Top 5 DIY Drone Kits With Camera

Let’s talk about DIY drone kits. Why would you want a DIY drone kit when you can buy an assembled, off the shelf and fully functional drone? Perhaps you are interested in a cheaper variant of drones that comes unassembled, or maybe you would like to gift one to your kids that teaches them the skills of building things from scratch. Whatever the reasons, assembling your own drone can be a good learning experience. For any drone enthusiast, it is highly recommended to give DIY drone kits a try for them to be familiar with the inner workings of drones.

Where to Buy
FLYTEC T11S FPV Quadcopter Drone
GoolRC T908W Drone
YKS 250 Racing Quadcopter
Robocat Tarot TL280C
LHI 220 Quadcopter

1. FLYTEC T11S FPV Quadcopter Drone

Altitude hold function: When the Drone flip, the altitude hold function allows you to release the throttle stick, to make the drone keep hovering at the current height.

Why you should buy:

  • Great for beginners and kids

  • Lego-based, making it very fun for kids to build

  • Has FPV (first-person viewing) 0.3MP Camera for both video and image captures

  • Has headless mode and a single one key return function

  • 6-axis gyros provide great stability and maneuverability

  • Aside from up/down/left/right movement, can also conduct 360 flips

  • Altitude hold function: can make the drone hover at the current height

  • LED lights allow you to fly in the dark

  • Can be flown in small spaces and inside the house

  • Relatively cheap

2. GoolRC T908W Drone

Innovative DIY Modular Design: the features of this drone do it yourself, you can demount or assemble the parts of the drone, increases the ease of maintenance and reduces cost.

Why you should buy:

  • Another good drone for beginners and young kids

  • Simple and efficient modular DIY design for ease of assembly and maintenance

  • Boasts User Defined Flight Path: allows the option of auto-piloting the drone by sketching a flight path by the user

  • Altitude hold: can make the drone hover at the current height

  • Coupled with a 0.3MP HD camera that is stabilized by built-in hold-function

  • Has three remote control modes: through the remote controller, the smartphone, and the controller while the smartphone is used to capture videos and images

  • Also relatively cheap

3. YKS 250 Racing Quadcopter

YKS DIY 250 Quadcopter Kit: Includes 250 AFR RC quadcopter and other necessary components and parts; it is ready to fly after you assembled all the components and parts (included) and plug the battery (included).

Why you should buy:

  • Fantastic for those who want to break into the racing arena

  • The frame constitutes entirely of carbon fiber kit, making it lightweight yet durable

  • Comes with HD NTSC camera with excellent image transmission and quality

  • Great shock absorption due to its high-quality rubber damper

  • Slightly more expensive, but great quality for the price

  • Recommended as a first racing drone

4. Robocat Tarot TL280C

Removable Canopy Made From Shock-Absorbing PC Material.

Why you should buy:

  • Another great racing drone for those who want to stay in budget

  • Can be great for a beginner drone racer

  • The board is made with carbon fiber while the hood is made out of plastic; this offers lightweight maneuverability

  • Tenon aluminum column design

  • Hood adopts a retractable design

  • The removable canopy is made out of shock absorbent PC materials, while the landing gears provide anti-vibration support

  • This does not come with a camera, but however, provides you with the option to fit in a 32mm CCTV camera

  • Very affordable

5. LHI 220 Quadcopter

This action is a DIY Replacement QAV250 Quadcopter, it is unassembled, come with original LHI2205 2300KV motor and Littlebee 20A Mini ESC, high quality!

Why you should buy:

  • Perhaps one of the best DIY kit in our list

  • Great for those who have not only a penchant for racing, but also for FPV

  • A very popular Mini Drone – it has a strong rack, beautiful appearance, and a stable structure for smooth flight, making it one of the best choices for play and FPV

  • Comes equipped with a 700TVL Camera, which is great for first-person viewing

  • Individual parts are of quality make and rated highly, considering the given price

  • The customizability at that price range makes this a great DIY kit to buy

  • One can avail of the many community support guides on assembling this kit

  • It needs to be noted, however, that it does not come with a remote control or battery to complete the entire kit

DIY kits truly offer a lot more flexibility to customize your own drones the way you want. Moreover, DIY kits can help you get to know drones much more intimately. Not only are they generally considered to offer a fun introduction to nuts and bolts for younger kids, but they also can be used as a means to showcase your engineering skills for school projects. With their relatively low price range, any beginner wishing to get their hands on drones can look into these DIY kits.