Top Tactical Super Bright Rechargeable LED Flashlights

A tactical flashlight is a great tool that you do not know you need until it is too late. If you start keeping a flashlight, you will be surprised to know how helpful it can be. From finding valuable things in the dark to assisting in self-defense, a tactical flashlight is a super great tool to use. Tactical flashlights are not like the regular flashlights that you use every day, they are designed to be compact, lightweight, and extremely durable. They are made to be resistant to severe conditions.

In this article, we will educate you through a short buying guide and some best options available in the market, so in the end, you can easily find the best tactical flashlight that perfectly aligns with your needs and requirements.

Uses of a Tactical Flashlight

Everyday Use

As tactical flashlights are not like your normal flashlights, this is why people rely more on them use them frequently in their everyday life. They are sturdier, brighter, and more versatile. They used to be a rare tool to use in the past but manufacturers made them much more affordable now so everyone can adopt them.

Hunting and Survival

If you are a hunter or want to prepare for unwilling events then one of the best and versatile tools to keep with you is a flashlight. The last thing you would want when heading into the wilderness or facing any disaster situation is a dead flashlight. Tactical flashlights are better and versatile than headlamps as you can easily clip them to headwear or chest backpack strap in emergency situations or during hunting.

Search and Rescue

You never know when you will need a bright and unfailing flashlight while searching for something or rescuing someone in emergency situations. A 2000lumen tactical flashlight would work just great in such situations.

Buying Guide

Here are some points that you should consider before shopping for a tactical flashlight so you can choose the right one.

  • Light Modes

For most of the people, a simple bright flashlight would be more than enough but it is recommended that you go for a tactical flashlight with different modes such as SOS, Strobe, Moonlight/ Firefly Mode, and Beacon. These modes will surely help you a lot in emergency situations and conditions, and it won’t cost you a fortune getting something extra for good.

  • Beam Color

Different tactical flashlights come with various beam colors that depend on the type of LED bulb as they can emit a range of temperatures that are measured in Kelvin (K), such as:

  • White light (about 6500K) – more blue colored light
  • Neutral white (about 4000k) – more white colored light
  • Warm white (about 3000K) – more yellow colored light

The best all-rounder beam that will work best in every condition is a balanced neutral white as it will give more brightness, penetration, and longer runtimes.

  • Lumen

To measure the real power of a flashlight, you should consider its number of lumens; the higher, the powerful. However, this is not the full picture as there are other things too that matter in judging a flashlight’s strength, such as a good reflector, light pattern to produce light etc.

  • Less than 100-lumen flashlight –Provides enough light for searching around smaller spaces, but not enough for outdoor use.
  • 100 – 300-lumen flashlight – Enough light for most users, useful in self-defense and outdoor situations.
  • 300 – 700-lumen flashlight – Extra-powerful, yet small. Can easily illuminate an entire area outside and blind an attacker.
  • 1000+ lumen flashlight – Bright enough to help you in every condition
  • Battery Some flashlights come with a rechargeable battery built in while others promote using standard rechargeable batteries or standard batteries. They also have various battery life expectancies. Be sure to pick the right option for your needs and uses.

Here is a list of the best tactical flashlights that have been selected by carefully analyzing their features, functionalities and user feedbacks.

Where to Buy
YIFENG XML T6 Ultra Bright LED Taclight
GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK]
ACEBEAM Rider RX Rechargeable Pocket EDC Flashlight 650 High Lumens AA Flashlight
PeakPlus Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight LFX1000
Streamlight 88047 ProTac HL 3 1,100 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight
Pelican 7600 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

1. YIFENG XML T6 Ultra Bright LED Taclight

The YIFENG XML T6 Bright LED Taclight is a high-quality flashlight that comes with several features that makes it great in many situations. It has an adjustable focus; zoom in to make it an intense spotlight with a beam that can travel up to 600 feet or zoom out to illuminate large area by making it a circle floodlight.

It has 5 different light modes that can easily be switched by pressing the on/off soft-button lightly. It is able to output 1600 lumens that are more than enough for illuminating a large area.


  • Extremely bright
  • Comes with 5 different light modes
  • Easy to use
  • Has a long lifespan
  • IPX-6 water resistant
  • Excellent build quality
  • Pack of 2 at a price of 1


  • Batteries are not included
  • Users stated that this flashlight has more like 1000 or 1200 lumens but not 1600

2. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK]

This pack of 2 bright LED tactical flashlights by GearLight is a great package that comes with some amazing features that can help you bright up dark areas with just a switch. It can focus up to 1000 feet away. It has 5 useful light modes including High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS. Its compact size enables you to pack it easily in your backpack and purse or put it in your pocket.

Its build quality is so strong that you can use it even in harsh weather conditions or drop it from 10 feet and it will still work as nothing happened. It comes with a 1-year warranty and you can replace it without any questions asked if you face any problems with it.


  • Multiple light modes
  • Adjustable Zoom
  • Can be used continuously for a long period of time
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Water resistant
  • You get 2 at the price of 1


  • On/off button is a bit wobbly

3. ACEBEAM Rider RX Rechargeable Pocket EDC Flashlight 650 High Lumens AA Flashlight

This EDC flashlight is a fantastic, robust, everyday-use flashlight. An amazing output is produced with a single AA battery. A Nichia 219F LED with a high CRI90 and a neutral 5000K color temperature is used in the LED flashlight. A camping flashlight using a single NICHIA 219F LED with a CRI of 90 will best restore the object’s original color and make it simpler for you to see it. It uses an optical lens to produce a soft, even beam of light.

A waterproof flashlight built with an aerospace-grade titanium body is IP68 water-resistant, can withstand a 2-meter full submersion, and is unafraid of being dropped into the water. Small flashlights have mechanical slide mechanisms that allow you to stand the flashlight upside down and use it in a variety of situations.


  • Brightest tactical flashlight in the market
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Safe charging
  • High-quality build


  • Expensive for most people

4. PeakPlus Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight LFX1000

If you want a tactical flashlight with a complete kit then PeakPlus Super Bright LED flashlight must be highly considered. The package contains a super 1000LM super bright tactical flashlight, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a sleeve, a lithium-ion battery charger, storage case, and a AAA battery holder. You can either gift it to someone or get it for you to have yourself well prepared for any unwilling condition.

It also comes with all those light modes that other flashlights offer.


  • Strong quality
  • Comes with a full kit that includes excellent accessories
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Offers 5 different light modes
  • Heavy-duty


  • Users claimed that the lenses are made of cheap plastic

5. Streamlight 88047 ProTac HL 3 1,100 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight

This is a 1100lumen professional tactical flashlight that features 3 different user selectable programs including wide beam illumination, long-distance, and traditional illumination. The LED technology that you get in this flashlight offers extreme brightness and about 50,000-hour lifetime.

You also get a pack of 3 rechargeable lithium batteries that have a shelf life of 10 years.


  • Bright flashlight
  • Durable quality
  • LED technology has a long lifespan
  • Various light modes
  • Lightweight


  • The battery takes time to get fully charged

6. Pelican 7600 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Pelican 7600 is a rechargeable tactical flashlight that can output 944 lumens on high mode, 479 lumens at medium mode, and 37 lumens at low mode. The choice totally depends on the situation or condition you are in. The battery life of the flashlight also depends on the mode you choose, for instance, you will get about 3 hours 15 minutes on high mode, 4H 30M on medium mode, and about 29 hours on low mode.

It is made of aluminum with anodized finish; you will feel something sturdy in your hand while operating it. The battery can be charged with a USB cable and the battery indication will also be shown on the flashlight for better management.

It has 4 different modes and outputs 3 different LED colors i.e. white, red, and green.


  • Excellent quality
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Offers 3 LED colors
  • Offers 4 light modes
  • Amazing runtimes
  • Strong build
  • IP-X8 extremely waterproof


  • Changing brightness/light modes can be a hassle sometimes
  • Users stated about its poor battery life in some cases

Final Verdict

Now as you are well aware of the importance of a tactical flashlight in every situation especially for preparedness, it is recommended that you choose the right one according to your requirements. However, if you are still confused then it is completely fine as we are ready to help you out again.

Go for ACEBEAM Rider RX Rechargeable Pocket EDC Flashlight 650 High Lumens AA Flashlight if you are looking for an extremely bright high-end tactical flashlight. If you want something great but do not want to spend a lot then opt for PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight or GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000.