Types of Slingshots

Slingshots have been weapons since early moments in history. Because of this, they have also been toys. These devices range from twigs and rubber bands to more sophisticated options. It goes by different names in different countries, but the item itself is fairly universal. The traditional Y-shaped slingshot is not the only one; there are a variety of types of slingshots available for those who desire to fling projectiles by hand.

The slingshot, in its traditional form, was invented in Russia. It is a handheld version of a larger projectile weapon that worked in a similar manner. The newer versions use vulcanized rubber for the straps; since this is the type of rubber used for tire inner tubes which began to be used in 1888, it is likely this was developed after that.

Though slingshots have long been considered toys, they can also be used as deadly weapons for such things as hunting small game and – in a pinch – for survival defense. They are fairly easy to make and while it may take some practice to be able to drop a squirrel, it is not too difficult to aim and shoot.

There are varied styles of slingshots, ranging from the traditional fork to a similar one with a wrist support to a pocket-style, made of wood, metal, or plastic. They can be recreational or tactical. The bands can be solid, flat, tubes, or other sort of rubber bands. The pocket for the ammunition varies, as well, from plastic to leather to fabric or other material.

Slingshot bows are another option. It is modified to shoot arrows rather than round projectiles. Generally, this type of slingshot can be switched over to standard ammunition if desired.

Ammunition also depends, to some degree, on what type of slingshot is being used. Slingshot ammunition can be clay, plastic, or steel balls or carbon fiberglass arrows for the bow type. The size of the ammunition will depend on the pocket and overall size of the slingshot itself. It generally ranges from ¼ inch to an inch in diameter.


Where to Buy
NISPOTDOR Hunting Catapult Toy Slingshot for Kids/Children/Adult
Pocket Shot The Junior
The Pocket Shot Starter Kit
Torque Slingshot
The Scout Hunting Slingshot
Rochan Slingshot Professional Outdoor Catapult
16043 Barnett Cobra Slingshot
Wisdoman Outdoor Wrist Rocket Slingshot Kit

Wrist Rocket
Anti-rust stainless steel paired with triple high-tension rubber bands on an aluminum alloy frame offers high quality. This high powered slingshot can be used for competition, hunting, or defense. Two extra band sets and 50 steel balls are included, along with the tools to change out the bands and a small bonus flashlight.

Slingshot Bow
A detachable wrist brace makes this device easy to work with and the sight system on the front doubles as a stabilizer. The grip has a soft cover and the bands are made for power. A guide for use is included. Check state laws before choosing this one, as they are illegal in some states.

Professional Outdoor Catapult
Excellent for hunting, this slingshot has a comfortable wooden handle on a stainless steel frame with an aluminum alloy device for aiming. An infrared sight with laser flashlight aids in aiming accurately. The double spring design increases the strength of pull. A magnetic ammunition holder keeps ammo handy to shoot more quickly as needed. A holder for a flashlight is attached (flashlight sold separately). 100 ammunition balls are included along with four replacement bands.

Scout Hunting Slingshot
This simple polycarbonate slingshot is made in the USA and includes latex flat bands and a user manual. Any bands can be used on this unit. Easy to use, strong, and durable, it is also adaptable and can be used however the user is comfortable. The band is included but not installed.

Torque Slingshot
Virtually indestructible and lightweight, this slingshot fits nicely into most pockets. It is designed to be usable by right-handed or left-handed shooters. A 2040 looped tube bandset is included, but it can be fitted with other types of bands, as well, in its quick-change slots. Ergonomically designed, this pocket slingshot’s handle is offset to shoot easily. It is best used by experienced slingshot users.

Pocket Shot Starter Kit
This starter kit includes a Pocket Shot and four standard pouches plus one Pocket Shot pro pouch, along with 450 shots of three types of ammunition (plastic, clay, and steel). Easy to use and store, this patented design is excellent for hunting and other shooting needs. It is not a toy. Pocket Shot arrow hunting is also possible with an arrow attachment.

Junior Pocket Shot
Made just like the Pocket Shot but smaller and less powerful, this slingshot is meant for younger users. It shoots plastic balls or soft ammunition. Like its adult version, the pouches are replaceable as needed.

Professional Y Shot
This high-velocity slingshot features a solid wooden handle with a faux-leather pocket ammunition holder. Its ergonomically designed classic Y built offers stability while the wood handle provides a better grip. It also comes with durable and flexible rubber bands that help harness eye-hand coordination. In every purchase, you will get 1 slingshot with a rubber band, 100pcs hard clay slingshot ammo, plus a free spare rubber band.


Where to Buy
TOPRADE Multiple Color Paper Pellets Balls Bobbles Slingshot
Fiberglass Hunting Practice Arrows with Replaceable Arrowhead Spine
IronBuddy 10 Pack Bow Fishing Arrowheads
QZsteelball 1600Pcs Diameter About 10mm Slingshot Ammo Ball
PGN - Slingshot Ammo 3/8" Inch (0.375" Caliber) Precision Steel Balls
Daisy Outdoor Products

Daisy Steel Slingshot Ammo
This container of ammunition holds 250 ¼-inch zinc-plated solid steel balls. A belt clip keeps the box convenient.

Precision 3/8” Steel Balls
These 0.375” caliber carbon steel balls are made precise and smooth. 1000 pieces are included in this package from PGN Bearings, based in Florida.

10mm Clay Ammunition
1600 pieces of hard clay ammunition of 9-10mm size are perfect for most slingshots. Since these are biodegradable, they can be used anywhere without worry of impacting the environment. Great for practicing aim with any type of slingshot (except bow-type), these are affordable and can be used for small game.

10 Pack Steel Fishing Arrows
Steel arrows for slingshots are about 5.9 inches long. Meant for fishing, these arrows can be detached from the arrowheads for storage.

Fiberglass Arrows
These 30-inch arrows are made of fiberglass and high-quality arrowheads, with nickel-plated tips made of stainless steel. Adjustable nocks allow them to fit any bow; they are also removable if that makes them easier to use with the slingshot.

Colored Paper Pellet Balls
Safe for children to use for practice, these paper balls are brightly colored to make them easy to find. These can be reused multiple times. Use with regular slingshots or the Pocket Shot Junior. They are .6 inches in diameter.