Tips for Securing Your Boat

Boat owners treat their boats as their priced possessions. Securing them may be challenging. Owners don’t want their boats to go adrift, scratched, or worst, stolen while on the dock. You want them safe and secured where you left them.

If you are a boat owner, you don’t want anything to happen with your boat that will cost you additional money, time, and effort. Whether you own a small or big boat, keeping it safe and secure is your priority.

Every boat owner should secure their boat from thieves and any other possible situation. Here are some helpful ways and tips for securing your boat.

Purchase the Right Equipment

Fenders – Fenders protect your boat from getting scratched by the dock and other vessels. They are cushions that are soft, bouncy, and made of foam. Fenders provide safety to your craft whenever parked on the marina or port. There are different sizes and shapes of fenders, so choose the right size for your boat.

Cleats – Cleats are T-shaped metal parts fixed on the dock and sections of your boat. They are used to wrap the ropes (mooring lines) and secure your boat. Boat cleats should be corrosion-resistant and well-built. They are attached to your boat’s front, center, and stern. Pick boat cleats sturdy enough to hold your vessel.

Mooring Lines – Mooring lines or ropes prevent the boat from moving and drifting away during strong winds and waves. They hold the boat in place by wrapping them around the cleats of the dock and boat. Select the mooring lines that match the size of your craft enough to keep it in place. 

Choose a Place to Dock

 If you live by the water, park your boat where it is easy to access and view. This way, it would be easy for you to get to the dock and adjust the lines when strong winds and currents occur. You also need to install dock lights to see your boat at night.

When docking at a marina or port, choose a well-lit spot with 24/7 surveillance. There may be fees to pay when keeping your boat in a marina. It is to ensure the security and safety of your boat. And it is one way of protecting your boat from thieves.

Don’t Leave Valuable Items on Your Boat 

Marina with anchored boats

Another way of securing your boat is not to leave valuable items that could attract burglars. It is unsafe to leave your things lying around. Nobody wants their priced possessions stolen or missing.

Items considered significant and of great value should be brought home or placed in a secured area of the boat, away from thieves’ reach. It is best to be cautious and think ahead than to lose something precious.

Never Leave Documents in Your Boat

Your boat’s documents are essential. Having them all the time onboard is handy but leaving the documentation of your watercraft while away from it is unsafe. These documents should not be in the wrong hands, especially when it’s stolen along with your vessel.

After sailing, don’t leave these documents onboard. They should be with you when you get home, where it’s safe and secure. Remember that these papers are significant in case of a bad situation.

Entry-Proof Your Boat

Prevent thieves from entering your cabin by putting on padlocks. It is a primary way to secure your boat. Using high-quality locks on the door is the way to go. You might need an expert to install them.

Investing in a durable and high-quality brand is a cost-effective way. Installing deadbolt locks on your cabin is safer than a spring-latch lock. Adding padlocks to your door as an extra safety measure is ideal for securing your boat.

Install Alarm System 

There are different types of alarm systems available on the market. Some brands are not that expensive but do their job. They are ideal for boat owners that are on a budget. And if you have money to spare, opt for an alarm system with more security features. They are easy to attach and control. Some of these alarm systems have free installation fees provided by the company. It is to ensure that the alarms will work when a situation occurs.

These alarm systems have sensors that would go off and alert nearby individuals. They will also send you notifications if someone tries to enter your cabin.  

Set Up Onboard CCTV Cameras

Dusk at Boothbay Harbor, ME

Another security measure is setting up onboard CCTV cameras that enable you to monitor your boat remotely. You can view your boat’s activity on your phone by downloading the app. And you can access and control the cameras through your smartphone. These are ideal, especially if you’re location is far from the marina or the dock.

These CCTV cameras are available online or at a physical store. Choose the brand that offers advanced features for additional security. And also, pick the one that checks all your requirements. This way, you’re confident enough to leave your boat behind.

Get Insurance for Your Boat

Getting insurance for your boat will give you peace of mind when the worse comes to worst. Your boat insurance should cover theft. This way, you’ll never have to worry if your boat gets stolen.

Before spending money on boat insurance, you should understand the policy and its coverage. It is best to ask questions for clarification. And your consultant should be easy to reach out to when needed. 

In conclusion, it is vital to secure your boat. It may not be possible to keep your eyes on it all the time, but there are ways to protect your priced property. Above are some ways to keep your vessel safe and secure. Use them, and they will help you lessen your worries.

These tips on securing your boat may be an additional expense, but they will provide protection and peace of mind. You can confidently go on about your day and have a peaceful sleep at night. And you are assured that if anything happens, you will get notified immediately.

Keep in mind that whether you own a small boat or an expensive yacht, securing it from damage and theft is a must. Preventive measures are essential to enjoy your boat for a long time.