrap it around for comfort and warmth from head to toe.

16. Elegant Wearable Blanket

Wear this blanket poncho style, snap up the magnetic snaps, or lay it out like a blanket. Super soft, this blanket is comfortable and beautiful to keep the wearer warm and cozy whatever they are doing.

17. Weighted Blanket with Sleeves

Weighted blankets offer an additional layer of comfort. This one is wearable, making it an excellent choice for daytime use. The sleeves allow for functionality while the soft blanket offers exceptional warmth. Machine washable, this soft blanket is easy to care for and enjoyable to wear.

18. Hooded Animal Print Wrap

Three options of animal prints are available for this cute snuggly hooded wrap. Make it into a windproof cloak by wrapping it, and button the collar buttons to keep it closed and keep warmth inside. Large pockets give room for all kinds of items. Wear it for relaxing, camping, being in the yard, watching television, or any number of other pursuits.