Top 5 Smart Backpacks for Travel

The times we are living in is an age of technology. We cannot imagine our life without it. It has its access it seems in just about every aspect of our lives. The electronic gadgets that we use in our daily life have not only made our life easier, but it’s nearly impossible to get our work done, connect with friends and family and generally live without them.

So, while heading on for a recreational or a business trip, it’s a good idea to opt for a backpack that will complement your technology. For any trip where your carrying electronics, documents, you definitely need to protect your belonging and identity from being stolen. Hence, the backpack with anti-theft features will suit you the best.

While traveling, you likely will be using a cell phone or other electronic gadgets that need to be kept well charged. Many “Smart Backpacks” contain options for making extra power available easily to your devices. Here are a few selected smart backpacks to help orient you to the options and finding one that may work well for you.

Where to Buy
Kopack Anti-Theft Travel Backpack 
Yorepek TSA Friendly Backpack
Akaso Anti-Theft Everyday Life and Travel Backpack
Cateep Travel Backpack
Newhey Anti-theft Travel Backpack

1. Kopack Anti-Theft Travel Backpack 

Traveling and worried about your important documents and cash from being taken away by a thief or being lost? Choose this backpack by Kopack and become stress-free. It has in it more than 10 slots, all set to arrange your things in place. To provide you support and comfort, padded shoulder straps and a padded back. The fabric used is nylon which is durable and will not rip apart. Also, to save your belongings, especially electronic gadgets from any accidental dings, a foam padded layer is present that will absorb the shocks and protect your devices.

With a 17.7 x 12.6inch dedicated laptop slot available at the back side, you can easily fit your laptop or tablet. Additionally, it is water resistant that will help you bear the unexpected weather changes. Another great feature is the glowing strips that shine at night, making you more visible at night time, thus adding more to your security. Good news for the music lovers is that a hidden earpiece hole is there to make it convenient for you to keep listening to your favorite music while on the go.


  • Equipped with anti-theft technology
  • Furnished with shock protection and absorption technology
  • Water resistant
  • Stylish as well as roomy
  • Best choice for business travel or when going for a hike
  • Very economical


  • Some users complained about the stitching quality  

2. Yorepek TSA Friendly Backpack

The Yorepek TSA-friendly backpack is another high quality, durable backpack that can be used for hiking, business tours, camping, weekend get-togethers and every day college routines. This trendy yet reliable backpack is made of polyester fabric. If you have a lot of items to take with you, then this is definitely the right choice. With a capacity of 45L and a number of storage compartments, it will help you keep all your stuff organized so you don’t have to deal with any mess at all.

This TSA-friendly backpack will also save you from any challenges while going through the airport. A separate pocket with adjustable strap makes it compatible for laptops of all sizes. You can easily keep your phone and tablet charged with the help of the external USB port.

If you wear sunglasses it comes with a handy sunglasses slot. There are two mesh pockets on the outside help you fit water bottles and the dual zippered pockets on both sides of the backpack can help you keep your favorite snacks and other items at hand.


  • Checkpoint-friendly design
  • Made of water-resistant fabric
  • Has a USB and an earphone hole on the outside
  • High price-to-value ratio


  • Users have complained about the straps not being steady enough to balance the backpack’s weight
  • Not reliable for a lot of stuff

3. Akaso Anti-Theft Everyday Life and Travel Backpack

This decent looking and highly economical backpack is best for a person who is not interested in a lot of colors or embellishments. While it does appear to be low profile, there is still no compromise on the quality or the functionality. The construction of the bag includes one main section along with two padded sleeves for keeping a tablet or a laptop. You will also see a front secret pocket on the backpack that can be used to hold accessories like the earphones, power banks, flash drives, and keys, etc.

On the back side is the compartment furnished with anti-theft technology to protect your extremely important stuff. As far as the durability of the bag is concerned, it is made of oxford material that is water-resistant and protects your stuff from being wet during heavy rains.  Another amazing feature is the ventilation technology that the back panel is equipped with for all day relieve. It is worth your time and money!


  • Durable and sturdy zippers and pockets
  • Decent and sophisticated look
  • Anti-theft technology for securing your documents, cash or anything that is of supreme value
  • High-quality construction
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Equipped with airflow ventilation technology for enhanced comfort


  • No USB ports available for charging purposes
  • Not advisable to take on adventurous tours like hiking etc.

4. Cateep Travel Backpack

It is another remarkable backpack that, apart from being durable and all its other has flight approved size i.e. it has been manufactured in a way that it is well-suited for IATA (The International Transport Association) flights. This backpack is suitable for traveling using any mode of transportation i.e. bus, train or airplane. It has padded shoulder straps and adjustable waist straps that will help to relieve the burden and comfy you.

There are three pockets on the front, one main pocket with two zippered mesh spaces, and to fit in some extra items, the size of the bag can be increased by the zip-out extension. Equipped with the USB charging port, it will enable you to keep your phone and tablets charging. Also, to keep those electronic devices safe and secure, the padded sleeves are there. Considering the comfort of the user, a padded back is a must-have and the manufacturers have made no compromise on that.


  • Has flight approved size
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Quite roomy and has multi-purpose compartments in there
  • Zip-out expansion to accommodate the extra belongings of yours
  • Equipped with a USB charging port
  • Padded shoulder straps and back


  • Some users have complained about the stitching that it is not  well sewn
  • Some others found the interior lining to be too fragile

5. Newhey Anti-theft Travel Backpack

The last but not the least is the Newhey Anti-theft Travel Backpack. This backpack useful for those who want to stay well organized. There are more than 15 pockets available in this backpack that will enable you to organize all your items easily and be readily accessible.

The material used in its this backpack is high-quality polyester paired with nylon lining, making it more durable and resistant towards wear and tear and it is also waterproof, which means you are covered from everywhere with this smart backpack. What is unique in its construction is the available luggage strap which can be attached to a suitcase during travel. To secure your valuable belongings and wallets from the pickpockets, an anti-theft metal zipper is present. Name any feature from a USB port, glasses holder, and earphones hole to the comfortably padded and breathable back and shoulder straps, this backpack has everything.


  • Too many compartments make it easy to manage a lot of stuff
  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • Attachable luggage strap
  • Equipped with anti-theft zipper, USB port, earphone hole, glasses holder
  • Padded back and shoulder straps provide additional relief


  • Too large to be used for daily use
  • Some customers questioned its durability


All these recommended 5 smart backpacks are the best in the market currently and you can opt for the one whose features attract you. However, if you are going for an extremely important business tour or for an adventurous journey, you must go for the Kopak or the Newhey backpack but if you don’t need to pack it with a lot of stuff, then go for the Yorepek or Cateep backpack.