Tips for Picking a Bed for your Cat

Any living creature must obtain adequate sleep in order to maintain a healthy and effective metabolic process. It could have serious repercussions if you don’t get enough restful sleep. The same is true for your devoted pets, who require a very specific space where they can rest peacefully and play, too.

There are several pet beds on the market right now that guarantee your pet will sleep peacefully and comfortably, but the challenge is that narrowing down your options has grown to be challenging. We have some excellent suggestions for pet beds, particularly for cats and small dogs, and you can also see the dimensions of these beds so you will have a clear understanding of how much you are going to spend on this. This will help you solve your problem. Start reading now.

1. Identify your cat’s sleeping style

Cat in cat bed, sleeping cat

Cats prefer to sleep in a variety of ways. Others prefer to stretch out to twice their size (which makes the cat pillow bed a great purchase), while still others prefer to cuddle up to a high-edge backing. Some cats enjoy curling up in a tight ball on the floor (like a wall). Your cat’s preferred sleeping position will frequently determine the best bed for them. There are beds made to accommodate all different types of sleeping cats.

Explore a cat cave, which is a completely enclosed bed that helps them to feel comfortable, if they like to curl up in a ball. Consider a cat tower or window perch if your cat prefers to take daily naps on the highest point in the house.

2. Measure your cat

Cat in cat bed, Cat stretched out

The size of the bed you require will depend on the form and size of your cat, which is a consideration that not everyone makes when purchasing a cat bed. The type of bed you can have in your home and its form may be influenced by size as well (including cat trees, window perches and more). To make sure the bed you order is big enough for your cat, measure it from tail to nose.

3. Identify your cat’s lifestyle

Cat in cat bed, cat on cat hammock

Some cats enjoy generating noise, while others want complete solitude while they are napping. The beds that have plastic-filled crinkles or a wicker basket may be ideal for you if your cat enjoys making noise. For those who like complete silence, think about getting your cat a luxurious bed.

4. Consider your cat’s age

Cat in cat bed, Cat in a pet bed

Even though senior cats are not quite as boisterous as young kittens, age is simply a number. The naps shouldn’t require too much effort from them. You could wish to use an orthopedic memory foam bed or even a heated cat bed for older cats. These provide your elderly pets with comfort and style.

5. Read the washing instructions

Cat bed, Comfortable pet bed

Even the cleanest cat can occasionally have an accident; a hairball that got out of control or a stomach ache can make any bed need to be washed! Before placing an order, check to see if the covers can be removed for washing, or stick with a fabric that can be cleaned easily, such microsuede or cotton.

How to Choose a Cat Bed: What to Watch Out for 

Despite the wide variety of cat beds on the market, there are several factors that can influence your decision. The list of elements you should take into account while selecting the best cat bed for your cat is provided below.

1. Material 

The cat bed’s construction material is crucial. Make sure you don’t select anything that could aggravate your cat’s allergies if they are sensitive to particular materials. Additionally, pick a material that your cat enjoys cuddling up with and finds comfy. Fleece and faux fur are popular options. 

2. Heating 

Consider buying a heated bed for your cat if you live somewhere with a cold climate and your winters can get chilly. They will be much more comfortable during their cuddle time as a result, and you won’t have to worry about them being cold. This is crucial for elderly cats, whose stiff joints are more affected by the cold, as well as cats with thin or no fur (who may feel colder than you think).

3. Durability 

The strongest cat beds are those that can withstand some biting and scratching. Make sure the framework is solid and won’t collapse while your kitten is inside if you decide to purchase a furniture-style cat bed. This is crucial for window perch beds because of the potential steep drop to the floor.

4. Cleanable 

If you want to avoid having to replace a cat bed too frequently but still want your cat to sleep in a clean environment, you should invest in a bed that is simple to clean. Most cat beds may be washed in a machine. Some have fabric that can be changed or removed for washing, like furniture-style beds. Additionally, to make it easier to remove pet hair, you might wish to use a material that does not trap it.

5. Placement 

Where does your cat prefer to sleep is the most important factor to take into account when picking the best cat bed for it. This will probably help you choose the best cat bed for your cat. The window cat bed is a fantastic option if your cat enjoys napping while enjoying a view. The climbing tower cat bed is an excellent idea if they enjoy sleeping in elevated positions. Choose a bed that your cat will adore by paying attention to their preferences.

When selecting a cat bed, you might also want to take into account other aspects including illnesses. For example, older cats’ stiffer bodies and painful joints prevent them from leaping as high. So window perches and cat tower cat beds are off the list because an elevated cat bed is not a good idea. Additionally, kittens shouldn’t be given cat beds with a lot of string or beads on them because they could ingest them and cause serious harm.


Simply ask your cat for advice when selecting the greatest cat bed, and you’ll be sure to get it properly. After reading all these tips, you must now have a clearer picture in your mind. The most crucial factor is the need you wish to satisfy before going to bed; you must then budget your money properly.