Tips for Picking a Canteen for Hiking and Outdoor Activities

Nobody can deny the importance of staying hydrated. Without water, you may feel disoriented, confused, nauseous, and dizzy. Any person who regularly participates in recreational activities can confirm this. But since clean drinking water is hard to come by in the wilderness, you will want to bring some with you to stay hydrated as you hike, cycle, or engage in any other strenuous exercise. 

The task, however, is easier said than done. This is because, in order to bring drinking water with you, you’ll need to find a durable and reliable canteen designed for outdoor activities. It will help you stay hydrated and cool, so you can enjoy your outdoor expedition without a hitch.  

Why Buy a Canteen for Hiking and Outdoor Activities?

Water bottle

Our body needs water to function properly. That’s why you should drink an adequate amount of water stay hydrated, especially when you are doing a strenuous activity such as hiking or cycling. Keeping a good water canteen with you during your outdoor expeditions is the simplest way to do so. Here is why you should purchase a water canteen for your outdoor expeditions: 

Helps You Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated when you are outdoors can be pretty challenging, especially when you are out in the wild. Water not only regulates your bodily functions, it also helps keep your energy levels up. Without an adequate amount of water in your system, you will feel tired, lightheaded, and even have a headache. Drinking water from a canteen will keep you feeling hydrated and energized for the duration of your trip. 

Help Save Money

One bottle of water does not seem very expensive, but the cost can quickly add up as you keep purchasing more throughout the outdoor activity. You can cut down on this cost by investing in a durable canteen for outdoor activities.


Our planet needs help. You can’t shy away from this fact. So, if you want to preserve the earth for future generations, you have to do your part. And getting a canteen for outdoor activities is one small way to do so and counts as your contribution to the cause. 

It helps lower your reliance on disposable water bottles, 80% of which end up in landfills. So, by purchasing a reusable water canteen, you cut down on your plastic waste too. 


If you have ever stopped during an outdoor trip to restock on water bottles, you will know how time-consuming and inconvenient it can be. And being thirsty can make the situation even worse. A canteen for hiking saves you from the hassle of going off route and making your way to a store to get drinking water. You can fill your survival canteen from a natural source conveniently, easily, and for free. 

Improves Your Health and Wellbeing 

Staying hydrated during outdoor activities saves you from a lot of health-related issues. When you are hiking on a sunny day, the excessive sweating can quickly lead to dehydration. A survival canteen can help your body stay hydrated, minimizing symptoms of dehydration such as headache, fatigue, dizziness, and more.

It is also a healthier option over bottled water because disposable bottles often contain microplastics that can leach into the water. When you drink contaminated water, it can make you fall sick. 


Water canteens are available in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. You can find a leak-proof model for camping trips or an insulated option to keep your drinks hot or cold. Plus, there is a vast range of colors and styles to choose from. 

Tips for Selecting the Right Canteen for Your Hiking Needs

Drinking hiking woman with bottle of water and backpack

Canteens for outdoor activities serve a simple purpose — carrying drinking water. However, with hundreds of models lining the stores, finding the right one can be tricky. Below we have compiled a list of shopping considerations to help you choose the right water canteen for outdoor activities. 


Since you are purchasing a canteen for outdoor activities, you have to make sure it is durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and lasts for a long time. Whether you are going from stream to stream, or are filling it up with tap water, you need to be certain that your water bottle will not break and leave you parched. 

Stainless steel is by far the sturdiest material in water canteens. They are usually insulated with double walls to regulate the temperature of your drink. Plastic bottles may not be as sturdy, being lightweight, they are a convenient option for hikers, runners, and cyclists. Glass canteens are the most fragile and will not serve you well on outdoor trips. 


The next thing that you should consider in a canteen for outdoor activities is its weight. It may not be a significant cause of concern if you are planning a casual trip. However, if you are going to use the canteen on long hikes or a multi-day outdoor trips, you’ll want to factor in the weight of the empty vessel. 

Glass and stainless-steel survival canteens are, of course, heavier so you should get them for day-long or overnight trips. But if your outdoor activity extends over multiple days, go for a lighter option. 

Ease of use 

You should also note how drinkable the canteen is. Small details like mouth diameter, straw, and flip-top cap influence your decision of buying a canteen for hiking.  If it spills while drinking, you should avoid it because spilling means wastage of water which is valuable when you are out in the wild. You might also prefer a straw over spout because it is better at regulating the amount of water that you consume. 

Also see that the canteen you are purchasing is easy to fill. You don’t want to be stuck with a water bottle that is difficult to fill from a running stream. 


Are you planning to use the canteen for water only? Or will you fill it with other beverages like coffee too? If so, you’ll appreciate an insulated vessel because it can maintain the temperature of the drink inside it, keeping hot beverages warm and cold ones cool. 

Insulation is also important when you plan to hike on a particularly hot day and want to bring along cold water with you. Similarly, who minds drinking warm coffee on a cold morning after a cycling session? And these are only a couple of uses that you can get out of an insulated canteen. 


Staying hydrated is essential. But you are more likely to do so if the water you are drinking tastes good. Some survival canteens can impart a strange flavor or odor on the drinks they contain. Others tend to absorb flavors from the previous drink and pass it onto the fresh one. Both these aspects are something that you don’t want in your canteen. 


Staying hydrated is essential whether you are indoors or outdoors. But it becomes crucial when you are hiking or conducting any other outdoor activity. A canteen can help you manage water intake and stay hydrated in a healthy and eco-friendly manner.  

There is a huge performance gap between different canteens available on the market. You should carefully judge the various aspects such as material, durability, insulation, and weight to figure out the option that works the best for your needs.