Useful Items to Have When the Power Goes Out

Preparing for emergencies is a brilliant move which we should all do. Several events can account for emergencies that require preparing a kit beforehand, such as natural calamities, extreme weather conditions, or power outages. A supply kit having all your essentials in one place is mandatory to survive any unexpected event. 

Power outage or blackout is one of the most unexpected things other than any natural calamity. According to the NYC Emergency Management Office, people should always have a personalized emergency kit ready with some food essentials and items such as flashlights, lamps, and chargers. All of us F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans know very well how we need to be prepared for an unexpected blackout even in New York City.

Imagine not having a blackout kit prepared and frantically searching for your flashlights as you make your way through the hallway to the living room. You can hit anything while finding your way in the dark. Also, being without power implies surviving without a charged phone – which is incomprehensible in these times. 

Therefore, preparing a blackout kit is as essential as keeping a first-aid kit in your home. Since people are working from home this year, having all your charging essentials and power backups ready is more important than ever.

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Power Outage – What Should You Do? 

First off, it is best not to fiddle with any power socket or breaker as the power can be back any minute, and you might injure yourself. Also, switch off all the plugged-in devices, including smart plugs, so that there is no harm to them if there is any fluctuation in the voltage. 

Keep your blackout kit handy and in a place where you can reach easily in the dark. Inform all the members of the house when preparing and safely storing the kit. You must store the kit in a tight-closed container to avoid spilling the contents when reaching out for the kit in the dark. For this, you might need a big plastic container.

These containers come with tight clasping lids that secure the items stored within them. They are made with clear plastic, so it is easy to know what is stored in them. Moreover, they are sturdy and last a long time if handled with care. The best thing about them is that they are stackable; thus, they will take less space than other boxes. 

Items You Should Have in Your Blackout Kit 

1. Water Bottles and Snacks 

The first and important thing you have to keep in your blackout kit is a pack of water bottles and some snacks. You cannot crank up a fire when the power is out or whirl something up in the microwave. Therefore, it is best to have some munchies at your dispense. Water bottles come in handy for power outages and in case of a natural calamity when you are stuck in the basement or garage. 

2. A Power Bank

Having a portable battery or power bank for your phone is indispensable. We need phones for every little thing – from keeping track of time to making emergency calls to anyone. The basic use of mobile phones in the dark is to turn on the flashlight. Thus, having a portable charger for your phone is mandatory. 

The best one out there, Anker PowerCore portable charger, is built with the leading technology in power banks, having a mammoth cell capacity (up to 26,800 mAh). 

3. Hand Crank Power Generators 

The more we move forward in technology, the more options we have to be independent of the power ultimately. A hand-crank power generator is one such example. It does not rely on any stored energy derived from the battery, solar power, or gas. It works on transforming your muscle energy into electrical energy through a dynamo. The cranking action runs the dynamo, which in turn produces power. 

Moreover, a hand crank generator can charge your devices and also flashlights or portable fans. In short, it is an essential gadget to have for surviving the blackout and other natural calamities. 

4. A Pack of Batteries 

Another most essential item that should go in your blackout kit is a pack of batteries. Once you get a pack, you do not have to worry about the batteries going bad if your blackout kit is not being used for a while. You can get packs of various battery sizes for recharging multiple devices.

5. Solar Panel Charger

Keeping a pack of batteries is a basic step towards assembling a survival kit. However, survivalists have cautioned that even batteries can lose power, and in such cases, you would have to rely on rechargeable solar panels for power.

We recommend opting for Goal Zero Switch 10 Solar Panel Recharger that doesn’t depend on electric energy. It is built with a lightweight but best-quality lithium-ion (3,000 mAh/11Wh). It can charge your small USB-powered devices with a 1.5A USB port. 

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6. A Flashlight 

Another most important item that should go in this kit is a bright flashlight. Rechoo LED flashlight is one of the best choices. It features 3 modes (high, low, and strobe) along with a zoomable mode that you can use to adjust the focus on distant objects. Moreover, this powerful, 2000-lumen flashlight uses 4 AA batteries and can easily provide up to 30 hours of power (on low light mode).  

7. Green Glow Sticks 

Another great item that helps you survive a blackout is a glow stick. These sticks are water-proof and non-toxic; so, your kids can also quickly light them up in case of an emergency. You can easily snap it for use and even take it underwater with you.  

8. Handy Tools 

Some handy tools that help you shut off jammed valves or switches are essential in case of colossal power outages. If you need to switch off your water valve when the power is out due to unforeseen circumstances, you need to have an Emergency Gas and Water Shutoff Multipurpose Tool.

This handy tool aids in shutting off the valves or opening jammed doors or windows.

9. Sleeping Bags 

Another helpful item you should pack in your blackout kit is a sleeping bag. If the breakdown is lengthy and you have to sleep on the terrace or in the garden, sleeping bags come in very handy. They are super soft, comfortable, and can be stored away quite easily. Get your hands on this Sleepingo sleeping bag – which can also be used for two persons.

10. Battery Fan 

Blackout on hot summer days can get quite uncomfortable very quickly. In this case, having a portable, small-sized battery desktop fan is a must. This portable fan by Treva is about 10 inches in size. It does not take up a lot of space and is made of high-quality and sturdy plastic. It has a powerful blade with two rotating speed options. 

The best thing about this fan is that it makes minimal noise. 


In addition to having a blackout kit prepared, it is also helpful to have some card games or paper and notebook nearby. We are so used to our daily lifestyle that we do not know what to do without all these things. Blackouts do not happen a lot, mostly. However, it is best to be prepared for such unexpected events.