Tips for picking a pool soaker for pool fun

Swimming in pools is one of the most effective ways to cool off on hot, sunny days. The fun can be increased by participating in some water games. Playing water wars with water soakers is a fun game that both children and adults will enjoy. 

Needless to say, water play should be enjoyable, not frustrating. However, too many beach and pool toys or soakers don’t last even one day of use, much less the entire summer. Finding out what kind of water soaker to buy and how much money to spend on a new water toy can be challenging when buying it for your child. Make sure the toy is enjoyable enough to be used more than a few times.

Here are some tips on choosing the best pool water soakers you should consider if you want to play water wars with your friends and family while swimming in pools.

Things to consider before buying a water gun

Water soakers should be able to combat the high temperatures and keep your kids entertained and physically active. If you want your child to spend more time outside and enjoy their break from school, water gun games are excellent. Before purchasing a water soaker or blaster, you should consider the following:

Toy size

Before purchasing a water soaker or toy, you should first think about the size of the item. The size of the item will determine not only how heavy it is and which age group it is intended for but also how much actual water it can hold. Also, determining the size of the water soaker will enable you to estimate if it will be a safe weight for your child to carry while running around the side of the pool. Too much weight can become unsafe for your kids so this is one of the top considerations you should look out for. 

Water capacity

Water soakers, specifically, water blasters or guns, are better enjoyed with expansive water capacity. The size of the capsule holding the water is one of the primary determinants of how much water a toy gun can use. The amount of water in the tank has an impact on how long your children can play for and how far they can shoot. Water guns with a pump action have a bigger water capacity, but motorized water guns need to be charged before use. They are typically smaller and have a smaller water reservoir, but they don’t need to be charged before shooting. So in choosing a water soaker or a gun toy, you need to check with its water capacity to ensure your child or even your other family members will be able to use it for longer periods of time. 

Friends having fun playing with water guns

Firing mechanism

Several questions you need to also consider when buying a water blaster are: Will your child be able to use it? If not, what kind of trigger does it have—traditional, pump-action, or some other kind? Some firing mechanisms are more difficult for younger children to pull and are designed for them, while other ones are perfect for toddlers. 

Hence, you should check on the firing mechanism of the water toy if you plan on purchasing one for your kids or your other family members. 

Water tank

An ideal water soaker has a big tank they don’t have to refill as frequently. This will especially be appreciated by older children. However, water guns with large tanks may be too heavy for younger kids to handle once they are filled. Pop-off lids as opposed to twist-off lids may be more user-friendly for younger hands. 

Hence, it’s best to purchase a toy with high water capacity. The toy’s durability should be your primary concern when purchasing it for your kids. It is pointless to buy a toy that won’t allow for extended periods of playtime, and the same is true for toys that will only be used once or twice.

Range or large shooting distance

Your shots’ final landing spot is determined by range; if it’s too short, you might miss; if it’s longer, users of the water toy have more options for what they can shoot at or close to! 

Having a water gun that won’t squirt your enemies when they are hiding far away from you won’t be enjoyable. Children will therefore constantly need to be close to one another, which will force them to run a lot and make them easily tired. Fast fatigue during these summer days is definitely not advised, especially if you’re in the sun all day. Hence, it is ideal to look for water blasters that have the capacity of shooting targets up to at least 34 feet away.  

Made out of durable and safe materials

When you purchase a water soaker or any water toy, it is important that it is sturdy and made of solid materials so you can be sure that it will be used for a longer period of time and won’t break after only a few days of play. 

Water soakers should be made of high-quality plastic so it won’t easily break or crack. Your toy will be lighter and last longer if it is made of high-quality plastic. Moreover, the soaker should not contain any additional small parts, so there is no chance that the child will swallow it. If your younger kids are playing with any water toy, it is best to keep watch of them while playing so you can monitor and ensure their safety during playtime. 

Are water guns safe?

Water soakers are indeed safe. Depending on the type of water soaker, these items are generally safe to use especially for children. Water doesn’t require much energy to change shape upon impact, so damage is unlikely to result. They are much less dangerous than a toy gun that fires foam darts, discs, or balls. 

Setting water gun safety rules

While water soakers are generally safe, there are some items that need some additional safetu rules such as the water blasters or guns. When you purchase a water gun for your child, it is a wise idea to establish and go over safety rules with them. You might want to share with them the following rules:

  1. Don’t shoot people in the neck.
  2. Prior to shooting someone, always ask.
  3. On potentially slick surfaces like tile or concrete, avoid using water guns.
  4. To ensure that the water is not moldy or contaminated from sitting, be sure to empty the old water.


Of course, a person’s “best” water soaker or water blaster depends as much on them as it does on the specific water blaster model. Some water blaster types are more appealing than others because different people have different strengths and preferred fighting techniques.  

Make sure to remember these practical tips and simple reminders before picking a pool soaker for pool fun. Enough reading already; go outside and start soaking!