Top 5 Chop Saws

For people working in metallic cutting, a metal cutting saw would be the first item they would have their hands on. However, there might be many of you who have their old saw broken or has gotten obsolete. Maybe many of you are new in the business and looking for metal cutting saws.

In this regards, people go through careful and extensive research before buying a specific saw as they cost a lot and you can’t afford to have a bad one because ultimately, it is going to affect your work in an adverse way.

The following review is going to tell you regarding the best chop saws. Do take a look at them and make your mind.

Where to Buy
Makita LC1230 12" Metal Cutting Saw
Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 Multi Purpose Cutting Chop Saw, 14-Inch
DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872)
101172-MKM 050326101172
Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 15-Inch Steel Cutting Chop Saw

1. Makita LC1230 12" Metal Cutting Saw

One of the best and furious saws is the Makita LC1230 12-Inch Metal Cutting Saw. It has 4 times faster cutting in light pipe, angle iron, tubing, conduit and channel than abrasive cut-off saws. This is made possible through the motor which is 15 amps and helps in generating a maximum RPM of 1300. It has a D-shaped handle which helps in easy and better gripping.

The blade given with this saw is long lasting and is a carbide tipped blade. Cut cleanly, cut accurately, and cut in a cost-saving way with this saw. Prevent all the accidents as this saw has a lock off button which prevents accidental starting. The Cutting capacities range from 4-1/2 inches at 90 degrees to 3-1/2 inches at 45 degrees.

The Makita LC1230 12-Inch Metal Cutting Saw’s entire package includes carbide tipped blade, socket wrench, switch button, and safety goggles. The company gives a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty for you as well. Customers are well-satisfied with the overall quality and performance of this saw.


Specs and features

  • Motor: 15-amp motor
  • Cutting capacity: 4-1/2 inches at 90 degrees to 3-1/2 inches at 45 degrees
  • Warranty policy: 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty
  • Lock-off button
  • Maximum RPM of 1300
  • 4 times faster than other saws available in the market

2. Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 Multi Purpose Cutting Chop Saw, 14-Inch

The Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw is also a great and versatile saw which helps in cutting several different materials with a single blade. It can cut mild steel, aluminum, and even wood with a single blade. It has a powerful torque motor and an optimized gearbox which helps in maximum cutting through various materials.

It comes with a high-grade 36T TCT blade which is best for various materials. Surely, there will be no heat, burrs, or sparks as this saw is better than others. It comes with a 15 amp motor which is capable of doing 1450 RPM at the maximum. The fast action swivel clamping mechanism allows 0-45-degree miter. Evolution power tools give a 3-year limited warranty to give you a stress-free purchase

3. DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872)

The DEWALT DW872 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw with 66 Teeth Heavy Gauge Ferrous Metal Cutting 1-Inch Arbor is a great multi cutter which offers versatility by cutting a maximum variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It comes with a carbide-tipped blade that allows the depth of cut to remain constant throughout blade life. It will give an outstanding performance like none other.

Comparing with other saws, it cuts 4 times faster. Having 12% titanium carbide, long life in metal cutting is provided. The modified ATB tooth geometry provides clean and burr-free cuts. The entire package includes DEWALT DW872 14-inch multi-cutter saw; 14-inch carbide-tipped blade; wrench; vertical clamp; operating instructions. The company also gives a Three-year limited warranty along with a one-year free service.

4. 101172-MKM 050326101172

The MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw is one of the best cutting saws which performs cutting without any sort of sparks, noise, smell, or any heat up issues. Being powered by low-speed option, you have a high torque motor which can go at a maximum of 1300 RPM. It is considered ideal for pipe, angle iron, metal studs, conduit and tubing applications.

The entire package includes safety guard, beveling vice, 6- and 8-millimeter hex wrenches, safety goggles, ear plugs and Metal Devil steel cutting blade. It is so fast that it can cut through 6 inches x ¼ inch thick steel in approximately 12 seconds. The company gives a 1-year limited warranty for your convenience

5. Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 15-Inch Steel Cutting Chop Saw

The Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 15-Inch Steel Cutting Chop Saw is also a great chop saw which is capable of dry metal cutting easily. It will not produce any sort of unnecessary heat or burrs. No coolant is required either. The 15 amp motor just like above is good for giving a maximum of 1450 RPM. The long blade life averages 1000 cuts in 2 In x 2 In mild steel.

However, there are some minor things which bring it on number 5 and not number 1. It has no LED which means you can’t use it in dark areas. Also, there is some sort of vibration in the handle. Both of the mentioned things don’t affect your work but if these were solved, this saw would have been among the top 3 for sure. There is a 3-year limited warranty for this metal cutting saw.

The above-mentioned chop saws are considered the best ones for 2021. Use them to cut the hardest of metal in easiest of ways. Do recommend to your fellows so that they also make a satisfactory purchase