Tips for Picking a Golf Camp

Choosing a golf camp can be a bit challenging with so many options available. You will want to pick a camp that’s convenient, affordable, has great resources and equipment. Golf camps over time have become more advanced and specialized, some focusing on youth, some on seniors, resort experiences, celebrity experiences and more.

Before choosing the perfect golf camp, you have to ask yourself what do you want from your golf camp experience? Do you want it to be a learning adventure? Skill building? Something physically challenging? A character-building experience? Or just summer fun? Here are some tips that could help you find the perfect golf camp.

Start with the Camp Website

Today every golf camp, or any other sports camp has its own website. The website would help you find a lot of useful information about the camp, including camp programs, the location of the camp, the amenities and activities of the camp, and their contact information. A camp could also have an official Facebook page, which could also help you get information about the camp since previous campers could leave good sources of testimonials and comments on the page.

As you go through the website of the camp, you might think of some questions or clarifications, write them down so you won’t lose them and then you can send an email or call the camp about your questions.

Call the Camp

As mentioned above, create a list of questions you have that were not answered by the camp website, or clarifications about what was on their website. Then the next thing to do is to call the camp. You can also contact them through email or if the camp is near you, you can try to check it out or talk to their staff personally.

Camp Location

This is one of the main points that matter when choosing the camp. Is it too far? Too near? What are the areas surrounding the camp? Are there other interesting things to do?

Is the camp too far from your home but really want to check the location of it? It’s easy nowadays, because you can now check out a camp’s location using Google Maps or other mapping programs. It will give you an actual view of the camp and the areas around the camp.

Camp Location Weather

Weather cangreatly affect your camp experience. So, you may want to check this out before choosing the camp. With allows you can enter the camp’s location, the dates and then check out the average temperatures, rain fall, etc.Is this the kind of weather to experience while you are having your camp?

If you’re looking at winter dates then warmer clients will be important to consider with year-round golfing. If you’re looking summer dates you may want to head north to cooler climates.

Camp Facilities

All camps have their own facilities. Some are very high-tech and modern withresort- level creature comforts, while some are intentionally rustic and wildernessoriented.

Camp Cost

Of course, cost is always a consideration when planning any trip. You have travel cost and the fees of the camp itself. Make sure that you look for any hidden costs such as required tee fees, equipment rental fees, “resort” fees, etc.

If you are looking to send a student, some camps offer scholarships or “camperships” or some form of financialaid to deserving campers. Sometimes this information is not included on thecamp’s website, so it’s a good idea to add this your list of questions andclarifications to ask.

Instructors and Directors

This is also a very important thing to keep in mind when choosing agolfcamp. You might want to check the backgrounds of the camp directors and instructors. In a director, you may want someone who has good judgement, iswell-organized, and has a strong track record of running successful camps.

Look for instructors who can help you improve. Some instructors might specialize in certain areas of the golf game. Some might focus more on youth versus adults, etc.

Go Prepared

If your new to golf you want to go prepared. Here are some products you may want to buy which can add to your camp golf experience. This is an idea list to help get you started on your golf camp journey!

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